Many Worlds Chapter 13

Jules didn’t log onto Many Worlds until the next day. He was glad it was a Saturday, so he didn’t have to work, because he was still stuck in a depressing cycle thinking about whether his world now was real. Though he did also skip out on the latter half of his work Friday, nobody would really check up on him regularly. Besides, he could just take it as a sick day or mental health day if anyone asked.

After about a day of confusion, Jules settled down into a more normal state. He decided that he just wouldn’t worry about such things at this time. Thus, he decided to once more enter Many Worlds. At least he could see the sky there, strange though it was.

As he entered Many Worlds again, he took stock of himself. His equipment was the same as when he had started. He supposed that was probably a pretty pathetic state to be in after playing a game for almost a week. Though, he had learned telekinesis, which was pretty good. Still, he’d like to have a real source of food instead of eating random plants. He’d been fortunate so far, but he really wanted something tasty. Though he could eat good food in real life too, he’d rather also have decent food where he currently spent the other half of his life.

To do that, though, he needed money. Thus, he entered Fesmoilia to look for a job of some kind. Upon entering the city, he could tell that other players had gotten the message about its being open. Though they were less than one percent of the people, they stood out. Mostly, they were found in small groups, “parties” probably. That was after all how people in MMO grouped themselves.

Jules walked along until he reached the residence and perhaps place of business of the telekinetic who taught him. He realized he hadn’t bothered to learn the man’s name, and hoped he hadn’t come across as too rude. Of course, he hadn’t asked Jules’ name either. Maybe they were just both socially inept.

“Greetings, Master,” said Jules. The man smiled in response. “Master, not to be rude, but I realize I have not learned your name. I am Jules Verne.”

“Uaqilius.” Jules found he had little trouble when he tried to pronounce the name. It sounded like wa-ki-lee-us, but not quite. However, he imagined that his language skill helped him do it correctly.

“I had some questions.” Basically, Jules asked how one made money with telekinesis, besides teaching it to people. That wasn’t something he was qualified for anyway.

“Well, with enough precision, it can be used for crafting certain things that can’t be done without, such as a few things with internal attachments to hold things together. Not that there is much need for such things, since it’s generally easier to design something that can be put together by a machine. Of course, there is also some application of telekinetic power in military matters, but we have little need for such at this time here. However, without a certain strength, many just act as street performers.” The Uaqilius shrugged.

“I doubt I am much suited to those things. Plus, I’m not very skilled yet.”

“I’d say that you are plenty skilled for someone who has only learned for a few days. After all, you have had some success, which is faster than I learned. It is a very interesting trait of you offworlders. Very quick to pick up the basics. If you continued to learn at that rate, then you might be ready for some more advanced techniques, if you have been practicing. Normally, I would charge, but as my first offworlder student, I am interested in your progress.”

Uaqilius had Jules demonstrate his ability, and he was quite satisfied at the progress made. He did give Jules some hints on how to handle liquids better. Then, he helped Jules with his Object Sense ability, which Jules had to admit he hadn’t been practicing much at all. Eventually, he got to the point where Jules could tell what item was put into a small box, at least in general terms. A sphere, a cube, a pyramid, and so on. It was much easier to sense things when not looking through the outside of another object though. Sensing locations and shapes of objects was very different from the senses he was used to, and he had to concentrate for it to work. However, Uaqilius assured him eventually it would come naturally. Then Uaqilius had him spin the ball inside of the box, using telekinesis of course.

“At this point, though, you are good enough that I can recommend you to my friend, who makes various small toys. He likes to hide latching mechanisms on the inside, but I don’t have enough free time to do it for him, and he is unable to do it himself. He can’t pay too much, but since you offworlders don’t seem to need to pay for lodgings, I imagine it will be sufficient.”

Thus, Jules found himself a second job. Though, this one was in the game. He would have to work out a flexible schedule after the meeting that had been arranged the next day. He didn’t have a problem with the wages either, since he would be getting practice with a skill at the same time. Being paid to grind skills was a wonderful thing in an MMO.


Outside of the game, Jules used his telekinesis whenever nobody was around. Not for anything significant, but just in all the situations he’d felt like using it before he thought it was real. Not that he was sure if it was exactly real now, but it worked,  so he didn’t care. Therefore, instead of bending down to pick up a dropped pen, or walking across the room to get something, he would use telekinesis.

He wondered if he should tell his friends. However, ultimately, he decided “not yet”. Maybe after he met up with them in game, he would be able to see if he could unlock their features. Or maybe not. He would have to think about it. Hopefully before then he would have exactly what was going on figured out. At least, an acceptable amount. Whatever was going on, though, Jules couldn’t deny that telekinesis was pretty awesome. Would he be willing to live in a world that wasn’t real to have it? Jules wasn’t sure about that. Not that he could do anything if this world wasn’t  real anyway.

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