The Only Thing I Can Upgrade Is Strength

A young man with Muscular Dystrophy finds himself transported to a fantasy world. This world has levels, which allow people to improve themselves beyond the norm. Given such chance to improve himself, he immediately thinks of his biggest weakness. Through a careless choice of wording he ends up with the ability to only increase his Strength stat. Since his base is so pathetic, merely a tenth of normal, he ends up with merely passable Strength. How will he overcome his problems to survive in a world that he knows nothing about… including where the nearest city is?

Tags: Fantasy, Weak-to-strong, Transmigration, Level System


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4 Replies to “The Only Thing I Can Upgrade Is Strength”

  1. Hello, I read your many worlds before and found it was ok. Now I came for this Strength story.
    I kinda liked what I read and want more but I need to know how much you post and how many works you do on the side.
    I realy prefer when someeone focues on only 1 max 2 stories.
    Those are important for me before I decide to support on patreon or not.

    1. This story will update twice a week, once on Tuesday and once on Thursday. I’m also doing 2 other stories.

      1. i like the premisse, and like the way you write, only read 1° chapter, and looks like its abandoned?, i’ll trys finish reading, if its good, i will chase you and make you complete it lmao hahah

      2. Abandoned? If you’re talking about Strength it still updates twice a week. The Index doesn’t have all the chapters linked right now though.

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