The Only Thing I Can Upgrade is Strength chapter 167

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The next morning we all gathered excitedly to see Kasner get healed. Ehlark had Kasner sit on a chair with his leg- or rather what he had of his leg- uncovered. I hadn’t really looked at it without Kasner’s customary ice leg attached, but it didn’t look great. Ehlark kneeled down next to him. I watched as he gathered a large amount of mana, concentrating on that area just above the knee where Kasner’s leg… ended. The power flowed into it and I saw… nothing. Maybe the skin moved slightly.

Ehlark began to speak to Khyrmin, who translated for us. “He says it will take one to three weeks, with him working every day. He will need to use magic in the morning and evening.” Khyrmin paused for a moment, “and that he will have to eat a lot.”

All of that made sense… but I was somewhat surprised. I had expected it to be more like when Father Thomas had healed me… except it was a different sort of thing. That process had to happen all at once- and had caused him to be exhausted for a week. While I could tell this regeneration magic was extremely taxing, Ehlark was still able to stand up on his own, if a bit shakily.

Ehlark went over to his bed, “Now I rest until evening. You rest too, Kasner.”

Kasner nodded- already looking drowsy. I understood that part, at least. Healing magic of various sorts made the body work harder to fix itself, and now it was doing something it normally didn’t. 

Kantrilla had been watching intently as the magic was done. “I wonder… if I can learn that.”

I wanted to say ‘you can!’, but I wasn’t sure. Not about her talent or effort, but whether it would be physically possible. Instead of saying that, I took her hand, “It would be better to not need it… but you can ask Ehlark to teach you. At worst, he’ll just say no.”

Kantrilla nodded slowly, “It’s a Druid specialty and not a Cleric one… so it won’t be easy… but I have to try. I could help so many people…”

She was right, of course. I didn’t have to point out how much work it would be for her to actually help those people. She had worked with Father Thomas long enough to see what it took. I wasn’t going to tell her not to help others. Secretly, though, I sort of hoped she never needed to work herself to exhaustion for others.


Throughout the day we spent some time training to occupy ourselves. Khyrmin worked with all of us to continue to improve- an important thing to think about for adventurers. A week or two of training could provide more attribute growth than a level, and though that growth rate eventually slowed down, having more training could help beginning adventurers significantly- and higher level ones as well. As level increased, so did the point to which you could easily train your attributes, as long as they were relevant to your class.

At lunchtime we took a break, and after that we went on a hunting trip. We had only brought a certain amount of food with us, and it wouldn’t last forever. Besides, rations weren’t as good as real food. If we were staying a few weeks, we would need to get more. While Halette was perfectly capable of hunting on her own or with Socks, the area wasn’t exactly safe. If we could take down a deer or a dire bear, we wouldn’t have to worry about food for a while.

As it turned out, the rest of us were unnecessary. Though Halette had nearly run out of arrows in the dungeon, that was just what she had brought with her. The elves who had attacked us had been carrying their own arrows, but Halette couldn’t carry so many quivers into the dungeon. Halette had no trouble shooting down a thistle buck- which was just like a regular buck but their antlers had spikes on them, and they were a bit bigger and more aggressive. Everyone worked together to bring the kill back to Ehlark’s hut, where those who knew what they were doing set about preparing it. I was glad dungeon monster’s corpses faded away. I’d had enough dealing with entrails while hunting horned rabbits.


During the evening, we watched as Kasner once again had his leg worked on. Though I hadn’t seen anything happening immediately, I could clearly see the progress now. Kasner had a knee- or at least part of one. Regardless, there was a clear visible change.

Ehlark looked over the leg, talking through Khyrmin’s translation. “It’s working well. Faster than he expected, in fact.” Ehlark paused, then nodded. “He says it is because he was thinking about elves, while halflings are much smaller. Thus, the amount of leg to grow back is much less.”

I nodded, “Like, an eighth if he’s half the height.”

“Really?” Kantrilla tilted her head and then nodded. She was perfectly capable of doing math, but she just hadn’t grown up with classes that drilled on arithmetic. “Khyrmin, can you translate for me? I would like to ask Ehlark if he can teach me Regeneration.”

Khymin nodded, “I can translate.” She did so, and Ehlark nodded. He waved his hand, “He says you may watch, but he is not sure if a Cleric will be able to learn it quickly.” She paused, “He also says that the experience may let you learn it better once you have advanced your class.” Ehlark waved Kantrilla in, and Khyrmin did her best to translate everything he said.

Ehlark had not seemed extremely friendly when we first met- not unfriendly, but just sort of a loner. Maybe he just took time to get used to us… or maybe he was just really glad to be rid of those spiders. He must have had some reason to live so far away from everyone else, and since he clearly hadn’t liked the spiders, he could have picked somewhere else. Maybe he just really didn’t want to move after the dungeon appeared. Kantrilla watched and listened intently as Ehlark explained and then demonstrated. He also had her try on her own, but he couldn’t explain what she was doing differently- at least not in a way Khyrmin could easily translate. It looked basically the same as regular healing magic to me- but if that was the case it would be easy.

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