Support the Author

I have a Patreon and a Paypal.

At certain levels of monthly support on Patreon, I will release an additional chapter per week.

On Paypal, I will release an additional chapter shortly after (Usually the same day or the next day) receiving $40 toward a particular story (please only donate for stories that are currently being updated). Note that this is actually more money per chapter than through Patreon, because I would rather have more consistent support, and it’s also easier to write chapters on a schedule, though I try to be a bit ahead of that anyway.



-Because I want to move toward becoming a full-time author, and to do that I have to get paid. However, I also want my webnovels to be available for people to see for free. Contradiction? Perhaps, but it can work.

What happens if nobody subscribes on Patreon/Donates?

-Nothing. Well, nothing different. I still plan to keep writing 5 chapters a week.

What if the hypothetical reader wants to support but doesn’t have money/want to give money?

-Share with your friends! Specifically, anybody you think would enjoy my series, even if they too have no money. Having dedicated readers is good motivation ^_^

I wanted to support, but your perks suck.

-That’s not really a question, but perks can always be updated if there are things people want that I can reasonably provide.

Any additional questions… I guess you can ask down in the comments?

Thanks to everyone who is already supporting me by reading!