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Hi! I’m Halosty, pronounced like Hal-oh-stee, and no, it doesn’t mean anything at all. My “real” name is David Howard, along with thousands of other people.

I write Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, non-professionally (but hopefully professionally soon). Generally, I would categorize them as Light Novels, although if they get posted here they become web novels through the power of magic.

I try to do interesting things with the tropes that show up in the genres I write. Hopefully, I succeed, instead of creating stories that are samey and completely predictable.

I also try to keep the grammar in my stories nice to make reading them not a chore, but as I apparently had two spelling mistakes on this page for about a year… I don’t always succeed.

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  1. Is there going to be more necromancer or have we all prayed to the gods of dead stories for nothng?

  2. HealthCliff-sama says: Reply

    Hia hia, Read Necromancer on Royal Road….like it…loved it….was disappointed when you left….*sob…*sob…
    But your back…..(starts putting up streamers and Balloons) Celebration!
    Ok getting serious now….(acquired serious face…..) nope can’t do it tehe XD
    Anyway will be looking forward to new chapters of Necromancer and while were at it we’ll look at your new stories…i’ll spread the News.

    Welcome back Author-san

  3. Dude I love you but focus. Like technically I only like Necromancer but that’s because I want a more focused investment in maybe 1 or 2 stories – not in like 5 different web serials that force you to give shorter and emptier chapters. Don’t quarter-ass four (or whatever) things, half-ass two things.

    1. Chapter length is the same no matter how many stories I work on. Sometimes, it helps to work on different things as well. Obviously, that means less of any one thing. I may change how many things I work on later, though.

      1. Mmm, I’m mostly just comparing the older Necromancer chapters v. now. The first couple of new ones were markedly shorter and like idk, lame/let-downing. The recent ones have been fine, I may feel like less plot points are being made but I’d have to reread the old ones to judge right. When I write things it sometimes helps if I work on different things but I try to just do one thing so that it’s done with. Both work, it just depends. How do you write?

      2. Mostly just whenever I’m in a mood for a specific thing… or if I have a chapter promised for something. I think my writing’s better in the first instance, but I can’t say that for sure 🙂

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