Blood Chapter 6

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Within a couple minutes after the call, a police cruiser pulled up. Erkan was surprised, not at its speedy arrival but because he hadn’t heard it coming. He’d expected a siren… but since there was no longer a crime in progress, perhaps it didn’t matter.

An officer stepped out of the cruiser, glancing over the body and toward Erkan, “Can you tell me what happened here?”

“I… I heard a scream. I was around the corner- over there.” Erkan pointed. “Then I came around and saw… this…” Erkan waved his hand. “I dropped the coffees I was carrying…” Erkan was still standing in the puddle of coffees and a single hot chocolate. He hadn’t moved a single step.

“Did you see anyone else?”

Erkan shook his head.

Soon enough more cruisers showed up. Apparently, a murder scene warranted more than just one pair of officers.

They asked Erkan to come back to the station to give statements, and he said the same things. It didn’t seem like there was much point- except the statements would be official. They asked him more questions, but he didn’t really have any more details.


Erkan didn’t go back to work that night. He texted Akio and the shift manager. They would understand and could explain why the coffees wouldn’t be arriving. People could live without coffee for one night, anyway. Or maybe not, in which case they could go get it themselves. Erkan didn’t care which.

He couldn’t help but think back to the scene. It hadn’t traumatized him… at least, the violence, blood and gore hadn’t. It was just the idea that such things happened. Murders happened every day, but seeing one was another thing. It wasn’t the thought that it was happening that scared him, but that it might happen to him. Not that he thought anyone would have a reason to crush his head… but maybe someone who crushed people’s heads didn’t need a reason.

The worst part about it was he couldn’t just go to sleep. He just wasn’t tired yet. Even after dealing with the police and spending an hour laying on his bed… it was still only a bit after four AM. That was still three hours before the earliest he ever went to bed. That reminded him he didn’t ever really do anything but work and waste time. However, all methods of wasting time at the moment weren’t appealing, and he had no interest in working on his thesis at the moment either.

He glanced over at his phone. He’d forgotten about what had happened just before that. He opened up his phone, seeing a single text. “^..^” He hadn’t even added a contact for Savina yet. He almost couldn’t believe he had asked her out. They barely even knew each other… which he supposed was the whole point. It didn’t have to be a big thing. It wasn’t like a date would make them married, no matter how much his mother might want it. Actually, if he was interested in marriage that would still be a good reason to take things one step at a time… with how many divorces there were.

None of that mattered though. They would just go do something fun… whatever that was. What could they even do at night? He supposed early evening would be fine… Most things would still be open from 7 to 10. That presumed she was awake at that time, but they could have different schedules. All he knew is they were both up around 2. Then he remembered he could ask.

Hey, it’s Erkan. What times are you available in general?

I’m usually up from about 7pm to 10am

Now all he had to do was wait for a response. She could still be in the middle of work, or she could be home asleep… he didn’t want to wake her up, but if she was asleep he hoped her phone was on silent. He didn’t have to worry though, because he got a response fairly quickly.

About the same for me

That’s how night shift life goes

I have weekends free

sat/sun and sun/mon nights

Cool, same here. Do you like movies?

Or… what kind?

Inviting someone out with a surprise plan was all well and good… but inviting someone to something that both people were likely to enjoy was a better idea. Erkan didn’t like surprises that much. Especially if they were bodies in the middle of the street.

They exchanged messages back and forth for a while. They had a number of things in common- but Erkan had already expected that from her laughing at some of his jokes. Though maybe some of them were just polite laughs. He wasn’t always funny.

So what are you up to? Shouldn’t you be at work now?

Skipped out.

Oh yeah, why?

Saw a murder.


Well… a murder scene.

Some guy got his head crushed

Sorry, maybe that’s too much info.

Nah it’s fine. Are you ok?


Just didn’t feel like going back to work

Are you not at work now?

I am… but nobody’s around right now. No work to do in the back either…

The conversation continued for a while. Eventually, they set up a date… a couple days later. While before their regular work was a better time for things to be open, that meant getting up much earlier. It was easier to get up around regular time and go out for breakfast and a movie. It was a very standard sort of date, but that was all there could be to it. While they might squeeze in a date before closing time somewhere else, it was better to be relaxed on the first date.

After their conversation was over, Erkan was just tired enough to go to sleep. That meant he might wake up early, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, soon enough he found that he needed the extra time. His dreams were filled with visions of being chased down by some giant head crushing monster. The sad part was the monster wasn’t even the threat, because he always ended up getting hit by a car or getting cancer. In the end, the dreams were more upsetting than frightening.

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