The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 19

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After killing the wolves, I took out a new dagger- a skinning dagger. I wasn’t very good at it yet, but having had to survive on eating horned rabbits at least I wasn’t too grossed out about the process. Besides the fur, nothing else about the wolves was particularly valuable. It would be too much effort to carry back two whole carcasses. The weight wasn’t as much a problem as the bulk, but both were significant compared to horned rabbits. I didn’t do a great job with the skinning, but there was also a reward for hunting the wolves, so it didn’t matter if the furs themselves were going to be less valuable. I thought I should improve as time went on. Though, I didn’t think it would be safe to fight more than two wolves. I would have to find some way to deal with that.


That day, I wrapped up my hunting early. Wolves were worth a lot more… and even a few brief moments of combat left me more tired than usual. Part of that was because it took significantly more force to take down a wolf- horned rabbits barely slowed down my club. The biggest source of my tiredness, however, was just the distance I had to walk. It wasn’t that bad, except I had to do it in armor and carrying a pair of weapons. My armor wasn’t that heavy, but it added up.

I wished I could distribute some points to Constitution, but that wasn’t possible. I supposed nothing was stopping me from training it on my own though… Except time. I still had to make enough money to survive but horned rabbits were becoming more scarce and I wasn’t sure if I was up for fighting wolves regularly.


Father Thomas and Kantrilla were in the healer’s section of the adventurer’s guild most days. They were the regular staff, with others being replacements. That made me almost feel bad that healing me had taken Father Thomas out of commission for over a week… but there was no way I could feel bad about being healthy. Besides, I hadn’t been the one pushing for it.

When I came in, I was immediately greeted by Kantrilla. “Hi, Llyr! Oh, are you hurt? Is everything okay?” She started looking over me with a worried look.

“I’m fine this time. I just came to see you.”

“Oh, that’s great! I don’t like it when you’re hurt.” Her smile was radiant, and she swayed back and forth, humming a little tune to herself. It sure didn’t take much for her to be happy.

“I came to talk to you today about… Luck, I guess.”

“Oh?” She perked up even more, if that was possible, “Well, ask away! I know all about it!”

I could recall Father Thomas correcting her about how Luck worked… but I let it slide. “Yeah, you place a lot of emphasis on Luck. Why is that?”

“Well, because I’m a cleric of the goddess of fortune! What’s more, I even have her blessing!” Kantrilla smiled proudly.

“Oh that’s… great, probably. What’s her blessing?”

“Why, the Blessing of Luck of course!”

I blinked, “Uhh… so what does that do?”

“Oh, it’s the same as all the other blessings for attributes, but for Luck, obviously.”

I sighed, “And so… what do the blessings do?”

“What?” This time Kantrilla was the one to stare blankly for a few moments, “Oh, you don’t know? Well, blessings let one attribute grow very high easily.”

“Oh, I see. But you can’t distribute points elsewhere…”

Kantrilla tilted her head, “Huh? That would be silly. Of course you can distribute points wherever you want!” Kantrilla put her hand behind her head sheepishly, “Maybe next time I level up I should get some Dexterity.”

Wait, didn’t that just make it a better version of All In? Actually, All In didn’t even help because it just auto-distributed my points! Here I was, thinking I was kind of special… All In didn’t even really make me better. Well, except for… 10% right? I read it again.


All In (Strength): Having chosen to go all in, you have gained a bonus to your Strength attribute. 10% will be added after all other factors. No limit on increase in Strength through training.


Upon reading it again, it was basically what I remembered… though I’d forgotten the last line. “No limit on increase in Strength through training.” At the time, it hadn’t been relevant because my Strength hadn’t increased at all with training, until I got healed. Then I rapidly increased to an ‘average’ amount of Strength, which made sense. My Strength had continued to slowly grow after that… but that also felt normal. After all, I had continued to train… but was I really training Strength? Mostly, I was just swinging around weapons. It wasn’t really the muscle strain that got to me first most of the time. I wondered if I should change my training methods. First, I had some more questions. “That sounds pretty cool, actually. I did have something else to ask, though. How do you train Luck? I noticed mine has increased some lately…”

Kantrilla tilted her head, “Hmm… well, that’s a good question. Training Luck is not really easy. Mine just… comes to me naturally.” Then she reached out her hand and ruffled my hair, “Maybe that will help! I’ve been told Luck can rub off on people if they don’t have much! I don’t really know if it works because I don’t lose any. I heard after it gets to average you have to just distribute points or… just be Lucky!”

“It really rubs off? That doesn’t make much sense…”

“Don’t think about it too much! If you do, it wouldn’t be Luck but some mental stat! Well, I don’t think it happens on accident… from what I was told, you have to really wish good Luck for the person.” After that, Kantrilla reached out both hands to rub my head, “Haha do you feel Lucky now?”

I kind of enjoyed it but… “Can you stop? I’m not a little kid, you know. I’m twenty-two.”

Kantrilla blinked, “Wait, you’re older than me?”

“If you’re not twenty-two… yes.” I’d always taken her to be slightly older… but that was probably because she was bigger. Anyway, with that… it was confirmed that Luck really can rub off. That day I got three points of Luck and very messy hair.

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