The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 76

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The spear user turned back. He was a man not much older than me, though he looked older- or perhaps it was me who looked younger. He was fairly muscular, but I actually couldn’t get a read on his Strength. I would have to see more from him first. I asked him for a chance, but I wasn’t sure he would give it.

“Fine. Follow me.”

I did. I wasn’t sure if he would actually teach me anything, but if it was just a test of Strength I had a good chance. If there was something else… well, I would do what I could. Kantrilla went along with me. “I hope he’ll teach you. That would be great!” Kantrilla smiled confidently.

“Yeah.” There wasn’t much else to say. We had to hurry our steps to keep up with him.

We turned around a corner and I barely saw him enter the door to the archery range. Of course, it was also used for things that weren’t bows. Once inside and in front of a target, he thrust a spear out into my hand. “Throw it as hard as you can.”

That was good. I could certainly do that. It wasn’t a problem at all to perform a powerful throw… though I suspected he wanted it to be accurate too. I took the spear in one hand. There wasn’t really any other way to do it for throwing. Any increase in power that could be gained in two hands would be eliminated by the fact that throwing a spear in two was just not the right way. I did know the basics and even had some Spear Mastery- at least rank 1- but I wouldn’t have called myself amazing. Still, I had Strength- and that was very useful.

I took my stance, stepping forward and flinging the spear overarm. It flew quickly and stuck deep into the target- but not particularly near the center. A couple rings out from the bullseye… which was plenty close enough for hydras.

I looked to the spear user- and he handed me another spear. “Again.” I took my stance, but he grabbed my arm. He slid my grip along, pushed my feet and legs to different positions, then stepped back. “Now throw.”

I tried to feel what was difference. I wasn’t that far off from how I had been. Once more I moved forward and threw- the second time I was a bit high. Once again, most of the spearhead sunk into the target.


Apparently my stance was just slightly off every time, but I was beginning to get the hang of it. Unfortunately, throwing with full power was tiring. I wasn’t sure how long it was, but I was dripping sweat. I looked over at the handful of spears in the target, all clustered close to or in the bullseye.

The spear user reached out his hand and the spears flew out of the target, handle-first to gather up in his outstretched hand. I supposed that was some sort of skill too, but I couldn’t grasp how it worked exactly. “Adequate.”

I wasn’t sure what to say- I was hitting the bullseye fairly consistently and the spear stuck in all the way up to the end of the spearheads. I knew I wasn’t at the standards of high level adventurers- the target was only 100 feet away- but I thought it was pretty good. Well, I had done my best. What could I say?

I didn’t really have time to say anything before he stepped forward. “Watch closely.”

Of course I listened. This was what I was here for. Even if he didn’t show me a skill, I was improving my skill with the spear. When he took his stance, even though it was visually similar to what I had seen others do, it felt different. The entire atmosphere changed slightly, and I started to see strange air waves around his spear. Then he stepped forward and threw the spear.

As the spear went through the air, it turned into a blur… but I could clearly see that it went to the target he’d thrown it toward. Then it was gone- and I hadn’t even blinked. A moment later I saw the spear return to his hand with a whistling sound, and then he turned and walked out of the building.

I was still stunned by the throw- and looking at the target. There was no spear sticking into the target to tell me where he struck, but it was still extremely clear. That was because I could see there was no longer a bullseye in the target, or at least not the very center, spear-sized portion of it. There was just a hole that went through, allowing me to see the fence behind.

“Whoa.” Kantrilla said.

“Yeah. Whoa.” I’d seen a few high level skills, and they often involved some sort of glowing or some such. Part of that was they were done with magical weapons, but the skills themselves also had such effects. This throw only had the distortion of the air around the spear… but it was somewhat more overwhelming for that. “Ah… do I have to pay for that target?” Archery targets were susceptible to normal wear and tear, but holes all the way through them was somewhat outside of normal use…

A few moments later the manager of the range showed up, and I did ask him that. I was willing to pay for that because of the teaching I’d received, but the manager just shook his head, “Don’t worry about it, Ruslan paid for it. I just came to look because I didn’t believe it.”

“I saw it happen and I almost don’t believe it.” I shook my head. I tried to keep the image of what had happened in my head. I took a practice spear and tried on another target. When I did it I didn’t get anything like the same feeling… but I felt a skill activate, and mana was spent. Looking at my attribute window, I saw a skill called “Piercing Spear”. That was pretty basic sounding… but in that case I had to wonder what level Ruslan had trained it to- and his Spear Mastery skill. Running into him was very Lucky. “Thanks for coming with me, Kantrilla.”

“I was glad to help!” Kantrilla smiled while clapping her hand together. “I even got to see something very cool!”

I nodded. It certainly wasn’t so easy to see someone who could do that just whenever you wanted. That made me wonder why the spear user- Ruslan- was in Amielas.

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