Many Worlds Chapter 9

After he finished fiddling around finding his friends, Jules decided to walk around Fesmoilia. He was hoping to find a class trainer, not that he could currently pay them anything, if they required such. Depending on the game, they would need money, a quest, or both. That said, unlike most games, they weren’t all cramped together in one corner of the city map. Everything was laid out like a real city. Unfortunately, that meant things could be almost anywhere.

Jules was perfectly content to explore a city that had an actual sky, though. Even if it was weird colored. Mostly, he wandered around, practicing reading. Although he’d been given the ability to read quite easily, he still needed to figure out how words were spelled. Plus, he saw some new words, though some of them were easy to figure out.

Then, he saw a sign for a small shop, or something, that he couldn’t figure out at all. Therefore, he went inside to ask about it.

“Excuse me, but what does your sign say?”

Inside, it wasn’t really any kind of shop that Jules had ever seen. There were a variety of random objects strewn about, but they didn’t seem like they were merchandise. The proprietor of the establishment sat in a chair in the middle of the otherwise almost empty room.

“It says —”

Jules could read, so he knew that quite well. “Umm, I meant, what does it mean? I’ve never heard that word.”

This time, the man just pointed to the air near his head. At first, Jules was confused. Then, he actually paid attention. Several of the assortment of random objects were spinning around the man in the air. Jules walked closer and around the man, just to be sure. “Oh, I get it now. Telekinetic.” At least, that was the word Jules was going to equate it to… even though it wasn’t quite the right word word, it could be thought of as “one who practices telekinesis”. Other words could be used, such as the infuriatingly vague “psychic”, but that wasn’t as specific. “Telekinetic” would work, but Jules felt that the word was more “one who studies and masters telekinesis” than just “one who can use telekinesis”.

The man nods. “So, I presume you don’t have any reason to be here, other than to ask.” It doesn’t seem like he’s particularly trying to get Jules to leave, just stating the obvious.

“I didn’t, but… now I have to ask if you can teach me to do that.”

“I can” the man stated.

Jules waited. “Oh… umm, will you, then?”

“For one hundred —-” another word Jules didn’t know, but he presumed was a unit of money. In this case, space currency should be credits, he thought. One hundred credits.

Jules sighed. “Well, I’m sure it would be worth it, if I had money. I don’t, though.”

The man stared at Jules for a second, squinting his eyes. “You… are the one Markot talked to before opening the city, aren’t you?”

“I am, how’d you know?”

“Your first request upon entering was to learn a new word. Markot certainly described you as… inquisitive.” Jules thought the “inquisitive” could have also meant something like “someone who asks questions without restraint”.

“Well, it’s helpful to know things. I guess I’ll be going now.”

The man smiled. “You may if you wish, but… I can teach you for free. A special service for one who seeks knowledge for its own sake”.

Do you wish to learn the skill “telekinesis”?

“You will? That’s wonderful, thank you.”

Instead of an instant popup and knowing how to use the skill, he spent an actual period of time listening to a basic explanation. After an hour, he finally got the message that he had learned telekinesis. Immediately, he picked up the lightest of the various objects lying around on the floor. He couldn’t keep it up in the air for long, and soon let it drop.

The telekinetic narrowed his eyes. “You… learned that exceptionally fast. Normally, you would have to meditate for months before attempting that.”

“Well, I think it’s a trait of adventurers.”

“Even so, I sense you have some talent for it. I have more to teach you, if you wish.”

Do you want to change class to telekinetic?

“Absolutely.” Jules had always imagined what having telekinesis would be like, so he took that chance when he could. It was possible that he would regret his quick decision later, but Jules didn’t think so. After all, it was telekinesis!

It took Jules the rest of the night to learn the basics, and his teacher marveled again at the speed adventurers could learn. Jules thought to himself that generally in games you would learn instantly upon transfer of money, which was pretty much the least realistic way possible. In Many Worlds, at least, you had to put some time and effort into, if not as much as it should normally take. Not that Jules thought you could learn telekinesis somewhere in the reality, but the point remained.

So, what were the benefits of the telekinetic class? It seemed to be an increase in all telekinetic abilities, starting at around 20% and improving with level. In addition, at higher levels he should naturally come to understand more methods of using telekinesis, such as making a shockwave. In addition, he got the skill “Object Sense”, which let him determine where things were without looking at them- very useful for picking them up with telekinesis.

That said, at this point Jules could barely pick up a small rock for a minute before he was tired. However, he knew that it would improve significantly with skill level, class level, and his mental stats- especially Focus and Willpower, since that should increase his mental durability.


2184-12-02 07:00 Thursday

At work, Jules tried to use telekinesis to move a book. Not surprisingly, nothing happened. At least, it shouldn’t have been surprising that nothing happened, but for some reason Jules felt like it should have worked. He’d been that convinced of his abilities. Jules made a note to himself that he should work harder to distinguish game from reality. He didn’t want to become one of those crazy people who thought fiction was real. Still, it felt like it should have worked.

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