The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 5

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My pockets were full of rabbit horns, at least to the point where they didn’t get in the way. It was only about 10 of them. As for myself, well… my clothes were all scratched up, but I hadn’t gotten any serious injuries. I looked pretty pathetic, but I wasn’t going to starve or anything either. In short, I looked like a caveman, if the caveman had jeans, a t-shirt, and a jacket. And no beard. And twiggy arms and legs. I couldn’t say I was comfortable with it, but I could pretty easily cook at that point. Even to the degree where the rabbits were something like tasty. At least, in a relative sense. It should be noted that almost everything is better than burnt raw meat.


Well, the next spot to explore… over here, I guess. I didn’t want to get too far from the stream, the only source of water I’d found. Plus, I found a cave, though it was closer to an overhang. Thus, I used the area as my base for some time. I went out a certain distance to see if I could find anything. That day, it was northwest. Assuming the sun rises in the east, anyway.


At this point, I wasn’t really expecting anything. I didn’t want to get my hopes up. As for how I felt about this fantasy world… I certainly wouldn’t have said it was fun. For one thing, I hadn’t seen magic yet. Or any cute girls. Nobody, really. After all, if I’d found someone I would have at least been able to get to a town.


Oh, what’s this? The sound of voices. People! I couldn’t really hear what they were talking about. I walked in their direction, and saw a road. This is great! If only… if only the people weren’t bandits attacking a merchant. What was up with that situation? With my luck… either it was a very rare occurrence, or the bandits had to be a big danger to me. Either way, the whole scenario was very unlikely. Though I say “bandits”, it’s not like there was a huge group of them. There were only three. That said, the merchant seemed to only have one guard.


What was I to do in that situation? I can tell you what I wasn’t going to do. I wasn’t going to yell out “Cease, villains!” or even “Hey, stop!”. That said, according to how I found myself running forward, I planned to help. I’m not sure if I authorized this decision, body, but I can’t take it back now! As I was almost there, the situation seemed grim. The guard had some kind of a wound on their stomach. I couldn’t tell how bad it was, but there was blood, and they were slumped over by the wagon.


Well, I don’t know where I got the kind of courage to do it, but I followed the momentum of my heart, and my feet. I appeared right behind the bandits, and I swung. The sound of hitting a bandit’s head… well, actually, it’s not that bad. It’s kind of like hitting a log. *Thump*. That bandit went down nicely. Well, he more flew sideways and toppled over than “down”. I wasn’t going to hold back in that kind of situation, even if I was somewhat leery of killing a human.


Before they could react… *Thump* the second one went the other way. The last one turned around in time to see my swing coming, but he didn’t have much time to do much but put his sword up in front of him to block. I honestly didn’t know what to do about him blocking, but my swing was already on the way. I couldn’t stop if even if I wanted to. *Thump* *Squick* Ah, it turns out, I smashed the sword into him. Certainly, I felt a lot of resistance, but I had a lot of momentum on my side.


I glanced down at the bandits… Yeah. There was no way they were getting back up. Ever. I felt like I was a bad person. Not because I killed the bandits. Well, maybe a little. However, I really felt bad because, as I looked at the bodies I thought “thank goodness they’re ugly”. They were nothing like the cute rabbits I’d been squishing. I didn’t really feel bad about those guys. Something I didn’t notice at the moment was that the white mist came out of them, just like the rabbits.


I looked at the merchant, who was quite reasonably shocked. The guard next to him… was shocked too. That was actually a good sign. That means he was alive, and conscious. “Em… hello. The town… where?”


I realized that’s what the guy (presumably a guy, anyway) who wrote the sign meant about “somewhat” being able to speak the language. The pronunciation was hard. While I was sorting that out, I seemed to have dropped some of my grammar on the floor.


“Umm, what?” The merchant asked.


“Oh, sorry. I’ve been… lost. I’ve been looking for a town, and then I saw you here. And these guys.” I sort of pointed with my club. “So I came to help you.”


By the way, I don’t think what I had just done went against the “nice” part of being a man. Part of that is helping people. I’m not saying that killing those guys was necessarily good, but I don’t think it was bad. Probably. Actually, I pretty much tried to avoid thinking about it completely.


“Oh. Well, um… thank you for rescuing me.” He sort of glanced at his guard. “We can talk after I bind his wounds.”


“Oh… yes. Sorry.” I think I got a little hasty there. Maybe that was worth minus nice points.


Hmm, if my luck had been better, maybe one of those two would have been a cute girl. Though, it almost certainly requires some stupid amount of luck, to be like an anime hero. Yeah, probably. Still, they didn’t have to both be middle aged men. The merchant was kinda fat, and the guard was grizzled and scruffy. Well, they seemed nice though, and as far as men go I don’t particularly care if they are ugly or old or whatever, since I’m not interested in any case.

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