The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 4

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The good news was, the rabbits didn’t come out at night. At least, they didn’t near me. I can’t say I slept comfortably, but waking up alive was a good thing. I was pretty hungry, though. I didn’t see any berries around, either. Well, staying in one spot wouldn’t get me anything.

I came across a stream. Good, I was thirsty, even after the berries. That would have killed me well before hunger. Though, I’d rather not die from either, thanks. As I walked away from the stream, I saw a pair of horned rabbits. Ah, they saw me too. I readied my club.

They both charged at the same time, but I had to dodge out of the way instead of just stepping, so my swing was completely late for both of them. Then, they spread out. One moved to one side, and the other circled the other way. Great, tactics. I faced the slightly bigger one. I heard the one behind jump, just as the one in front did. I couldn’t really line up my swings like that… I dodged, but I got a gash on my side. I couldn’t tell how bad it was. I hadn’t really been injured before, but it hurt.

It looked like that method wouldn’t work. I had to go on the offensive. The next time, I dashed toward the one now in front of me, who scraped me as he jumped by. The baseball swing… was no good from this position. I tried an overhead swing, but I missed, *thwump* smashing the ground besides it. Fortunately, it was startled, so it didn’t attack me. I turned, and barely dodged the second one. No, wait. It just grazed me. Ouch, that hurt. It wasn’t really hindering my movements yet, but it wasn’t a good state to be in.

The battle became frantic. I just kept avoiding as much as I could, and attacking whenever I saw something like an opening, not that I really knew how to spot those. Somehow, though, I managed to flail effectively enough to beat down both horned rabbits. I didn’t take either out in one hit, since I couldn’t get a good swing in, but somehow I managed. After that, I was tired. Like, really tired. Ugh, I could barely move my arms. The club felt heavier and heavier.

I sat on the ground. It didn’t help that I was hungry. I guess… I should try to start a fire? I vaguely remember a method of rubbing sticks together… but I also need kindling, I think. Fortunately, such things were easy to find in the forest. I gathered some things, and cleared out an area from the leaves on the ground. I didn’t want to burn down the forest if I succeeded.

Let me just say, starting a fire was hard. I remembered there was something about friction heat. Well, I tried various things. Finally, something worked. It’s probably about noon now… that took me like three hours. My arms were even more tired. But, I had a small fire. I didn’t know how to cook rabbit, but I tried it. I didn’t have anything to skin them with, so I just burned off the fur. The whole process wasn’t going well at all, but then I realized. Ah, the horn’s kind of sharp. That might help. I snapped the horn off of one, and used it to help my pathetic efforts.

Let me just say, I really like meat from the grocery store. It’s nice. You just put it on the stove, and bam. Cooked meat. Preparing meat to be cooked… that’s something I know nothing about. Except that it’s gross. Really, really gross.

Eventually, I came up with something that was kind of liked cooked meat. It was burnt in some places and undercooked in others… the taste… well, I was very, very hungry. I can say that the taste was… good enough not to throw up. Yeah. Still, I ate it.

After my meal, I washed in the river. Then, I washed in the river again. Ugh, it’s so gross. I also washed the two horns. I had some pockets in my jacket, and they could fit… though they somewhat hung out. Still, it’s good to have something sharp.

I considered trying to put them on my club. You know, like one of those nail-boards? Yeah, they were completely the wrong size. Big on the end that I didn’t want them to be, and trying to put them into my club would just split the wood. Goodbye, weapon upgrade. The good news was… club mastery officially became level 1. Probably because I experimented with different ways of swinging, to some success. 10% increased effectiveness. Do I just hit harder? No, I think probably it affects how accurately and quickly I swing too. In general, I am just “better”.


I just want to say, before anything else, I have a pretty good sense of direction. I can remember my way back to places I’ve been, and find my way around places I only vaguely know. However, there, I didn’t know either where I was nor where I was going.

That’s why… That’s why it’s not embarrassing that I hadn’t found a town or even a road after a week. Incidentally, I’d been level 2 for a while. It seems pretty hard to raise my level, I’ve killed more than 100 rabbits now, I think.

Name: Llyr Merrick Class: None
Level: 2 Attribute Points to Distribute: 0
Base Levels Class/ Magic Items Special Total
Strength 10 +120 +0% +0 +10% 143
Dexterity 116 +0 +0% +0 +0 116
Toughness 92 +0 +0% +0 +0 92
Constitution 90 +0 +0% +0 +0 90
Intelligence 102 +0 +0% +0 +0 102
Wisdom 98 +0 +0% +0 +0 98
Willpower 140 +0 +0% +0 +0 140
Focus 108 +0 +0% +0 +0 108
Luck 70 +0 +0% +0 +0 70
All In (Strength)
Club Mastery (1)

I’d like to point out that some of my attributes increased apart from Strength. Though, Strength only increased from level. It wasn’t much, but it made me happy. Well, Toughness and Constitution went up because I got hit. I probably wouldn’t pick that method to train, if I had a choice. Dexterity… well, I didn’t use much finesse, but there was still some accuracy necessary for batting rabbits. My Luck was still 70. Is that why I haven’t found civilization yet? Either it makes my guesses bad, or put me in a bad spot. Probably. That said, my luck wasn’t bad enough to get me killed, so I guess I couldn’t complain too much.

I wasn’t sure why my Strength didn’t increase though. I was using that the most, for sure. I felt the muscle strain, but even so it didn’t increase even a single point. My arms and legs were still like twigs. Well, I suppose I should have been glad that my Strength from bonus points wasn’t decreasing, at least. Still, it was frustrating.

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