(Patreon) The Immortal Berserker Chapter 94

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Barrett faced off against Simon. Blood trickled from the wounds on his neck, poison flowed through his veins… and Barrett didn’t even have a weapon to use.

Simon saw Barrett staggering from the poison and pressed the attack. Barrett barely managed to fend him off, using his arms to parry. He took a step back.

Then… there was another premonition. Barrett wasn’t sure what was causing them, but they were quite helpful. Now that he knew it wasn’t an isolated incident, he could ask Master Hykel about them… assuming he lived through his current battle.

Barrett couldn’t move to the side fast enough to avoid the mysterious attack, so he turned and stepped forward and into the attack. He felt a piercing pain in the side of his neck, complete with a new dose of poison entering his veins… but he continued to stagger toward Simon.

Simon took a stance and slashed at both sides of Barrett’s neck with his daggers- right where the armor had been penetrated. However, he found his daggers suddenly stopped.

Barrett gripped down tight on Simon’s wrists.

“You… can use your arms? They’re healed?”

“Like… eighty-ninety percent,” Barrett responded, as he pulled his arms back- and Simon with it. Barrett’s armored head slammed into Simon’s more lightly armored head with a loud crunch that involved both the crushing of his skull and the snapping of his neck. “Damned cheater.” Barrett said as he collapsed to the ground, his hand clutching at the needle in his neck.

Barrett’s muscles couldn’t move, and he couldn’t see… but his ears worked just fine. He heard the old hag from the Silver Blades screeching. Maybe she was trying to say something, but she seemed to have issues. Barrett even heard the sound of metal bouncing off of metal, and was glad that Master Hykel had blocked for him.

Then he heard the voice of the figure who had blocked the needles, “That’s six counts of violation of the sanctity of the arena.” Barrett recognized that it was not Master Hykel, but the one who had announced the start of the match. “Normally, any interference would result in your death, but your life is already forfeit as a result of this match, so instead the penalties to your sect will be doubled and your possessions will go to the aggrieved. That is a total one hundred and twenty years of sanctions against the Silver Blades. Any further action will result in the arrest of all Silver Blade members in attendance.”

Barrett really wished he could see what was going on, but he couldn’t even lift his head- and he could barely even see the floor two inches from his face. Idly, he thought about pushing poison out of his body. Wait, there was still a needle. Could he move his neck muscles? No. Then again… Alnherr said that when a Pure Body Temperer was told no, they should double their efforts. He was going to move the needle out of his neck!

Barrett couldn’t hear what happened next, but he did hear the referee’s response. “Very well, we shall have those involved check the bodies for legitimacy. Bring her body here.”

Barrett wondered if the poison could kill him. It… probably could do that. However, it wasn’t the coughing up blood type of poison so maybe it wouldn’t. Or maybe his heart would stop beating.

Barrett heard feet approaching, and Master Hykel’s voice, “Which one of these is the antidote?”

“That vial there,” came a strangely familiar voice.

Then Barrett felt his helmet being pulled off, and the needle in his neck was pulled out sharply, and Master Hykel’s hands rubbing something on his neck wounds. “Drink this.” The foul smelling liquid almost smelled like poison… but perhaps that was how antidotes worked.

Barrett coughed, but got the liquid down. He tried to speak, but could barely even move his lips.

“Don’t try to speak. That antidote will only stop further damage, you’ll have to recover from the other effects on your own.”

Aha. It was the crazy doctor! Stieber.

“Will he be alright?” another voice asked. This time it was a woman. Shanta?

“It’s just Moon Lily,” doctor Stieber answered.

Just Moon Lily?” Shanta emphasized, “and that guy there just had his face bashed in and his neck snapped backwards a quarter turn!” Barrett heard her kneeling down next to him, “How are you, Barrett? Well, I know you can’t talk, but hey! At least this time you don’t have even a single spear through you.” Barrett felt a hand patting his forehead. “You’ll be fine. I think.”

Barrett thought he preferred injuries that made him pass out. Unfortunately, this one didn’t involve enough pain or blood loss for that. Instead, he just had to lay there, doing nothing as everyone around him did everything- which was the same as in the other cases, but this time he was aware of it.

“Good job, Barrett!” came a semi-familiar voice, as his hand was picked up and shaken. Then another and another… all members of the Immortal Berserker Sect.

As he was picked up and carried, Alnherr gave him a few helpful tips. “You can stop the poison from flowing through your blood… er, you could have. Just need the right trick.” Alnherr went over the various ways it felt to accomplish that. “As you are now, the damage is done, so just focus on recovery I guess. No point in putting any real effort in that, though, because your entire body needs it. Can’t pull that from nothing.”

Barrett would have at least liked to be able to see or talk or something… but he was comforted by the fact that he wasn’t in any significant pain. He would have a lot of questions for people once he could talk. He could guess the answer to some of them, but he wouldn’t know for sure until he asked. However, he couldn’t talk… so he idly thought about becoming immune to poisons.

Table of Contents