The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 61

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We managed to get back to the ‘main path’ of the second floor without encountering any goblins. That didn’t mean we were safe, but it was still a relief. Our party was in relatively fine condition, but Sera’s party was barely functional. It was all they could do to carry the body of their fallen companion… and they wouldn’t be able to do much in a fight if it came to it. In fact, they would just be liabilities.

Alhorn was clearly exerting himself to drag the the three bodies in his pile. It didn’t help that it included most of their equipment- except weapons were being carried by Halette and the others. I had a better time of it, but Strength was my best feature. We weren’t moving so fast that I would have trouble with just that much weight- though dragging three people without a proper sled was rather annoying. It was also loud, as armor scraped against brick.

As we neared the entrance to the second floor, Socks growled lightly. “Someone’s coming,” Halette confirmed.

Alhorn and I stopped and dropped our ropes, readying our weapons. Sera’s party carefully placed down Jessica’s body and readied themselves as much as they could.

Kasner began to charge up for a spell, prepared to attack the goblins. He timed it so he would be ready shortly after they rounded the corner… which is why his face contorted strangely when he had to reabsorb the electricity he had gathered.

Around the corner came a familiar face… a warrior named Albert who wielded a large sword. Behind him came the rest of his party of four. Upon rounding the corner and seeing us, he stopped to look over the situation, then slowly lowered his sword. “Oh, it isn’t more goblins.” At the same time, we lowered our own weapons. Albert looked over the situation- especially all the bodies- then hissed as he sharply drew in breath, “Oh… what happened here?”

Carrying around a pile of bodies wasn’t a good thing- but we were able to explain. It might have sounded like a cover-up… but Albert recognized us and not the men. Albert shook his head, “I didn’t expect to see anything like this… Need some help getting out of here?”

We absolutely weren’t going to refuse any offer of help. With their help we were able to make it out of the dungeon just about the time the wizard was struggling to consciousness. He wouldn’t be a danger though. While he might be able to do magic while tied up… he would need mana for that. Kasner had already done something to make sure they didn’t have any.

We hadn’t gagged him- it wouldn’t stop him from using magic and would only add suspicion. Shortly after he started to stir, he called out, “You four! Please, we were ambushed by these people! Don’t let them take us! Set us free!”

Albert paused for a moment, then shook his head, “Nice try. I don’t know about all of them, but Kantrilla wouldn’t go along with anything of the sort. Besides, we’ll be escorting you to the guild. You’ll be safe until there… and afterwards if you’re truly the innocent parties here.” The wizard glared, but didn’t seem to think it was worth continuing his protest.


The trip though the streets wasn’t pleasant, but we were escorted by Albert’s party and some guards from outside the dungeon so nobody stopped us. Of course, the guards were also sort of watching over us to keep us from running away. Though I knew we were completely in the right, the guards hadn’t seen the circumstances- and we were involved in an incident with five deaths. That wasn’t something that was just going to be glossed over.

Everyone in the guild turned to look when we came in carrying a large number of bodies with us. The guards went up to the counter, “We’re here to report an incident in the dungeon.”

One receptionist quickly scarpered off- presumably to notify someone important- while another took down the names of everyone involved in the incident. Soon after some people came and took away all of the bodies, and their equipment- and another group of guards took off the two we had captured. However, the two guards from outside the dungeon stayed around to guard us. We weren’t tied up or anything, but it was clear we weren’t supposed to go anywhere.

Then we were brought upstairs to the guildmaster’s office, The guards informed us of the procedure. “The guildmaster and vice-guildmaster will be questioning each of you about the incident individually. You are not under arrest… but we ask that you leave your weapons outside.” The guards pointed to the waiting room where there were weapon racks.

We were called in one at a time. On my turn, I was brought in to sit in front of the guildmaster himself.

Timmy’s desk and chair filled up most of the medium sized room, but looked a bit small for him. That said, it was still intimidating as he towered over me- even with him sitting and me standing. That was a half-giant for you. “Guildmaster.” I nodded respectfully.

“Llyr.” Timmy sighed, a sound that reminded me of a snoring bear. “You sure find yourself in trouble often don’t you?”

It had been several months since the previous incident… but incidents that got the guildmaster directly involved weren’t very common. “It’s not on purpose, guildmaster.”

He shook his head, “I should hope not. So, what happened?”

I told the story as well as I could- trying to include all the most important details like running across the silence spell near the fight and then the man with the daggers still attempting to stab Sera after we attempted to intervene. “We didn’t really want to kill them, but the combat didn’t really allow us to hold back.”

The guildmaster kept his expression neutral during the whole explanation. “I see. And you just happened to stumble into the area where this was happening?”

“Well… yes. Kantrilla has a Blessing of Luck… so maybe that had something to do with it?”

“I see. Anything else you wish to add?” I shook my head, “In that case, there will be no further questions at this time. We may have more later, so please remain in town for the next few days until the incident is resolved.”

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