The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 93

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The giant minotaur turned around in the corridor, ready to make another pass at us. This time, he pulled out the giant axe that had been attached onto his back. Then he started barreling back down the corridor toward me.

He wasn’t instantly up to a quick speed, but that wasn’t necessarily to our advantage. Those normally behind Alhorn and I had needed to dodge out of the way, and that put them up against the wall. The minotaur chopped his axe toward Kantrilla and stomped one foot toward Kasner as he built up speed. I heard Kasner shout in pain, but the minotaur blocked my view of what had happened. Its heavy steps covered up any other sound that was made.

It didn’t seem interested in remaining still for long, as it didn’t stop but instead ran back down the hall. Halette nimbly dodged its axe, but I hear her arrows impact its heavy armor and bounce off. Hopefully she could find a weak point to attack.

The minotaur continued to speed up, and I knew we couldn’t just let it keep charging back and forth. We had to stop it. Socks leaped at its leg and was kicked out of the way.

Alhorn and I remained on opposite sides of the hallway. As it reached us, the minotaur swung its axe to its left, toward Alhorn. That left it open on my side. As it started to swing, I took advantage with my own. I poured all of my Strength into attacking its knee- and this time I didn’t have to dodge a swinging arm.

My heavy mace impacted into its knee- opposite of the one I had hit before- with the sound of crushing metal. I almost lost my grip on the mace as it pulled away. On any other minotaur, such a hit would be enough to kill it, but the minotaur boss didn’t even topple.

The minotaur’s axe simultaneously chopped down toward Alhorn, and I heard more sound of clashing metal- but it sounded more like a deflected blow, as would be expected of Alhorn.

Then the minotaur’s axe continued its trajectory, from its upper right to its lower left… then it swung around, keeping some of the momentum. It raised up to the upper left, then down to the lower right- towards me.

At that point the minotaur was two steps past me, but it actually swung its axe down behind it. If I hadn’t been watching, I would have been caught completely unprepared for how long its arms were plus the length of the giant axe.

I dodge backwards as the axe came around in a sweeping arc… and for that I only heard the sound of tearing metal and felt stinging pain across my chest. I had just gotten new armor, too.

Fortunately the minotaur’s momentum carried him away from me. I had a second to assess my injury- painful, but not incapacitating. Then I saw Alhorn chasing after it and followed instinctively.

Alhorn shouted his plan, “We can’t just let it do what it wants! We have to catch it when it stops!”

He was right, of course. Minotaurs were scariest while in motion. I chased after it, but it was gaining distance toward the edge of Alhorn’s light. It would have plenty of distance to turn around before we could reach it.

It was slowing down slightly, and I saw the reason why a moment later. There was another wall in front of us, perhaps the same kind that had appeared behind us. Unfortunately Alhorn and I wouldn’t reach it before it completely turned around.

On the other hand, we weren’t the fastest ones in our party. That went to the one that had four legs. Socks was a blur as she went past Alhorn and I, leaping into the air high enough to almost reach the higher than ten foot tall ceiling, right at the back of the minotaur’s head.

The sudden unexpected force sent the minotaur toppling forward. They already looked top heavy, and an additional few hundred pounds of wolf pushing into them probably didn’t help.

The minotaur didn’t fall flat, catching itself with one hand on the wall in front of it, but it was completely thrown off of its plan. I could see its legs trembling as well… as well as some small patches of ice from my mace’s magic. I noticed those because they suddenly expanded in size, continuing around the back of the weird half-bull legs.

The minotaur pushed itself off the wall and tried to turn around, but the ice around its knees hindered its mobility. The ice cracked, but not before the minotaur fell onto its back.

I took advantage of the opening by hitting one of the knees again- the forward, human parts, and with the armor already being compromised, I heard a wonderful cracking sound. Socks had been shaken off of the minotaur’s back during the fall, and she crunched down on the other leg- at the spot I had weakened the armor.

The minotaur tried to swing his axe as us, but they weren’t made for use from on one’s back. It managed a swing, but with much reduced power that Alhorn easily deflected. “Back up! Alhorn shouted.
Both Socks and I backed away with Alhorn, watching as the minotaur flipped itself over and tried to push itself up to its hands and knees. In fact, it succeeded at that, almost like it couldn’t feel the pain from its ruined legs. Except the bellowing roars coming from its mouth told a different story.

There was, however, yet another story to be told as the minotaur tried to move forward. It couldn’t raise its legs much. It resorted to crawling, but I saw a shiny trail of blood behind it. It continued forward as quickly as it could… but not more quickly than we could walk backwards. Then an arrow went into its left eye… and another. Its eyes weren’t small targets, and it wasn’t exceptionally mobile. Even with the helmet, the small holes for it to see through were enough for an arrow to fit. Then the minotaur finally flopped down to the floor. Halette shouted from behind us, “Grab the loot and get over here!”

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