The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 84

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As part of explaining my Attributes to the others, I had to explain that I was from another world. Telling more people meant it was less likely to remain a secret, but it didn’t have to remain a secret. Though otherworlders weren’t common, people knew about them. Having bonus attributes might cause jealousy in some people… but I didn’t really want to be around people like that anyway. Besides, even if someone was jealous, it wasn’t like they could come up and steal my attribute points.

Reactions were different for each member, but all positive in some fashion. Alhorn merely nodded, “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Kasner was rolling around on the ground laughing. “I can’t believe- ha! That you got stuck- Hehe! With only distributing points to Strength! Its so dumb!”

I leaned down to pick him up and bring him to eye level. “Sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you from down there.”

Kasner coughed, “I said, umm… wow, isn’t it lucky how you ended up getting a bonus to Strength? That’s pretty neat. It’s sort of like a Blessing.”

I put him down gently. “It is pretty neat isn’t it? It does mean I have to keep working hard to train other stuff though…”

Halette frowned, “Toughness would have been better. You can never have too much Toughness.”

I shrugged, “It wouldn’t have done much good if I couldn’t stand up though…”

Sock’s reaction was to lick my face. I wasn’t sure if she really got the otherworlder thing, but I didn’t see how it would make any difference to her anyway.

After that, I was flooded with questions, and did my best to answer them. There wasn’t really much of practical use here, however. I hadn’t learned anything about how to fight, and while I was educated… I didn’t know enough about anything to really do much with it. There was no foundation for me to work from here. Besides, this world was doing well enough on its own. It didn’t need me thinking I could make it better by myself.


We returned to Ekralas without incident. Not that there were many dangers along the road, especially not for a group of adventurers. It would be an embarrassment to the entire country of Othya if they weren’t relatively safe a few days travel from the capital.

Our reward for participating in the hydra boss fight was surprisingly high- almost as much as we had made the rest of the time spent hunting hydras. Considering that it came with a smaller amount of repairs and time spent in the inn, it was a huge windfall.

Everyone couldn’t help but want to browse the markets as we entered Ekralas. After all, if that money wasn’t helping us be stronger, what good was it doing? Besides, everyone liked new equipment. My biggest issue was not finding something I wanted… but deciding which thing I wanted.

We had decided to enter the minotaur dungeon next. There, we would find small groups of strong enemies. The corridors would be wider than the goblin dungeon to accommodate the minotaur, but that could also work to our advantage. More importantly, the corridors would be less likely to have many tight turns. Dungeons were always suited to their inhabitants, and minotaurs liked to have some room to charge at intruders. That meant we would usually have the chance to attack from a distance- very briefly.

Spears would still be good- minotaurs weren’t as big as hydras, and it was quite possible to pierce through to their heard or something else vital. Likewise, a pike would be a good weapon to use against them. I had to consider what I could afford to purchase, however. I could get a pike, but what if it broke when charged by a minotaur? That possibility didn’t strike me as terribly unlikely. A minotaur was bound to have a lot of momentum behind it. Magic weapons or ones made of special materials weren’t cheap, so I could only really afford one if I wanted to get anything else. I couldn’t just spend all of my money on weapons. Well, I could, but I knew I shouldn’t.

I wanted to though.

Finally, I decided on a specially reinforced spear. It wouldn’t break on accident, like from a minotaur falling on top of it as it died. That meant I would get good use out of it. I wished I could afford one that returned to me like Ruslan had- but in all honesty that was only useful if I could stay at range. I was one of the front line, so after a single throw the minotaur or minotaurs would either be dead or too close to throw a spear. Spears could also be used as melee weapons, of course, but they were made differently- and again, I couldn’t afford one that returned.

For my melee tactics, I couldn’t deny that I had grown attached to having a shield. I didn’t think it would be good news for my arm to take a minotaur’s charge head on, but I should be able to deflect it. Then… I would smash them with my heavy mace. It was balanced for use in two hands, but I had more than enough Strength to use it in one hand. It would be a bit less accurate, but I had the feeling minotaurs wouldn’t be easy to miss. Or rather, the information I could find on them said that they generally were short but dangerous encounters- turning into longer but still dangerous fights once they started spawning with armor. I wondered if I could kill them in a single hit though… They only had one head, so unlike a hydra it was relatively possible.

Alhorn got a shield that could be quickly donned, so he could shoot a bow and quickly switch to sword and shield. Kasner got magical robes enchanted with increased defense. Halette got a magically enchanted bow- nothing fancy about it except increased shooting power and durability. She continued treating Socks’ fur with special oils. Kantrilla found a ring that could increase her mana efficiency. It should have been out of her price range… but it just so happened the merchant was leaving town and wanted to sell it right away, so she got it for a little over half price. With almost 500 Luck, I wasn’t that surprised.

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