The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 190

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The time finally came for the wedding. It wasn’t a huge affair, though a number of people from the academy were attending mostly for the fact that there was going to be a party associated with it. All of our friends were in attendance, and as for family… well, my family was in a different world. Kantrilla only had Father Thomas, but there was no way he was going to miss the wedding- especially not since he was going to be the one officiating it.

Sgar was there, as well as others we had met while adventuring. That included the group we had helped fight the assassins that showed up in the goblin dungeon. After we settled the affairs in Escait there hadn’t been any more appearance of people specifically targeting clerics. The guild in Escait had been basically dismantled by… well, “The Guild”. They were responsible for watching over various adventurer’s guilds in different countries but I really didn’t know that much about them. Just that the strange dwarf we met down where we rescued Kantrilla had been part of them. Khyrmin also showed up… though she only stood in the back and didn’t stay around after the ceremony.

Among those from the academy, Sophie Ayers was obviously in attendance. She was among those who most appreciated her second chance, and she was doing an excellent job learning scout training. She didn’t have much aptitude for magic and she wasn’t suited for melee combat, but she had quick reflexes and good eyes, something a party could never have too much of. Yuri was also in attendance, of course. After some training and nutrition he had become quite a bit more mobile… though obviously he still wasn’t extremely fast with just the one leg. 

I don’t really remember much of the wedding… without photos, all the happy crying and other positive emotions blurred together. Honeymoons weren’t really much of a thing in this world… for one thing, it wasn’t like we could book a plane to Hawaii or anything. Vacations and vacation places were both equally rare. However, we did take a few days off of work.

After we got married… actually, not that much changed. That was a good thing, because Kantrilla and I had been happy together before that, and we were afterwards as well. We’d already worked out some potential problems before we got married… which made it easier. I would be lying if I said everything went perfectly, but we could talk through our problems when they came up… though sometimes we had to acknowledge them first.


Somehow, an entire year had passed since we founded the academy. It was time for the first graduating class… and everyone who was graduating was capable of being a B-rank adventurer. That didn’t mean that much- but at least it meant they weren’t absolute beginners. We also believed they could move on to become something more, and just because they had graduated didn’t mean they would stop learning. 

Yuri had grown very proficient in Piercing Throw… but he wasn’t yet ready to be an adventurer. He was still small and young… and of course there were the missing limbs to worry about. While he could kill a horned rabbit or two or even a handful before they reached him, he wasn’t really capable of much movement in combat. Mobility was important, because avoiding injury was the most important thing. Kantrilla still wanted to use regenerate on him… but there were problems with that as well. Regardless of the fact that she would exhaust herself for weeks or months to do it… while she was doing it, he would be very off balance as his limbs regrew. While she knew how to use Regenerate, Kantrilla didn’t really have much practice. Optimally, she would have more levels and more mana capacity before she really tried it. Half-doing it might even be worse than not doing it at all. 

There were a couple of opportunities for her to practice. She didn’t want to advertise that she knew Regenerate. That would just bring hope to too many people that she couldn’t hope to fulfill. However, she did let it be known to some wealthier people, nobles and adventurers alike, that she could heal old scars. Proper use of ‘regular’ healing magic minimized scars, but big wounds could still have them… and there wasn’t always magic and proper care available right away.

While money wasn’t the real reason for it… Kantrilla did earn a good amount of money doing it which she mostly put towards the academy and training healers- or the various places around the city. Even just using Regenerate on scars was exhausting and she didn’t like not being able to heal people- so she helped others do it by paying so some other healers could afford to take time away from jobs they might need to survive or to pay for medical supplies for the poor. She did keep some of it, but we didn’t need much money anyway.

Still, we wanted to save up some. We weren’t planning to have any children for some time… but eventually. Before then, we were taking all the necessary precautions to make sure there were no accidents. While children might be a wonderful disruption to lives, we still had plenty of time and other things we wanted to do.


After the first year of the academy, it had proven itself well enough that our party didn’t have to spend all our time running it. There were others who could keep it together and do most of the teaching. That left us time to start exploring dungeons again… and we found ourselves back at the entrance to the minotaur dungeon, at Kasner’s insistence. “I can’t just hide away from this place. The memories of my leg being lost… they’re horrible, but that’s exactly why. I need to show how much I’ve grown… how much we’ve grown.” Socks barked. “I didn’t mean you… though you’re really big, aren’t you?” Kasner patted her on her stomach, which was about as high he could reach without standing on his tip-toes. “More importantly, we’ve all grown stronger, with better fundamentals.”

Halette nodded, “It’s amazing what you can learn from teaching people. I had to examine why I do what I do… it’s so hard to explain things that I just know, but I had to figure it out.”

Alhorn grinned, “I’d like to test out my new dueling skills… though I must say I’m a bit short on experience fighting nine feet tall people with axes. Still, Khyrmin didn’t train me in a set of moves but how to react to anything.”

“I’m ready too,” Kantrilla held a fist up, “I can wear heavier armor now and still move around…” She had been working very hard to increase her Strength and other physical attributes. While she wasn’t going to be much of a physical threat, being able to protect herself was important. It wasn’t just that she couldn’t heal herself… but there were always things that couldn’t be healed. 

I held up my new mace and shield. They weren’t magical, but they were solid and strong craftsmanship. I didn’t really need to use two hands to hit hard anyway, and while I could have used a sword or something… I was really worried that I might break something like that. My mace had a metal shaft for a reason. It would put more force back on me instead of giving, but it would survive a larger impact overall. It might bend in some cases… but there was magic to straighten it back out, and a bent shaft was better than a broken one. I also had my adamantine dagger- and I was planning to throw it into many minotaur heads. There was no point in giving anything a ‘fair fight’ if you could kill it quickly and safely. After we double checked we had everything we needed including emergency torches, bandages, and sufficient supplies of ammunition along with a handful of healing potions for emergencies, we headed down into the darkness.

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