The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 214

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If I were to describe the damage caused by the dungeon collapsing… I would say it wasn’t nearly as terrifying as it sounded like it could be. The damage was restricted to a few city blocks in every direction, and it wasn’t like everything collapsed either. By the end of the day things had more or less settled… and since they had evacuated people as quickly as they could, nobody died. There were injuries… and significant damage to buildings of course, but deaths had been avoided. Even so we should have removed people from the area beforehand. We knew we were planning to destroy the core soon… though it was too late to do anything how. However, it would be best to talk to Timmy about that. It would give up the secret that dungeons could be destroyed, or at least that the guild could predict certain disasters… but for people’s safety it should be worth it. I knew he cared for people, but he did also have to manage the guild as well.

One thing that was good about the whole situation- Kantrilla only had me destroy half the core. The part of the dungeon that had been the minotaur dungeon hadn’t collapsed, and even some of the ‘goblin dungeon’, so if we had destroyed it then the collapsed area would have been more than twice as much. Unfortunately, it was impossible to avoid some collapse, unless a city hadn’t been built on top of the dungeons… but we were a century late for that at least. At least now it would be known to not let two dungeons remain in existence too close to each other. 

Though the guild didn’t take any public responsibility for the collapse of the dungeon, they did help with the repairs- including filling up the ground with new dirt and raising buildings back up. The actual damage to the buildings would mostly repaired by regular workers, and that would take time. I helped with some of the work, such as helping to clear debris and such. I couldn’t say I could lift up the whole roof of a house… but I could do a lot. My Strength was now over 900 after all. It would have been a while until that was the case, but well… I had gotten a class finally.


Name: Llyr Merrick Class: Generalist
Level: 7 Attribute Points to Distribute: 0
Base Levels Class/ Magic Items Special Total
Strength 617 +170 +5% +0 +10% 908 (+80)
Dexterity 309 +0 +5% +0 +0 324 (+18)
Toughness 258 +0 +5% +0 +0 270 (+15)
Constitution 256 +0 +5% +0 +0 268 (+14)
Intelligence 151 +0 +5% +0 +0 158 (+12)
Wisdom 184 +0 +5% +0 +0 193 (+14)
Willpower 176 +0 +5% +0 +0 184 (+13)
Focus 223 +0 +5% +0 +0 234 (+14)
Luck 191 +0 +5% +0 +0 200 (+10)
All In (Strength)
Defensive Mastery (8)
Melee Weapon Mastery (8)
Blunt Weapon Mastery (7)
Polearm Mastery (6)
Awareness (5)
Bow Mastery (6)
Sling Mastery (2)
Ranged Weapon Mastery (7)
Unarmed Mastery (3)
Slashing Weapon Mastery (4)
Poison Resistance (1*)
Blessing of Strength
Piercing Weapon Mastery (6)
Bash (9)
Analyze Attributes (6)
Martial Trance (7)
Whirlwind Attack (6)
Piercing Throw (7)
Rapid Shot (3)
Light and Darkness (4)
Disarm (4)
Return Weapon (5)
Rage (Basic)
Elemental Magic (4)
Healing (4)


As for the class itself… I couldn’t say it wasn’t what I wanted, in some way. I wanted something that didn’t emphasize Strength, nor did it make it worse… and it would let me continue training in other areas. I hadn’t heard of a generalist before… but there was no reason to believe it wouldn’t do exactly that. In terms of attributes, I actually came out way ahead of most people. Normal classes had +10% to 3 attributes, whereas I had +5% to 9 attributes. That was a total of 45% vs 30%. Of course, the total bonuses weren’t necessarily higher than if I had bonuses to Strength and Dexterity and Toughness or Constitution. Strength was the big component of that- a 5% increase would be about 40 points, as much as I was getting from 5% in all my mental stats combined. 

The biggest change was what happened to my skills. A number of them combined. Polearm Mastery, for example, took on the level of Spear Mastery, my highest level in any of the few polearms I had a skill in. I noticed the difference too- jumping three levels of skills in using a halberd was actually quite noticeable. Melee Weapon Mastery still seemed to be a weaker but additional increase- 5% per level effectiveness instead of 10%. Slings and bows were apparently different enough not to be combined, and I had Blunt Weapon Mastery which worked the same way, I could feel the difference when swinging a maul or just any random hammer. I tried a lucerne hammer to see Polearm Mastery and Blunt Weapon Mastery stacked… and I wasn’t quite sure. The problem was lucerne hammers were only barely blunt in some cases- sometimes they had a spike and still carried the name. I also hadn’t used them that much so I couldn’t say if there was a difference exactly, beyond of course the fact that Polearm Mastery was definitely working. As for magic, Light and Darkness became… well, Light and Darkness. The others merged into Elemental Mastery, and even became level 4. I wasn’t sure if it was combining experience or if Wind had increased while in the dungeon and it was just taking the highest. 

As for whether the class helped me train skills and attributes… I wasn’t sure. It might have had a slight increase to the training or it might have just allowed me to not have a penalty, instead being like I was still without a class. At least I’d still have the ability to train things that weren’t Strength with relative ease. Now that I officially had a class it would be hard to change… so I hoped this was what I really wanted. 

As for my overall abilities… I was probably the strongest level 7 adventurer in the world- and not just Strength. There were probably people who beat me in a few attributes, but their primary skills wouldn’t be so high as mine were… though that was because they would have almost certainly become higher level in the process of obtaining those skills. I had been higher level, in fact. My level was just a deceptive thing. Actually, I was closer to on par with the rest of my party… and they were just about to reach level 25 and go through class advancement. Thus, the boost I just got from gaining my class would be met by them getting new boosts in the near future- not that I felt anyone was falling behind anyway.

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