The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 67

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It only took a few minutes to kill the remaining goblins. The cleric protected themself with a Barrier spell, but it wasn’t enough to save them from a head bashing courtesy of yours truly. It wasn’t the easiest boss battle we’d had, but it wasn’t as threatening as the hardest we’d had- the first one. The second boss had been a surprise, but he hadn’t had a chance to fight from behind front lines for long.

Currently, the ice wall he had created was fading- it wasn’t entirely real so it faded out along with his death, no longer supported by mana.

Both of the bosses dropped a sizable magic gem. There was also the magic scepter the cleric boss had, and the magic staff from the mage.

“Well…” Kasner said as he picked up the staff an looked it over, “It’s not a lightning staff, but it’s still pretty good.”

Kantrilla had just started patching up Socks’ wounds- mostly just scratches- when Halette called out, “Something’s coming!”

I could soon see goblins pouring out of the three corridors that left this area, including the one we came in. We had been fortunate enough to kill the bosses before they showed up… but they had likely been coming since near the start of the battle.

“We’re surrounded!” Kantrilla said in a panic as goblins started to move in.

Halette had already started shooting arrows down one corridor.

“It’s alright!” Alhorn called out, “We have the advantageous terrain now. Though we can’t retreat… It’s just a few dozen goblins.”

I would have called it more like a hundred… but I wasn’t going to say that. “That’s right! Most of them are the weak kinds too!”

There was one corridor they weren’t coming through- from our original entrance the back hallway didn’t have an exit. That meant Alhorn, Socks, and I- as the only frontline- were assigned to one corridor each.

Kantrilla started casting a new round of spells on the party- using her new scepter. I didn’t feel any more powerful than before- but Kantrilla still looked energetic after she was done casting.

The stairway was wide enough that I couldn’t quite swing to both ends with my heavy mace. I wished I had my halberd here now, but It was hard to carry around too many things at once. As the goblins poured up the stairs, I settled for sweeping out the right section before stepping over to the left to swing the other way.

I have to say- there are few things more satisfying than sending goblins toppling down the stairs on top of each other. I would have loved to watch them tumbling more, but a few had squeezed by to reach the top and I had to deal with them. I was very grateful for heavy armor, even if it was hot, sweaty, and tiring. With one goblin one each side of me, I couldn’t dodge everything- but the sound of cheap goblin weapons clanging off my armor reassured me.

Not that I could just let them hit me with impunity- at some point my armor would be dented enough to break or they would be able to hit a joint or something.

With one final smash I took care of the last goblin in my section and looked around. The others were holding their own- Kasner had taken a play from the mage boss’ book and created ice on the stairs before chaining lightning between the tightly packed goblins. Kantrilla even participated in holding them back- mostly by pushing any that reached the top to topple them back into others. Halette was doing the same, as the goblins were too close for her to just leisurely fire arrows into them and Socks couldn’t hold one corridor on her own.

I still had my own stairway to worry about, but a couple Whirlwind Attacks took care of it for another few moments. I couldn’t keep it up forever but… the goblins had limited numbers.

They were bunched together and filled the corridor- but they didn’t actually extend much beyond the bottom of the stairs. With them crashing into each other, I could take out a handful at a time.

My lungs ached and sweat dripped down my forehead. I was starting to run out of mana and even felt muscle fatigue in my arms- full powered swing after full powered swing was starting to wear me down.

Another goblin climbed the stairs… but instead of swinging my heavy mace I just kicked him. I almost toppled over backwards, I was so tired… but then I saw that there were no more goblins in front of me- only their fading remnants, weapons, armor, and magic gems.

I wiped my cheek… and the back of my gauntlet was smeared with blood. I saw a few more spots as well. I turned around and saw there were still a few more goblins down the other corridors- only a couple handfuls, but everyone else was panting heavily as well.

With a few smashes of my mace and kicks, I helped finish off the last few goblins. Then everyone collapsed to the ground- except Kantrilla who couldn’t help but going around patching up wounds.

Socks was probably the worst off- even with fur like armor, she had to get in close because she couldn’t swing a weapon. That gave goblins more opportunities to hit her. However, Socks was tough. She sat at the top of her side of the platform and howled in victory, and even had enough energy left to wag her tail. The patches of blood on her fur were the only thing that betrayed her state.

Kasner was laying flat on his back, but he was groaning so much- and bleeding so little- that I knew he was fine.

Alhorn sat down as well, but kept watch down his corridor. “That was… more than I expected to ever see. We need to get out of here in case more come…”

I shook my head, “If we could, it might be the best option… but we can barely walk. Besides, we must have cleared out most of the floor.- at least anything in this section There shouldn’t be any significant force left nearby.”

Alhorn nodded, “Good. Good. Let’s hope so.”

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  1. even when the bosses are dead, the war is not over. you still have to fight their family, friends, friend’s family, neighbors, the local merchants, the grandma across the street, and many more~

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    “Kasner had taken a play from the mage boss’ book ” wouldn’t that be better as “a page out of”?

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