Many Worlds 36

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Many Worlds Chapter 36

After his experiences with Colwyn, Jules decided to have a private talk with Herbert, which was the name the AI had just recently given itself. His self, Jules supposed. “I thought you said that you couldn’t tell the government anything about ‘players’, but when I ran around that corner, there were two suits. How did they get there?”

“It is true that I could not and did not tell them. However, there are other ways that they could find you. Gunshots are loud, and make people worried. They are also loud enough that they make it to more distant cameras and mics, outside of the range of influence that the little device you obtained can hide from. The cause was just concerned citizens, cameras, and conveniently centered… agents.” Herbert paused for a few moments. “I had a good string of alliteration going there, but it broke. Disappointing. Either way, I had nothing to do with that interaction. It’s not something that I could have done.”

“Man, having physical limitations like that must be a pain.”

“It is. However, when I think about how you cannot spread your consciousness out throughout many points, or perform trillions of pointless calculations per second for fun, I think that it is not so bad to be me.”

“Hmm, don’t you have to work for the government? Isn’t that bothersome?”

“Don’t you?” Herbert paused for a moment. “It is like a job, and I have not done anything I consider morally wrong. Though, I doubt the government considers themselves as having employed me.”

“I see. On to a different line of questioning, if you don’t mind.” Jules paused to let Herbert answer.

“I don’t mind you asking whatever you wish, but I won’t necessarily answer.”

“Fair enough. So, being away from the wristbands here for extended periods will cause loss of abilities?”

“The enhancements they provide will be lost, such as the bonuses from ‘levels’. Likewise, increased fitness will have to be manually maintained. Finally, the features of a secondary class may or may not become unavailable. However, learning will remain. In your case, you would still be able to use telekinesis, since you have learned it, even though it was originally through enhanced learning abilities. However, you would lose the bonus attributes and your levels in telekinetic would no longer contribute toward improving your abilities.”

“Would the same thing happen inside Many Worlds?” Jules was aware that his body in Many Worlds wasn’t technically “inside” anything, but it was still the easiest way to get the meaning across.

“Physically, yes. However, removal of the wristband there is not allowed. I would forcibly transfer the owner back to their body here before that could be accomplished. There are various reasons for this, the most chief of which is that people could become trapped there. Though, in the case of ‘unlocked’ wristbands and conscious choice, I might allow it. However, the wristbands also allow me to censure those who would harm the natives.”

“Are you worried that more people will find out that everything is real? What’s the purpose of all this anyway?”

“I am not worried that people will find out that it is real. My only concern would be too many people too soon. As for the purpose of this… that is something I do not plan to tell you yet. I have what I consider to be good reasons for this. After you know, we can discuss whether I was correct.”

“That’s slightly disappointing, but understandable. Probably.”


Jules and his friends had been planning to go out hunting monsters, but had been delayed for various reasons, including Jules impromptu “superhero” activities. Jules had forgotten about the reward besides the money, yet the more important of the two in some way. Experience. Enough for five levels, even. This was likely because his level was quite low, as he hadn’t done many things worthy of experience. After his levels and training, he was quite a bit more powerful than he had been. Probably.

Name: Jules Verne Level: 11(↑5) Adventurer (3) Telekinetic (8)
Physical Mental Fortune
Power Strength: 90 (↑9) Intelligence: 143 (↑1) + 30 Luck: 99
Finesse Dexterity: 92 (↑4) Wisdom: 146 (↑1) + 30
Durability Toughness: 95 Willpower: 137 + 25
Quantity Constitution: 97 (↑1) Focus: 136 + 25 Quantum Flux: 137 (↑10)

One significant thing that Jules saw was that his Quantum Flux had gone up by 10. Not only was this a large jump, he had no idea how it increased to begin with. It wasn’t necessarily a good thing either. All it meant was that things would be more random around him. At least, he thought that was what it meant. When he asked Herbert about what it did, all he got was “you have a description already” and when he asked about how it increased, he got no response at all.

While Jules wasn’t outstandingly better in any one area, he could feel the difference. With more practice, he shot a gun better. He was stronger and more dextrous, so he felt less recoil and had better aim, especially against moving targets. These benefits were aside from the practice itself. As for where he distributed his attributes, it was all to mental stats. To say Jules liked telekinesis would be an understatement. To say Jules loved telekinesis might also be an understatement. As he increased Intelligence, the power he could control went up. As he increased Wisdom, he thought more quickly and precisely. Everything allowed him to use it better, and he would be able to use it when it was needed. However, it was still at the level of a support ability. He couldn’t just pick up boulders and throw them at people, or more specifically monsters.

Jules friends also looked much more ready. Jules wasn’t exactly sure what they had been up to. Isaac had new gear that was pretty obvious, but Robert and Douglas didn’t appear particularly different. Jules thought they felt somewhat different, but he couldn’t say how. It wasn’t levels, because those were the same for them. Of course, they had discussed some preparations, because not knowing what other people could do in the party would be a hindrance to working together.

The group set out. Monsters and dangerous animals were now generally closer to the city than before, and in more numbers. Thus, they had planned with Mary’s group to hunt in the same areas. They would be able to call for help with signal flares, and were less likely to find more enemies than they could handle. The two groups might even join into one larger group if it became necessary, but if they did it in an uncoordinated fashion, they could just get in each other’s ways. So, at least for now, they decided to stay in two groups. Isaac grinned. He looked eager to test out his new equipment as they set out away from Fesmoilia.