The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 27

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As the presence of Father Thomas helped to calm me down, I thought of something. “Umm, she might be poisoned. Isn’t that a thing assassins do?”

Father Thomas nodded, and finished his healing spell. I saw the flesh on Kantrilla’s arm start knitting together, and he started more magic. A small bit of liquid spurted out of the closing wound. “That should take care of it. Thank you for the reminder. It’s much more difficult to do with a completely closed wound.” He patted Kantrilla on the head, “We’ll get some bandages for you in a moment… first, we should check out this fellow.” He leaned down to inspect the body.

I didn’t know what one would look for on a body. Presumably clues as to why he would attack Kantrilla- possibly twice. Other than that, some clue to who else he worked with… or something. It wasn’t like he was going to have a letter on him detailing why he was hired as an assassin, who hired him, and how much he was paid. That would require a tremendous amount of Luck…. I waited in anticipation, but my thoughts were correct. It would be far too tremendous. However, the search was not in vain. Father Thomas found a mark on the assassin’s left chest. It was… half covered in blood. When he wiped it off it revealed a tattoo of a hand clutching a dagger. The dagger itself was dripping something, but without color it was hard to say what- blood or poison most likely. How typically… assassiny. “Do you recognize the marking?”

Father Thomas shook his head. “I don’t. We’ll have someone look into it.” He stood up and brushed himself off. “The city guard should be arriving soon. We’ll talk more after that.”

As he predicted, one of the other clerics soon returned with the city guard. It had taken a few minutes, but that was the best that could be done without any sort of warning. The guard took statements from myself, Kantrilla, and Father Thomas. Murder was a very serious crime… which also caused a small bit of awkwardness for me. I had killed the assassin after all. However, self defense was perfectly legal- though in this case it was really defense of others. With the word of upstanding citizens such as Kantrilla and especially Father Thomas, it didn’t become a large incident for me. I suppose the tattoo and few extra vials of poison helped as well.

After that, we went inside the church. There was a statue, presumably of the goddess of fortune. Other than that, the decoration was rather simple, but still quite nice. The windows let in ample light. I wondered to myself whether the gods and goddesses in this world were real, if they did anything. Had people seen them, talked to them? Was that a regular thing? There was magic, after all. I decided not to ask right away, but I wondered.

Father Thomas smiled at me. “Thank you for saving Kantrilla again, Llyr. You did an excellent job.”

“Well, it’s only natural to help her. As for what I did… I would say the enemy did a poor job.”

“Striking with confidence and without hesitation is an important skill to have, and I hear you did that quite admirably. With such an attack happening again, we’ll have to be a bit more careful. Kantrilla probably shouldn’t go adventuring for a while.”

“But then Llyr would be all alone!” Kantrilla looked genuinely sad at that.

Father Thomas laughed. “Perhaps, but I would suggest he take some time off from combat as well. Whatever this organization is might not take kindly to losing one of their members. If he were attacked in town, he might be able to handle it, but out in the wilderness could be dangerous.”

I nodded, “That does sound like a problem. I’ll take that advice.” I looked at the head of my halberd as I thought about that. It still had blood on it, but that wasn’t what I was looking at. The edge was completely ruined from striking the cobblestones, and I saw a small crack going into the blade. I would have to buy a new one before hunting wolves anyway, and living expenses weren’t free… I would probably need to look into more labor jobs.


There were more attacks over the next month, all on clerics. Many of the attacks were thwarted, but one actually succeeded in killing his target. I didn’t know the man well, but I was still sad it happened. Sgar and some of the other adventurers made sure to protect the clerics as much as they could, and they managed to kill a handful of them. Sgar even ripped off one’s arm… though that guy lived. He was the first one we managed to capture alive, though I heard it wasn’t easy to get information out of him. Eventually, the attacks died down, until they stopped completely by the end of the month.

I still didn’t go out hunting wolves for the next month, and focused more on training. I wondered what I could do against assassins… perception skill would be useful, but they weren’t so easy to learn. At least, not for me. I still managed to learn level 1 ‘alertness’, but if I wanted to be good I would need more time, or a class that helped.

Strength continued to grow the easiest, even when it hit 200 and slowed down slightly more. I was getting one point every three or four days at that point… but that was still quite comfortable. Other attributes grew marginally well, but they would have been better if I had a class. I continued to think about that. Barbarian wasn’t going to work, but I didn’t know what else would be best. I took the time to check out others in the guild, but nothing quite seemed right.

Name: Llyr Merrick Class: None
Level: 5 Attribute Points to Distribute: 0
Base Levels Class/ Magic Items Special Total
Strength 215 +150 +0% +0 +10% 401(+47)
Dexterity 121 +0 +0% +0 +0 121 (+3)
Toughness 98 +0 +0% +0 +0 98 (+3)
Constitution 126 +0 +0% +0 +0 126 (+8)
Intelligence 102 +0 +0% +0 +0 102
Wisdom 98 +0 +0% +0 +0 98
Willpower 140 +0 +0% +0 +0 140
Focus 112 +0 +0% +0 +0 112 (+2)
Luck 97 +0 +0% +0 +0 97 (+3)
All In (Strength)
Club Mastery (3)
Dodging Mastery (2)
Bash (3)
Melee Weapon Mastery (2)
Halberd Mastery (2)
Analyze Strength (2)
Awareness (1)

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