I’m Gonna Be a Wizard When I Grow up Again! Chapter 339

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Wizard! Chapter 339

Sarah often came to see William in his room. Since she had arrived out of the proper timing to start classes, he was teaching her personally. He would have done that in his office… but he didn’t have one. However, his quarters had space enough for a desk, which was all he really needed. Sarah didn’t seem particularly into the lesson, and William finally stopped his mini-lecture. “What’s wrong? You’re barely paying attention.”

Sarah blinked. “Oh… it’s… are you important here?”

“What do you think?”

Sarah sighed, “How come you always ask questions instead of giving answers?”

“I do give answers sometimes. I’m sure you have a guess as to why, though.”

“… You want me to think about things first.”

“I also want to hear your ideas, even if they aren’t quite correct. It’s helpful. So, why do you think I’m important here? You wouldn’t have asked if you didn’t think I was.”

“I already knew you were a certified mage. There aren’t too many of those… except at the academies I guess. But you weren’t that old when it happened. You also know the headmistress. I’m still not sure I believe you’re friends though…” Sarah frowned, “Also, there are rumors that the Archmage stays at this academy, though nobody would tell me for sure. Also… that she’s your lover.”

“In that case, does that make me important?”

“Umm… Doesn’t knowing the headmistress make you important? Plus, I didn’t even have to take any entrance tests.”

“That’s because I already tested you on those things. Don’t you remember?”

“That’s my point. The headmistress just listened to you without proof. That makes you a pretty important person here.”

“Well, that’s your answer then.” William nodded, “I fit that definition of important.”

“So uh… what do you do here?”

“I’ve already said, I do research… I also taught classes some. Well, I also think about our other goals.”

“Oh yeah, about that. Are we really going to fight against the lords? That sounds… scary.”

“Well, you aren’t going to be doing anything yet. We’re also going to try reason first.” Mostly, William thought. “Preferably there won’t be much fighting, or many of them will be on our side.” William didn’t mention the other option was to possibly let the Demon King return to power, which was the worst possible outcome. William wasn’t going to cross his fingers and hope that none of the remaining fragments could do something like that… or that they weren’t any more fragments. “Besides, we have the Archmage on our side.”

“The archmage is really here?”

“That’s right. Want to meet her?”


It went without saying that Sarah wanted to see the Archmage. After all, she was fascinated by magic, and the Archmage was the only gevai ever appointed so. At least, since the Demon King. William thought there might have been some with such a title before that, but that was an almost unfathomably long time ago, even for those with unlimited lifespans, and even the best records weren’t that reliable.

They finally reached the door to her office. William knocked, “Lorelei! I’m here with Sarah.”

“Oh, come in,” came the response from behind the door.

Sarah turned to William, “Wait, Lorelei?”

“That’s… a name she goes by.” William opened the door before Sarah could say more.

“Welcome!” Lorelei smiled. “It took you long enough.”

William shrugged, “I’ve been letting her settle in here. There wasn’t any hurry to bring her to see you.”

“And yet she saw Lila and Marek immediately.”

“That was for business. Are you mad?”

Lorelei frowned, “A little bit.”

“Oh… Sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Lorelei turned to look at Sarah, “Hello. This is the first time we’ve properly met. You may call me Lorelei.”

Sarah started nervously, “Ah, I’m Sarah. The woman who delivered me had the same name as you.” Then Sarah’s eyes widened, “It was you, wasn’t it? Wait, you’re really… the Archmage?”

Lorelei raised her eyebrow, “I have this fancy desk don’t I? How could you doubt that I’m the Archmage.” Then she smiled, “I did indeed deliver you. It was… a difficult process.”

“Mom said both of us would have died if it weren’t for you. Wait, weren’t you my brother’s lover.”

“I wasn’t.”

Sarah’s face fell. “Oh. I thought that…” she turned toward William, confused.

Lorelei continued, “I wasn’t then, but I am now. I just wanted to meet his family… and people made some assumptions at the time.”

“Oh. Wait, so those rumors were actually true?”

William shrugged. “For some reason, nobody believes that part.”


Lorelei handed William some papers, “Here is the final list of the lords who will be at the council, as well as some general thoughts on them and their likely opinion.”

William nodded and skimmed over it, “I thought this was only local lords? I see some names from a bit further than I would consider local.”

Lorelei shrugged, “Everyone is still from approximately the same region. The list expanded some as the date got closer and people got word.”

“Right, well, this changes my plan some. Is it alright if I kill someone?”

“Not if you start the fight.”

William nodded, “It says right here, easily provoked. I should be able to do something. Otherwise… I’ll improvise. I can always do it later.”

“Who is this that you have to kill?”

“Lorcan Harridan.”

Lorelei grinned, “Ah, the one whose guard almost killed your father?”

“That’s right,” William nodded, “Normally I wouldn’t say that superiors are responsible for every action of their subordinates… but this profile indicates he’s definitely at fault.”

“Alright. That’s fine. He’s just about the right level of influence. Just remember you have to look strong.”

“I am strong.”

Lorelei waved her hand, “Yes yes I know. You could probably kill him easily, unless he’s hiding something, but your attacks need to be visible, even if that’s less… efficient. People need to know he didn’t just randomly have a heart attack. There needs to be impact. Besides, it’s better if people don’t know you can just… kill them. At least, most of them.”

William nodded. “I can do that. Assuming the rest of the information is accurate, anyway. If not…”

Lorelei shrugged, “Then don’t worry about it too much. Try to make it believable that it was something that people could see that killed him, at least.”

“Well, hopefully it will be a crushed skull…”

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