The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 201

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The middle of the week was the busiest time for the dungeon, so that was also the best time to try for the boss. While it might mean that the bosses would be defeated before we found them, it also meant other people were around fighting monsters, which meant they would be less plentiful and thus the bosses couldn’t call as many to assist them. Thus, it was safer, even if it took a bit longer to make it work. So far we hadn’t gotten our chance, but it was better to be safe than… well, dead. Or crippled- Kasner could say how little fun that was. The whole point of this was to make things safer, not take unnecessary risks.

We moved through the everdark and eternally bleak corridors of the dungeon once again, searching for the bosses. Socks stopped to whine- the sign she had noticed enemies. “How many?” Halette asked. Socks stood on her hind legs- at which point she nearly reached the ceiling. After she thudded back to the ground, she tapped her paw on the ground twice. “Two big ones? The bosses then.One goblin and one minotaur, right?” Socks nodded to confirm. “I’ll scout ahead a bit.”

Halette had been working on darkvision magic- as its name implied, it let one see without light… like the monsters in the dungeon. That meant she still needed to hide, but she could scout without light giving her away. Even so, it was best if she didn’t go too close.

After about five minutes, Halette returned. “The boss room is at intersecting corridors. It’s basically a square… but with raised platforms all around with goblin archers and mages on them. There are stairs up but it requires running through the middle where the minotaur boss is waiting with a few other minotaurs scattered between the platforms down below. The platforms are about ten feet high, too high to easily jump up to- except for Socks- and they’re slanted at the corners. They’d be hard to climb, and that will give those up top a better angle to attack us. The goblin boss is an archer, and he’s off in a corner.”

“Wonderful,” Kasner shook his head, “So we have to deal with people up above and down below? Unless we get a bunch of goblins grouped up, I won’t be optimal for killing them. I’m probably best suited for helping to deal with the minotaurs. We can’t just ignore the goblins though.”

Halette nodded, “Of course… but Socks can take care of them.” Socks barked. “There aren’t any armored goblins- just archers and mages. Socks can quickly kill them- or just knock them off the platforms to down below. The goblin boss might be a bit of trouble- his bow’s large enough to be a threat. Possibly magical too. I think the minotaur boss’ axe might be magical as well. He’s also armored, but that seems to be standard armor.”

Kantrilla contributed next, “I can give Socks a Barrier, but she needs to return to me for me to cast another. I can’t use it at long distance.”

“Llyr and I can work together with Kasner to bring down the minotaurs and the boss quickly. If just the boss is left, Llyr can go help with the goblins.”

“Great,” Halette nodded, “I can at least keep the goblin boss on his toes. He’ll likely be able to avoid my shots, but he won’t be able to sit in on place aiming if I keep firing at him.”

“I can also watch your back,” Kantrilla mentioned, holding up her shield. “How many goblins are there?”

“Maybe fifteen? They seemed to each have their own little platforms. I think it was basically a four by four, and the boss definitely had his own spot. There are only four minotaurs plus the boss as far as I saw.”

Kantrilla smiled, “Sounds manageable. If there’s nothing else… I’ll give everyone a barrier. Maybe some Dexterity for Socks? She’ll be doing a lot of jumping around dodging.”

“Can we attack from outside the room?” Kasner asked, “I’d rather not get into there at all, if we can.”

Halette’s face wrinkled in thought, “We might be able to draw the minotaurs out… but we’ll only barely be able to attack the goblins from outside. Still, if we can split them up at all…”

“We should try then,” Alhorn nodded, “If the minotaurs take shelter, we can take out the goblins we can see from the entrance. We can’t spend all day picking them off, because the bosses will call more to attack us from behind… but if we’re lucky we might get the minotaurs first.”

I nodded, “I agree. Anything else?”

Since we had no more plans, Kantrilla started her spells. Then we approached the entrance to the room carefully. Halette and Alhorn had their bows ready- Alhorn would have sufficient time to pull out his shield before the minotaurs could charge. I also had my bow out, but I was ready to pull out my throwing dagger to attack closer goblins, if I had the chance. Our approach would not go unnoticed- the light we brought with us was extremely obvious. It was either that, or we couldn’t see at all versus enemies who could. Alhorn did hold back on the light before we reached near the entrance to the room, then he spread it out in front of us, reaching to the middle and lighting up the minotaur boss. With that, we all attacked. Three arrows flew through the air… and one bolt of lightning. It was a bit harder for Kasner to attack at that distance, but he likely couldn’t resist when he saw the minotaurs all more or less grouped together.

Kasner’s lightning reached first even though it started last, arcing to one of the minotaurs and then jumping between all of them. As it hit the boss, most of it went around him into his armor- Kasner could guide it through, but that took more mana and war harder to do from a distance. Even so, the regular minotaurs froze up for a moment as the lightning coursed through them. All of our arrows struck true- not that hard with such big targets- and one minotaur went down as it was shot by Alhorn and I, while Halette’s arrow went into the waist of the boss. A moment later, we were faced with charging minotaurs and a handful of goblin spells and arrows directed at us, but we were expecting such a response.

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