Mage Among Superheroes

Turlough is a mage. He also happens to be an orc, generally lauded as being less intelligent than humans. He was unfortunately born with the Curse of the Barbarian, meaning that he can’t level up except through combat- which greatly hinders his ability to show he can be a proper mage.

In a world with necromancers, dragons, invading armies, and all sorts of other monsters he would still be able to advance quickly, but unfortuantely… that world is not his world. An unprecedented peace reigns across the land, and in the last several decades there’s been little use for people capable of fighting- and thus little reason for people to fight him. So when he sees a portal in his master’s study he takes it, hoping to find a horde of demons or something equally foolish to combat at low level. But instead he ends up in a strange city full of skyscrapers and people running around in colorful outfits. Superheroes- and of course supervillains as well.

What dangers and opportunities could await him in such a strange and unfamiliar world? Only time will tell.

Inspired by many things in the superhero genre, and Super Minion specifically- though while the setting will share some standard elements, it is an original setting that will hopefully be as engaging as many of the other universes.


One chapter each Monday/Thursday, approx. 2000 words.

I will be posting this to Royalroad as well.

Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3     Chapter 4     Chapter 5

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