Wizard! Final Q&A

How old is William in this [his final] life?

Around 200~ something at the end of the New Eclea war, about 150~ years as King.


Is Lorelei unable to have children, or has she and William just never had the desire to have one?

They chose not to have kids. Though it’s possible they might have finally had a child or two after he stepped down from being King… but they did have nieces and nephews to dote on so maybe they were content with that.


First life that William remembers is Earth. In his lifes that were before that, was he ever part of this world with Demon King?

His life on Earth was probably his first life. The world with the Demon King was always (since the Demon King’s appearance) low on souls, so they wouldn’t have any souls going to other worlds except in very strange circumstances. Earth didn’t have any problems with souls being destroyed so at most William might have reincarnated on Earth a few times before he kept his memory in the new world. (Probably shoulda given it a name, but it would have just been ‘Earth’ of ‘Dirt’ or ‘Ground’ or something stupid or just a made up word that meant one of those.)


Why did William decide to name his country Cruonia?

Gotta call it something.


How intelligent are dragons? Is there societies of dragons?

They’re just smart animals. They still act mostly on instinct like other reptiles. 


What’s the exact condition for gevai to die?

Don’t have a purpose you are working toward, and not just casually. Even if you do, you can’t really be content with how things are (yourself or the world around you) or you start to age. Most start aging after they have families and kids, though non-nobles also had plenty of deaths from non-age related things as well (starvation, disease, war, etc).


What Chris’s interests and hobbies? You know – the stuff.

Hitting people. Ki cultivation. He never gets bored of anything so that’s pretty much it. Doing much interacting with people is difficult without hands and stuff.


Can Chris have children?

Ask your parents. But seriously biology is the important part in that equation, and he doesn’t have *any* biology.


Why dragons started attacking gevai during William’s rule?

Larger magical formations finally getting used, in addition to less natural resources being available for them to eat. They have to eat magic materials to grow stronger scales and their dragon heart crystal and stuff. Attacks did happen before then but not any during large battles.


Did you have fun writing this story? How do you feel about it?

Of course I had fun! If I wasn’t having fun writing this story (most of the time) it would have stopped a looong time ago. I’m proud of it as my longest story so far, but I know it certainly could have been better in many places. However… I am planning to put together an e-book version where I can fix all of the issues I feel it has. Writing a webnovel means I can get instant feedback, but also means I can’t really change any major details along the way… Ebook coming out: eventually. Editing is hard.


What was the public’s (leaders of countries, of companies, of the population in general and of each country in specific, of his family) opinion about William?

Covered this a bit in the final chapters. Mostly fear. While we might know that people generally don’t have to be afraid of him, it’s easier for negative things to spread than positive. Some of the leaders of other countries knew him better and they did like working with him, but it’s always a little unsettling to think someone sitting in front of you could just kill you and you couldn’t do anything. After he made up with Stefan he got along fine with his family, though his nieces and nephews probably thought most of the stories about him were exaggerated.


What happened to Tiburcio? Did he heal completely? And the Orange’s kittens?

Yeah he was already getting healed before his last show, and medimagical advancements continued. Of course the kittens grew up to be big scary dire tigers. Since Tiburcio wasn’t needed for wars after that maybe he became a zookeeper… the sort of zookeper that goes out and wrestles the animals into submission.


Has Jordan retired? Or at least take a vacation?

I don’t think Jordan knows how vacation works. Who has time for vacation when there are so many things to do?


what are the top 5 most outrageous (and true) Tiburcio Facts?

Well, most of the most outrageous ones that ended up being true were in the story already… but there was that one time he wanted to see what dragon eggs tasted like.


You forgot to mention if he’s still walking around with Chris… or maybe the crystalis something akin the core for one of main magical-internet? Or he got himself some other interesting job?

William probably doesn’t carry Chris around all the time but they’re still buddies. While Chris might be a pretty interesting core for some magical contraption, it would be a shame for it to fall apart when Chris decides to go somewhere else…


And as the previous guy said, where is Chris? They wouldn’t want to be separated. And if anyone could eventually try and put Chris into a real body, it’d be the MC. Not that he’d want to, but maybe eventually he feels he’s strong enough and has enough experience to try. Maybe a gevai dies young and they have a body. . .

Trying to put Chris into a body would be a bad idea… his soul is pretty intrinsically linked to his crystal stuff. Also, it’s not exactly one soul, but a bunch of them melded together. “Chris” is just the dominant mix of personality out of all of that.

Anyway after a certain point people would think that Chris was just a weird prop even if he wasn’t covered up…


Who were the “donors” of souls that gave birth to Chris? Human? Elves? Dwarves? How long was it before William’s birth? Was it during purge of Elves and Dwarves? After? During Demon-Human wars? Or in a time between Demon-Human wars?

Humans and gevai. It was up to ~1000 years before William’s birth, though when I do a rewrite I’m probably cutting all the times in half or so because there’s too little societal development… That was a bit after the purge of elves and dwarves, during one of the human-demon wars. The main part of Chris’s personality is a steadfast (and stubborn) knight. Then there were a few dozen allies added to the mix, and a similar number of gevai they almost completely defeated in the trap set up for them… then the Demon King activated the magical formation turning all of everyone in the room into Chris, who then proceeded to beat him to death (official records have no knowledge of what the Demon King was doing during that time)


Will we ever see these characters again in another series?

It’s possible, but don’t expect it. Especially not in the near future…


Maybe it was already addressed, but was it because the old Demon King was destroying souls that he and others were pulled to this planet? Are no others from outside being pulled here currently?

That was the main reason for souls to come from other places, yes. Normally there are enough souls to go around, and the number slowly grows but with a whole bunch of deaths *and* souls being destroyed at the same time it threw off the balanced and needed to ‘borrow’ souls from another soul ecosystem. It’s possible it still happens some normally, but only in small amounts and most would lose their memories completely. Even though William has destroyed maybe a few dozen powerful souls, it’s nothing compared to the thousands and tens of thousands during the Demon King wars that recurred every ~150-300 years for a couple millennia (Plus more souls being destroyed between wars)


But what happened to each of the countries?

Eh, they did fine! Not that everything was perfect but they’d mostly made alliances even before the war with New Eclea. They mostly worked together for the advancement of everyone… which is how you can know this is a fiction story since it’s very hard to get people to work together.


Wasn’t he gonna write a book? I had thought he was gonna explain his life and what happened in it. That mustn’t have happened as those people were still speculating about him. What was the book about then? Or maybe people feel that over the passage of time that the book isn’t credible anymore?

Most people thought it was fiction or just lies (Fiction in this case meaning for entertainment and not actually trying to pretend it was true). Especially many years later where individuals who were very powerful in magic and/or ki became quite rare as the population continued to expand and fighting prowess became somewhat less necessary. It also becomes the case that people just care less about something that happened a long time before (by the final scene it’s at least 50 years since he stopped being king, maybe more). 


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    How would Chris feel about being the core of a spaceship?

    1. He’d probably think it was boring, since he couldn’t go anywhere on his own.

      1. Bob the Bobest says:

        But he would be a spaceship(like, the A.I. and somewhat power source), he could go anywhere!

  2. William and 12 major breakthrought in future?

  3. Thanks for this wonderful story! I read it with pleasure. It’s a pity that in four lives the protagonist did not have children. Lily also seems a little lonely in her last life. The ending seems a little sad when the significance of an individual falls … Although, perhaps, is it for the better? Who knows. ~

  4. Thanks for the novel Halosty! Was fun to read through

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