The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 206

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Since I had started gaining attribute points again, I went to see Sage Norwood. There wasn’t anything he needed to do about it, since everything seemed to be working fine, but it was good to let him know.

“I’m glad to hear things are going well, Llyr,” he nodded. “Do you think there will be any change to your class?”

“I don’t know…” I tilted my head, “I don’t have one now, but I suppose once I get to level 5… I might get my old class back? Though I’d like to change it if I can.”

“If you get a class, you can always change it, though it can be quite a bit of work. Since this is a unique situation we can’t say for sure if you will get a class at all, though I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. You can still learn anything you need without a class… it just won’t be accelerated.”

“That’s just what I was thinking… I just wish there was a class that would let me do a little of everything. Except Strength.”

“There might be,” Sage Norwood stroked his chin, “And if that is what you want, you might get it if you desire it and act in a way to make it possible. Keep on practicing different things. Though, I imagine any sort of generalist class would also include Strength. It might be better for you to become some sort of warrior again, to supplement your Strength by training other physical attributes… but if you don’t have any penalty to them it could serve just as well.”

I shrugged, “I suppose I don’t need to not get Strength, I just don’t particularly need more. Magic- even just pseudo-magic like Return Weapon- is too useful to not hope for easier growth in. I could also just learn magic to enhance myself. I suppose there are magic warrior classes, right?”

“Correct. Along with things like paladins who get somewhat clerical abilities, there are magics to enhance strength and speed. In the end, it’s just up to how you use your mana and stamina in combat.”

“Hmm. I’d really prefer some defensive features as well. If I don’t have to worry so much about getting hit, that actually makes me more effective offensively.”

“I hope things work out. On a related note, if you display your Strength in public, be wary of the excessively obvious increases that will be coming.” Sage Norwood also checked me over to see if anything seemed strange, but I felt fine and he said there was no strange magic happening, and thus as long as leveling went normally I should next check back when I got a class- or didn’t.


After passing level -10, levels came faster and faster, and thus my Strength improved at an alarming rate. One level per day was something normal- even though it happened on more days close together, it was still not that crazy. However, I went from level -2 to level 2 in a single day, which came with an improvement of 50 points in Strength- plus five for the 10% increase and two from just normal growth due to training and using my Strength in a fight.

The axe from the minotaur boss was intriguing. The area that extended beyond the blade passed through metal and stone without touching it, but it cut flesh. It was only an inch or so, but that was an inch of attacks going through armor even if you didn’t break through armor. That was why Socks was able to withstand it somewhat- her fur was able to block the magic, so the minotaur boss actually had to cut through it. The problem with the axe was that… it was too big. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the Strength to carry it- though it could throw me off balance- but the handle was enough that my fingers couldn’t close all the way around it. Refitting it would run into problems of structural strength for the handle… so we eventually just sold it to the guild, where someone would eventually find a use for it. For example, someone like Timmy- a half giant who made me wonder how big giants were.

I was rapidly coming up on the point where to make use of my Strength, I needed better weapons. While Alhorn and Halette were pretty strong they didn’t really worry about just snapping a weapon on a minotaur. The good news is, the party was growing stronger steadily, and I found myself amazed at how well they performed without horrendously crazy amounts of Strength. It was hard to compare how strong I would be without All In… though now I also had Blessing of Strength. I wondered if others could get Blessings as well… Kantrilla already had one, but since they seemed obtainable… well, it would only be better for us if everyone in the party was stronger. Unfortunately, it was very likely that you couldn’t seek out a blessing- I hadn’t wanted to get one, it had just happened. If there were actual gods involved with that, I’m sure they each had standards they adhered to.

“Did you ever not have a blessing?” I asked Kantrilla, “Were you born with it?”

“I don’t know,” she shook her head. “But for as long as I can remember, I had it. But, I didn’t really look at my status until after Father Thomas brought me in and taught me how to read… before that, I was very young and my parents hadn’t yet taught me.”

“Hmm. It does seem like it would be hard to determine. I got my Blessing of Strength when I wanted and needed more Strength, but it didn’t actually make me stronger at the moment. Rage did, though. Maybe it was a good enough display of Strength, but that doesn’t make sense because there are many people stronger than me and people get Blessings young.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t think about it too much,” she grinned.

“Ah, that makes way too much sense though. I don’t know if I deserve any of this stuff.”

Her hug was enough to convince me that it didn’t matter. “It doesn’t matter what you deserve or don’t, it matters what you do with what you have… and how you improve, if you have the chance.”

I wasn’t sure if Strength was the best attribute for helping people, but it was good for picking Kantrilla up and spinning her around… so I did that. Sometimes, thinking too much was unnecessary.

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