Truthful Transmigration

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John Miller was a fairly normal young man, working hard to support a family that had run into many financial difficulties. Unfortunately, his unexpected death ends his difficult but mundane life. He is quite surprised to find himself waking up alive… but not himself. Fortkran Tenebach is… or was… the young master of a cultivation clan in another world. John barely even knows anything about cultivation- even in the theory of something vaguely like it- but he has to make his way with the memories of his new body. His new family isn’t as close as his old one was… but he can’t help but want to be honest with them. He is quite certain that they notice his sudden change in personality among other things, and confesses what happened in a move that ultimately he expects to be fatal. Quite surprisingly, his family instead breathes a collective sigh of relief that the old Fortkran is dead. This leaves John to take over his duties… including cultivation, though he has to start from the beginning and isn’t sure he won’t make some massive mistake.


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