Many Worlds Chapter 68

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Many Worlds Chapter 68

There was very little to be said after the discovery of the destruction of the planet. Anything less than “horrifying” was insufficient to describe it, but after that, there wasn’t much to be said. Nobody really felt like discussing it for some time, even though they would have been interested in guessing at how such a thing happened… if it hadn’t been real.

Eventually, however, progress was made in figuring out information about the aliens. Calling them something like “predecessors” seemed strange, as they had only been around shortly before. There were plenty of people who were currently arrived who had been so when this race- or at least one of their planets, was exterminated. A name was arrived on for them, based on the names of various files, and some research revealed what part of the recurring text was the name of the planet. Voshar. This made them Vosharians, though this was certainly not what they called themselves. People at other facilities confirmed the name of the planet. At least now they had a name, if very little else.


After a few weeks, Jules finally decided to try something. “I understand why you didn’t want to talk about them,” he said, as if to the air. “However, ignoring everything related to them now won’t really help… Herbert.”

There was only silence, for several minutes. Then, Herbert’s voice came, “I am aware. I have read many psychiatry documents.” Herbert paused for a few moments longer. “Human ones do not entirely apply to me… but Vosharians have similar enough points. However, even though this is so, it does not make the process less… painful.”

Jules nodded. Presumably, Herbert could see that. “Well, I just want you to know I will listen if you want to say anything.”

“Noted. However, I find the prospect unlikely.”


As time went on and people practiced the Vosharian language, progress was made in many areas. Though their technology beyond the data retrieval and basic use levels was almost completely not understood, there were still things that were learned. The knowledge that they had portals of sorts that allowed non-living matter through safely was available. However, Jules and the rest made sure people realized there was danger in the portals, somehow. Anybody who saw the images of the destroyed planet with no known cause of failure except a mysterious something realized that it was a bad idea to try to get more portals up and running. Not that they could even if they had wanted to.

However, this didn’t meant they couldn’t research what places that portals had been made. It wasn’t easy, of course. It took a large number of people muddling through barely understood language to figure out anything. Of course, the language was only barely understood because of the helpful tutorials. After all, even with the rosetta stone egyptian hieroglyphics had taken many years to understand. That wasn’t intended to help people learn it, however. Having spoken voice, images, and written text all together in a relatively understandable format made it much easier, and there were also many people working on it, though not that many linguists. Many of them were just adventurers, who ended up contributing little, but not nothing, to the study of the language.

There were actually a few linguists who chose to play Many Worlds just because they had heard about the new language, though they were also interested in Uesmethi. They gave a different perspective on things than the Uesmethi linguists.


One day, out of the blue, Jules received a message.

New planets unlocked! Yosmion, Aclagua
Yosmion: Due to the high oxygen content of the atmosphere, plant and animal life is larger. Caution- aggressive beasts. Combat gear will be provided. Level 20+ recommended.
Aclagua: There is a large gas giant at the outer edge of its star’s habitable zone. It supports a system of small to medium-sized moons. Aclagua is one of the moons has a breathable nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere but is said to be barely habitable at best. Caution- poor atmosphere. Survival gear will be provided.

Looking around him, Jules could tell everyone else had received the message too. “Any idea what caused that?” Everyone shook their heads. “Herbert?”

“Someone merely fulfilled the correct conditions. I had actually anticipated that your group would be the first, but it seems I was wrong.”

“How do we get there? Portals seem… inadvisable.”

“Approximately the same way you got here. Those just starting the game will be given the choice of arriving on those planets. As for you, all you have to do is return to a ‘respawn point’. From there, you can transfer consciousness to another planet. You will not have a body moving between planets, and thus you cannot take anything with you. However, based on level and achievements, starting equipment will be provided on the other end.”

“So, it’s kind of like starting over?”

“Not really. After all, would you say that you are just like you were when you first came here?”

Jules thought about it. He was more physically fit… or perhaps less physically unfit would be a better way to say it. More importantly, he had learned telekinesis, and how to use his ‘Information’ second class. Plus, there were the bonus stats from his levels. “I suppose not. Where would you recommend we go?”

“I suppose that depends. Are you interested in farming and building?”

“Not really.”

“I would not recommend Aclagua then. If we were to put this in game terms… it would be a housing district. If you are interested in that, you can go there, although you can also chose to live here on Uesmeth. It is a perfectly serviceable planet, as long as you are proof against the earthquakes. If you are seeking more of a challenge and adventure, Yosmion might provide that.”

“This is very convenient timing, since interest in Many Worlds had been somewhat lacking. Are you sure you didn’t have anything to do with this?”

“Absolutely. Though, perhaps if it had taken longer, I might have encouraged people in the right direction.”

Jules nodded. “Well, it’s about time. Not that Uesmeth isn’t plenty interesting, but the name Many Worlds does somewhat imply more than one planet.” Jules shrugged. He wasn’t sure why normal citizens were being allowed to explore alien planets, but Jules figured the government had good reasons. Or at least, reasons they thought were good. Thus, he wouldn’t have been entirely surprised if Many Worlds hadn’t really lived up to what was said about it. However, they seemed interested in keeping up the illusion of it being a game at least for a bit more time.

Jules wasn’t sure how dangerous Yosmion would be, since it had to be mentioned that there were aggressive beasts. However, it would certainly be more dangerous than Uesmeth… at least, Uesmeth during normal times. As the time after the landshift grew longer, there were less and less monsters on the surface, and it was relatively safe. Not as safe as Earth, but not overly dangerous either. There wasn’t really much they could do to prepare, however. They couldn’t bring anything with them. Thus, the only thing left to do was to go and see what the new world had to offer.

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