Next wave of stories

Potential stories:


Game Lit:


Normal Rarity Warrior

A mathematics professor can’t sleep and is prescribed virtual reality as a treatment. While he has the choice of many options, he finally settles on a popular virtual reality MMORPG in hopes that it will at least distract him from his worries with a life that is going nowhere and students that are making everything worse.

Written: Way too many iterations of possible technical aspects of a fictional video game that are probably all going to be thrown out.
Planning: Bits and pieces here and there.
Notes: I honestly don’t remember writing the summary, or why any of it was that way. So uh… main character and reasons for things are extremely subject to change.
Tropes: Different colored items indicating rarity is a staple of video games, but as levels go up instead of seeing more variety in loot dropped a high level character in any of those types of games won’t even give a glance at a common or even slightly magical piece of equipment. In fact, at maximum level one would have a harder time finding anything below “rare”, and possibly even below “legendary” or “unique” status, which ironically makes “common” or “normal” rarity loot more rare.


Alternate world stuff (Fantasy):


The Clinic

An entire mental hospital, including staff, patients, and visitors, is taken into a fantasy world. What will happen to them? At least they have enough food to last a while… but that won’t be enough. (Did a few chapters of this before, might rewrite the already existing chapters)

Written: A bit here and there, not much (~10 chapters). I’ll probably start over entirely though… 3rd time’s the charm? Not that anybody saw draft 1.
Planning: Very little in terms of ultimate plot, but decent characterization of the group of main characters.
Notes: I was going to write a story with the same characters in the real world, but it just wasn’t… satisfying. Then I thought of this. Long ago readers will have seen the sample chapters once.
Tropes: Classroom/ school worlds transfers are common. However, these are almost always teenagers, and having been a teenager, I can tell you they’re idiots, or at the very least not prepared to deal with the real world. Of course, they’re not in the real world… and mental hospital patients will be even less prepared for that. Still, it’s interesting to have some people with issues to sort through in addition to their new abilities. Anyway, this is my answer to “why is it always a classroom?”


In Two Worlds

A wannabe youtube star finds himself waking up on his back, staring up at the sky. He is quite certain he didn’t go to sleep outside, and what’s worse is his cellphone has no signal. Even more shocking… when he wakes up. Again. In his own bed… while at the same time as he is already awake somewhere else. At least his phone can record to his ‘other’ phone back in his room. Time for videos about strange plants in the wilderness and… strange bears?

Written: A tiny bit of intro.
Planning: *Sweats profusely* Umm there will be magic and stuff.
Notes: I once read the beginning of a story vaguely like this, but it was pretty crap. Maybe this one will be too, but I guess there’s only one… or more… ways to find out!
Tropes: Lots of world-transmigration-with-modern-tech, but how does a smartphone help in a magical world? It doesn’t. No internet access, because there’s no internet. No GPS, because there’s no GPS. And soon… no battery, because there’s no battery.


Leadership is hard

A jack-of-all trades is brought to another world. Apparently, he is given points to spend for some reason. Knowledge of magic spells… or the ability to learn them quickly. Swords or spears or all sorts of things… or leadership? Having worked pretty much every menial job… taking a leadership position sounds interesting to him. Getting the talent to learn all of those skills quickly seems like a good idea, until he finds himself on an expedition- which is more like an exile- to start a little village. The catch? He’s not the leader, and for some reason the rules of the world take away all his practical skills. He’s just a guy with leadership potential but no leadership position. Maybe he should have gone for some of that magic.

Written: More than I thought, but not like… much.
Planning: Mmmm… it’s sort of a slow story involving building up a village?
Notes: I don’t know I thought it would be nice to have a protagonist that didn’t do everything themselves. Not that I usually have them do everything, but also actually taking leadership roles is kind of rare.
Tropes: Someone gets pulled into another world for ‘reasons’ but gets a bunch of points to spend on cool cheats.


Cultivation stuff:


Elder Cultivator

A man’s family, his entire village, is killed by murderous bandits. He lacks the strength to fight them, and he wasn’t even present for their arrival to die with his loved ones. Can he gain the strength to stop people like them? In this world, such strength exists, but as a great-grandfather… what can he even do? He can’t even fire his best bow anymore. If only he had access to cultivation techniques… and was perhaps a few decades younger.

Written: A few pages that I’m going to have to rewrite
Planning: A small bit of the early story
Notes: Another Xianxia style story. I do want to include actual righteous sects, instead of just those that title themselves as such. Not that there won’t always be hypocrites.
Tropes: The young genius cultivator. Youth is power! Potential is wasted when you are old… but who says that the old can’t keep up with the young? In this case, we have super-monstrous genius – wasted potential= still a pretty good genius.


Truth in Transmigration

[Protagonist name] was never good at lying to his friends and family. He felt it was a terrible way to live his life. So when he died and transmigrated into the body of a young noble in a strange world of cultivation, he also couldn’t lie to the young man’s friends and family. Even if it would mean immediately getting killed again.

“I’m sorry. The man you know… is dead.”

He had not expected the response he got. Instead of being killed or lauded as crazy… there was a collective sigh of relief. “Thank the gods. You have to be better than him.”


Written: Technically nothing
Planning: A small bit of the early story and a sort of system for things
Notes: I dunno man I can’t help but make cultivation novels. This one would follow a more traditional system of cultivation stuff.
Tropes: Everyone knows the story. Random person dies, transmigrates into the body of a young master who was just killed probably for something stupid they did, and then proceeds to live almost exactly as that person. This young master was terrible and awful, sucked at cultivating, and just got by on the power of his family. Of course, his fiancee has to leave him right after the person transmigrates, to their later regret (for some reason, even though the new person also usually sucks and just happens to be good at cultivating).

Maybe sometimes just a little honesty can go a long way. As if people’s family couldn’t tell they were replaced… just them switching from a 100% terrible person to a 90% terrible person should have been obvious. But maybe this one can not be terrible at all… and people can breathe a collective sigh of relief that they don’t have to mess up all their marriage alliances and successions because their young master was the worst.


Thousand Year Arts

A human lifespan is 100 years, more or less. However, those who cultivate ki can extend their lifespans. Two hundred… three hundred… perhaps even a thousand years. Then, they might even become immortal.

Written: A page?
Planning: A few bits, plus overarching story plot.
Notes: This one might be a bit hard to keep interesting, because of the way things will happen. However, I don’t want to just skip over large portions of time, either. It would probably be a challenge to write, as it leads more toward typical Xianxia than anything else I have planned.
Tropes: Cultivation geniuses. The main character of many cultivation novels is a genius. Not only that, there is a huge trend of cultivation geniuses that have “fallen” and then “regain” their potential right at the beginning of the story. Enough of that stuff, here is the story of the one who is a genius, but finds himself stuck on a path that seems to go nowhere.


One Life

Reincarnation. In this world, it happens to everyone, and they keep some or most of their memories. However… those who reincarnate have to come from somewhere. This is the story of one of those who is living for the first time, and his struggle to be recognized as more than just someone destined to die without accomplishments.

Written: A page?
Planning: A few bits…
Notes: I’m mostly just including this as “something I thought about” rather than “something I’ll probably write”. I don’t think the story would be very good, at least with what I currently have in mind.
Tropes: Reincarnation with memories. I just wanted to turn it on its head, and everyone else (well, almost everyone else, anyway) has this happen, with the protagonist being the exception.