The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 180

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Even though Ekralas wasn’t her home city, Kantrilla still worked as a healer on some of her days off. Not all of them, because she understood she needed rest… but some of them. Her heart for other people was as big as she was tall. No, even bigger. Of course, I wouldn’t say it like that. She might not have seemed sensitive about being tall, but I’m sure she felt something about it. While being tall as a man was usually considered good, it wasn’t the same for women. As if people got to choose how tall they were anyway. Beyond just me wanting to be taller, being taller would be better for me because then I would have more reach and thus be somewhat more effective in combat.

Though we were a short man and a tall woman, nobody at the clinic cared. People needed healing, and Kantrilla helped them as much as she could. I did as well… but that wasn’t much. I could help set bones, but I hadn’t yet learned healing magic. That was what I was there for… which made it sound like I wasn’t there to help people. Maybe I wasn’t. After all, I hadn’t gone with Kantrilla before. Later that changed, but the first few times I was just there to learn healing magic.

Unlike with combat magic, small scale control was important with healing magic. Just pumping magic into someone didn’t do much to heal someone- unless they weren’t really that bad off to begin with. If I hit someone with a fireball, it didn’t matter where on the chest I hit them- right lung, heart, left lung… all of those were bad. However, if someone was hurt in one of those places, I needed to heal the right thing. More than that, I needed to heal the particular parts… or I was just wasting huge amounts of mana. Healing an arm when you really just needed to heal a finger or just a cut on a finger could be a hundred times more mana used for the same effect.

Medical practices weren’t as advanced here as on Earth… but that was only discounting magic. They still sterilized wounds- possibly something that came from Earth, or something they’d developed on their own with time. Kantrilla didn’t talk about germ theory or anything, but maybe that was just keeping things simple. 

Before any magic was applied, we diagnosed what was wrong and did as much as we could physically. Setting an arm with magic was just a waste when it could be done without. However, no matter how strong I was I couldn’t bind two bones back together or make skin heal itself- that was where the magic came in. If she wanted to, Kantrilla could have a gash the length of someone’s palm heal itself completely. She could do that… perhaps a few times per day. Then she would be out of mana… and each patient would collapse from exhaustion as she did so. Instead, she stitched up the wound and started it healing. For deep wounds she might do a bit more, but it was important to let the body do as much as it could. There weren’t enough healers to do otherwise. The important part was determining what would be required to make a full recovery.

Then there were things that couldn’t be healed- a missing arm or leg couldn’t just reappear. Well, there was Regenerate… but that was a very long process that Kantrilla couldn’t afford to exhaust herself for and nobody could afford to pay for. She also wasn’t that practiced with it yet- though she used it to fix a few scars that wouldn’t heal through normal healing magic. As she explained it, I didn’t think it was actually a different thing, but just more detailed healing. Instead of just giving an area healing magic, it dictated what had to be done… and for a process that wasn’t natural, it required constant work and mana.

Since she wasn’t working regularly, she couldn’t work for healing adventurers. They needed people who would show up on schedule. However, her heart was more towards the poor- and those clinics would take any healer willing to donate their time and mana. 


Kantrilla was looking over a kid with a skinned knee. “Now, this will sting a little bit,” she held up a cotton swab she was going to use to clean it, “But it will help. Be brave, okay?”

The little boy nodded, though he scrunched up his face when she rubbed over his knee.

“Then we do a little magic…” Kantrilla waved her hand and then there was a glow over the kid’s knee. After that, she wrapped it carefully with a bandage. “Okay, all done! It’s not all healed yet, but it will be in a couple of days. Make sure to change the bandage.”

I knew enough about magic to know her healing magic there hadn’t really been much of anything- a brief shine that at best might briefly dull the pain. However, that was what the kid needed. Such a tiny use of magic to make him feel better- mentally, if not physically- was worth the effort. 

Next came a man with a broken arm. He was big enough that I thought that maybe he was an adventurer. He was being carried by two other big men on a stretcher. “Pile of crates fell on him…” one of the men said, “His arm got crushed…”

There was another healer on duty, but one of the orderlies directed them to us. Kantrilla looked over him, “Alright Llyr, diagnose the breaks in his arm, please.”

Part of healing magic was trying to figure out what was actually wrong that you couldn’t see. I placed my hand just over his arm and started using magic to try to find more than what I could see- which was a sorely misshapen forearm. “Hold still please,” I said after the man shifted his arm. When he did it again, I grabbed him just above the elbow, where his arm was healthy. “You need to hold still.” He was barely conscious, but I imagine he was trying to shift his arm to make himself more comfortable… but anything he did would just be worse. He tried anyway… but I held his arm firm. Though I didn’t have much practice with healing magic yet, I did have a decent amount of mana- Focus was the determiner of that- and my other mental stats were at least somewhat trained now. I could feel a few breaks in his arm… and saw a few other places where the bones were splintered. “This will only hurt a little,” I lied as I used my other hand to grab his arm and shift around some of the bones. I knew which bones were out of place and in what way, otherwise I could end up just causing more breaks without even really meaning to. Once I’d set the major breaks with the man trying to thrash around but unable to, I gestured to Kantrilla. “It is ready for the splint, if you would.”

The two other workers watched on- they could see me gripping the man’s upper arm and that while the rest of him could move, his arm didn’t. Sure, there were now some imprints of my fingers there… but it was better that than let him mess up his own arm further, and we didn’t have the funds to anesthetize everyone. Besides, the pain was only in short bursts… though it was bad enough he had bitten most of the way through the leather Kantrilla had placed in his mouth to prevent him from accidentally biting off his own tongue.

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  1. Cool way to show Lyr doing other tasks so that he can be better off once the negative levels wear off. Also interesting way to show healing magic as a helper rather than the end all be all. Can’t wait to see what other magic Lyr decides to pick up. Also hopefully he ends up with a very unique class after his leveling is restored.

  2. Thanks. He needs some work on his bedside manners though.

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