Many Worlds Chapter 10

Jules was talking, through video chat of course, with Robert, Isaac, and his other friends that played Many Worlds. He sighed. “It’s just… it feels so real, you know? The air feels more real than here. The sky… Well, it’s honestly a bit odd, but it’s nicer than the bottom of solar panels. I honestly can’t tell if a sensation is from the game or real life, if I’m not looking around. Except, my clothes in game are softer.”

“Yeah…” Robert agreed, “It’s almost too real. Almost.”

“Hey, did you guys hear?” Isaac interjected, “other cities have started opening up. Though, most players are still having trouble communicating.”

“They should come see me, I’d teach them,” Jules said, almost jokingly.

“Really? Can you?”

“Well, it’d have to be in game. Here, I can barely remember how to say hello.” Jules frowned as his head started hurting from trying to recall Uesmethi. “It’s like… I remember it, but I can’t get to the memory. Or something.”

His friends had nothing to say about that point.

“Did you hear?” asked Douglas, who had been quiet.

“Hear about what?”

“About the lore, man. The lore!” Douglas had a big grin on his face.

Jules sighed, for effect. Douglas liked to learn all the little bits of lore behind the games. Most of the rest of the friends weren’t as interested. Of course, Douglas knew that, thus he only shared most of the best tidbits. “What about the lore?”

“They messed up man. You know the bracelets? They appear in the lore, as the reason, somehow, that people can travel to these worlds. Yet… they don’t appear in game. How could they miss that?”

“Ehhh~” Jules responded. “I mean, it would be kinda annoying to have to wear those things in game. It’s probably just for convenience.”

Douglas humphed. “You say that now, but if they leave out telekinesis you’ll be mad.”

“Nah, don’t worry,” said Jules, “I’ve got it. Look.” Jules head suddenly hurt, and the pen he’d held up did nothing. “I mean, I already got it in game. So, they’re safe on that front.”

Isaac responded, “Man, I want to get a class too. Guess we have to get into the city first though.”

Jules nodded. “Well, it shouldn’t take long if you actually try. Good luck guys.”


Jules got back in game just about as fast as possible, after the chat was over. He immediately picked up a nearby rock with telekinesis. He grinned. He attempted to have it float around his head in a circle but ended up flinging it away. Good control was harder than anticipated.

He went down to the river to try some more experiments. First, he tried to lift some water with telekinesis. Nothing happened, except maybe a slight disturbance in the surface. It could have been natural, though. He took out his (Space) canteen. The water in it wasn’t already moving, so he could tell for sure that he only slightly disturbed the surface of the water, instead of lifting it. Why was that?

He tried some more things. Eventually, he discovered the problem. He didn’t just move whatever he wanted with telekinesis. Instead, he created a force to push things around. He knew that, but the area of the force was somewhat ill defined. Thus, water would just roll off the force. Solid objects stuck together, so as long as he kept the force pushing on the object, it would work.

Next, he tried creating a bowl to lift water in. He did that by making several forces, one pushing from the bottom, and several pushing at angles up, until they formed what he imagined was a bowl shape. It worked… partly. It seemed to have many holes in the areas it was controlling still, but he managed to get some water to visibly rise up out of the river, before flowing through the various gaps. It was also very hard to do so many things at once. Well, that was what practice was for.

Jules alternated between water and the heaviest thing he could find, and lift, a small rock that he estimated was a bit over a kilogram. As he’d earlier calculated before he had telekinesis, this meant that he could create about 10 N (newtons) of force. Not great. However, he could obviously create more, since the rock lifted, instead of just not falling. He felt, maybe, 15 or 20 N was his limit for short bursts.

He pressed against his hand, and his hand won easily, without trying. The force was stronger than what he could easily do with his fingers though, but that didn’t give him great accuracy. Granted, if he had a scale, he could probably measure pretty well.

He wasn’t sure if he could maintain the same amount of force over a larger area, or a smaller area either. He had trouble controlling the size. Well, he was a beginner. Jules supposed he could probably be doing something other than practicing telekinesis in a game such as this, but he couldn’t think of anything he’d want to do more. Telekinesis was the dream! No more leaning down to go get the pen you dropped! No more walking to the fridge for a soda… if it was in the same room. Jules hoped that it burned calories, though, or he would get fat. Then he remembered it was a game so he didn’t have pens or soda. The point of it being awesome still stood, though.

Jules fooled around for a while longer. Once, he dropped the rock onto his wrist. *Clack*. The sound of rock hitting metal. Jules… definitely hadn’t heard that sound. He was positive he didn’t hear it, and yet… Why was he thinking of that sound at all? He stared at his wrist, and poked it. Fleshy and weak, as expected. He wasn’t sure what it was that interested him, then he thought about it. Douglas popped into his head. Ah, that was it. His conspiracy theory. Or, lazy game developer theory. There was supposed to be a wristband there, like he wore to get into the game. However, it was plain to see that it wasn’t there. Even View Data said…

Technological Item
This is a wristband. It has something to do with lore, probably.

Huh. Weird.

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