I’m Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!

A man on his death bed regrets only one thing in his life: not being able to become a wizard. Fortunately he is reincarnated into a world where magic does exist. Will he be able to accomplish his dream? Or maybe fate (the author) has other plans for him… (Synopsis by 3nd3rn)

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Chapter 101     Chapter 102     Chapter 103     Chapter 104     Chapter 105

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Chapter 126

End of Book 2, Q & A 

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If a chapter isn’t in the TOC, don’t worry, it’s still easy to get to. All chapters have pages in the format of halostystales.com/wizard[chapter number]. Merely replace [chapter number] with the actual number of the chapter you want, so chapter 225 would be halostystales.com/wizard225

48 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again!

  1. I made it up to chapter 49 before giving up. It’s got alot of potential and would be a truly awesome story IF anything ever actually happened in it :/
    It kills me, it’s like reading the journal of a great adventurer that writes with the personality of a rock. That plus a whole story about a “wizard” in a book called “wizard” but the useless fella cant even use magic. A whole book of some loon going on about his day to day problems, being a magicless mage, while for no apparent reason trying to take on the worlds responsibilities.

    This book makes me want to cry, it’s so close to being awesome only to fall utterly flat, I kept reading waiting for the punch line, some action, an overall all goal or something to pull the story in and give it an orbit. It never happened right up to chap49, reading this far for nothing hurts, give the poor fella an opponent, a rival a love interest a freaking whole in the ground, something other than ” I got out of bed in the morning. i had breakfast. I talked to an angry professor.” blah blah blah. So much talking and the only thing to happen in 49 chapters is that he found a not so talky talking staff. LAME. I’m out 😥


  2. Took a minute to get going, though i personally had no trouble with the pacing. It was very relaxed and about half as funny as some other stories you’ve written.

    Quick note, some chapters are missing the bext chapter link at the bottom, TOC is missing anything past 105 (current chapter count is 115).

    Keep it going! This is getting quite good.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. the problem with the story is TOOOOOOO MUCH TELLING, to the point it’s exactly like a journal, or diary in 3rd POV -_- n’ there isn’t a single event for the course of more than 2-3 decades of the MC’s life -_- it heavily lacks dialog n’ the like, there’s also a bunch of time skip
    it’s like a graph of a thown ball, first u become quite interested in the story, n’ become steadily more interested, but then at the end, it drop at exponentially increased rate -_-
    no, the problem is not “slow progress” story, as it went through more than 20 years in 30 chaps, the heavy lack of dialogues, events, the heavy proportion of “telling” and all bunch of time skipping ‘re the problems here, especially the “telling” part


    • What chapter did you read up to? The entire first book is due for some revision… whenever I get around to it, so I was wondering if your criticisms also extend into book 2+


  4. that’s up to the end of chap 1, i kept up reading onto the end of book 2 later
    the story ended up go on kinda weird way imo, it started off as western-medieval-magic-world, but later in book 2-3, it turn into somewhat those Chinese martial art fantasy fiction, mixing with western ones
    many stuff kinda lefted out, or like, forgotten i guess, for example, there’s elf, demon and such, like western story, but for the whole 3 books, i ‘ve n’t seen anything have to do with elfs, demons, or any other western mythical races at all, except for a half-elf and a demoness :/
    and if i remember correctly, the Demon King started off as “someone who control monster”, later, it turn into, hm, well, idk, not even “King of Demons”?

    considering the story is more than 200 chaps long ‘n potentially 300-400, it’s kinda a bit too long for a story with solely 1 single plot, to kill the Demon King 😐 for the whole story without not really “notable” sub-plot, it became rather monotonous
    the characters interactions, developments also kind of “generic” 😕 there’s nothing really indicate that the MC is actually have the mental age of >100, but nothing really make it like he’s acting out of his 100-year-mental-age either

    there’s nothing make it like he’s incrediblely mature for a kid, but he also doesn’t act childish like his physical age either

    also, imo, even if he’s >100 years of experience, it doesn’t mean he must be that much ‘age-wise-maturity’ either, since, at some point, people would “reach the limit of maturity” n’ the only thing different is their total amount of wisdom, knowledge, n’ since he’s been living childhood twice, that doesn’t add up either, all he did was experience things for 2nd n’ 3rd time, nothing really add up :p

    anyway, there’s so many possible sub-plot, all those conflicts could have been used a little bit more, world building, the number of characters can also be “mobilized” more, for example, there’re indeed a few countries, but in depth? there’s been only a few cities, towns really “invovled” in the story, n’ the range of characters the story revovling around really add up to around ~10 at a given time


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