Blood Chapter 9

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“… Am I a suspect?” Erkan asked.

“Are you kidding? You’ve been in the hospital for the last few days. Unless you can get up and tear people apart I’d say you’re off the hook.” Detective Simmons narrowed his eyes in an exaggerated fashion, “Unless you have something about that you’d like to share?”

“Umm… no?”

Detective Simmons nodded, “On a more serious note, you might be a lead. Even if you don’t know you know anything, it’s still worth a try. Now then, was there anything that stands out to you about the man who shot you?”

“Not really. He looked…” Erkan took a slow breath, “…pretty much like that photo.”

“In what way?” Simmons held a pencil ready on a notepad.

Erkan shrugged, “Same face. Same sort of clothes.” Erkan paused, “Too fancy for a regular thug.”

Simmons scribbled on his notes, “Interesting. What about this?” Simmons pulled out a little baggy and held it up.

“A bullet?” Erkan shrugged, then grimaced.

“Know much about bullets.”

“Not really.” Erkan shook his head, “They’re lead, right? That one looks like steel though.”

“Usually they’re lead with a copper casing. It’s cheap and effective.” Simmons shrugged and put away the bullet. “That’s one of the ones he shot you with.”

“Hmm. Well, sorry I couldn’t help much.”

“Don’t be. Just rest. I already had you talking too much.”


“Isn’t that leading the witness, Simmons?”

“We’re not in a courthouse. We won’t be, either. Guy’s dead. Unless he shops in the same clothing store and goes to the same ammo supplier.” Detective Simmons raised an eyebrow at the other officer, “Tell me, who sells silver bullets, and for what?”

The officer shrugged, “Hobby stores? Good for hunting werewolves, I guess.”

“Werewolves…” Simmons scratched his chin, “Werewolves… huh.”

“Same store that takes mail to Santa and the tooth fairy, I hear.” The officer grinned.

“Very funny. Werewolves though…”

“What, do you believe in werewolves now, Simmons?”

Simmons shrugged, “Dunno. I’d ask the body, but he can’t talk. He’d need to be alive for that… and to have something below the neck.”


You’re still doing the night shift thing, right? Even at the hospital?

Eh, kinda. Food still operates on a schedule for daytime weirdos

I mostly nap in between there

I’d like to keep some sort of schedule but it’ll be hard to do for two weeks

Two weeks? 🙁

They had to do a lot of poking around inside there

I have haemophilia so they had to be careful

Tons of stitches

Man, that sucks

Getting shot sucks

I don’t recommend it


Thanks for calling the ambulance

A few more minutes and I would have probably died

Just me, lying in a huge puddle of blood

That’s morbid


Just being realistic

I bleed a lot

So, after I get out of here wanna go on another date?

Sure! (^,..,^)

What do you wanna do?

Anything that doesn’t involve guns

Especially not if they’re being shot at me

Darn! There go all my good ideas!


Erkan appreciated having good insurance. It meant he didn’t have to worry so much about things. Instead, he could just sit and work on his thesis. Or whatever else he felt like. It made him realize how little he actually did.

Being in bed made everything seem more difficult and boring. Erkan almost appreciated when he had to get out of bed and walk around. It was sort of painful, but not when he did it right. His legs needed to move, and after the first few days so did his upper body. Stretching was painful, but he needed to do it, to a certain limit. Otherwise he would be near useless when he finally got out of the hospital. Though his work wasn’t physically straining, if it hurt any time he lifted an arm to get something from a cabinet he wouldn’t appreciate it. Stretching the right amounts during recovery would help him heal faster and more thoroughly. That was what the doctors said- and since that was actually their job, Erkan figured they knew what they were doing.

While he was sitting around in the hospital, Erkan decided to look up self defense classes. He wasn’t surprised that he didn’t find any in the middle of the night on weekends. There were a few at night, but that would either be in the middle of work or involve getting up early. There were a few that could work in the early morning as well. Those might be better.

Of course, Erkan didn’t expect self defense classes of any sort would have helped any in his particular situation. He’d just been shot basically out of nowhere. No warning, no attempt to get anything from him. However, that was a very unlikely situation. It just made him realize how dangerous things were, and he wanted to be prepared for something more… regular.

The police investigation was still ongoing. They still didn’t have a motive, and the only suspect was dead. Erkan was pretty sure the attacker was the one Detective Simmons had shown him the photo of… but it was possible he was just associating that photo with the memory. Brains were weird like that. At least it made him feel better about the whole situation. Erkan wasn’t normally the type to wish people were dead, but he also didn’t normally have anyone try to kill him.


“Erkan…” his mother came to visit pretty much every day, even though he’d prefer to be sleeping when she visited. “You must tell us about this girlfriend of yours!”

Erkan shook his head, “We’ve only been on one date. She just happened to be nearby when I got shot. Apparently we go to the same deli. That’s about it.”

Vardan patted his wife on the head, “I told you it would be something like that, dear. He doesn’t need to be bombarded with questions while he’s still in the hospital.” Vardan kindly avoided mentioning that Erkan was about to be discharged from the hospital. Erkan appreciated that, especially since he knew his dad was just as interested in asking the same sorts of questions.

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