Blood Chapter 42

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“So what’s our plan?” Peter asked after Erkan identified the direction with the blood mage. “Can you see the blood mage through plants?”

Miriam shook her head, “Either they’re not near any plants or they’re cut off through the magic. I can’t really pinpoint the location either, I’m not that sensitive towards blood magic.”

Peter nodded, “What do you think, Erkan?”

Erkan shrugged, “Everything depends on how powerful they are, how experienced… how much blood they have. Just creating this barrier around the school is significant. They’d need a huge source of blood… or a lot of fresh blood.” Erkan grimaced, “This magic was also controlling those security guards, so it can’t be fully autonomous. That means if we can disrupt them the barrier will fall.”

“How do you suggest disrupting them, then?” Peter questioned.

“We’ve got guns,” Erkan shrugged, “Guns- or rather bullets- are very disruptive. In the small chance that they have magic circles set up to protect against bullets, we just need to shoot more, and they’ll run out of energy or maybe lose control of the barrier. Before we go, however, I’ll need to draw circles on all of us to prevent them doing anything directly. It’s best to draw it on bare skin, a large area like the chest or back.” Erkan looked at Peter, “Umm, sorry about this but I’ll be using this werewolf blood.”

“Disgusting,” Peter said, “But it’s not any worse than human blood.” Peter removed his button up shirt that was already filled with bullet holes and covered in blood.

“Great, I’ll start with myself and then umm…”

Miriam shook her head, “I am a plant and don’t have any anatomy on my torso to be shy about.”

“Uhh, great. Let’s get started.” Erkan started drawing onto his own chest, “This won’t last long, but it should protect against any direct blood magic on your person. At least as long as the blood lasts. I’ll give everyone a third of this, which would normally just run off… so I’ll be holding it on. Just try not to make any sudden movements or I might lose control and it’ll be ruined.”

As Erkan finished up drawing, Peter explained what plan they had, “So, we just move around until we see this blood mage, then shoot?”

Miriam shrugged, “I don’t have any better ideas. If I see some plants nearby I can maybe do something though.”

“Right,” Peter looked at the security guard’s gun, “I suppose it doesn’t matter that these bullets aren’t silver, unless the blood mage is a werewolf too.” 

“I hadn’t even thought about that,” Erkan shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter. In fact, that would make both of you with your silver bullets more effective, and then they couldn’t shoot silver bullets at me so… I would be fine with that.”

“Great, done, let’s go,” Erkan started walking, “It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes but if it does I might lose control of this blood so let’s hurry.” Erkan started walking around the school’s perimeter, away from the wall. That would make it harder to find cover, but it would also keep them further away from their quarry. 

The campus wasn’t extremely huge, needing to fit in San Francisco proper most of the classrooms were built up more than out, but fortunately there had been that warning and they had closed down the school. Erkan wondered about that but he didn’t have time to think about it right now. If this was a trap, he was already well in it. So far, he didn’t sense any other locations with blood magic.

“We’re close to the circle…” Erkan gestured, “Maybe a couple hundred feet directly that way.” The group rounded another corner from a distance. A woman came into view. She was dressed in street clothes- jeans and a t-shirt. Erkan momentarily wondered what she was doing there, but as their eyes met Erkan felt it. “She’s the blood mage!” Erkan started shooting as soon as he said that. He’d never shot at anyone before, and it showed. Most of his bullets went wide, and the remaining few were absorbed by a blood barrier that became apparent.

Then the counterattack came. Erkan felt his blood jerk and twist, with the intention to reverse direction. Those who were not blood mages, however, would have at most felt a slight tingle. There wouldn’t have even been any pain, because Erkan was defended by almost a third of a werewolf’s entire blood supply. He felt that blood, and the blood protecting Miriam and Peter, burn through at a rapid pace. Erkan was lucky that they weren’t shooting back with a gun of their own, because he’d completely forgotten to defend against such- even though he’d just been shot at a few minutes before. Not that he could have stopped more than a handful with the blood he would have been able to spare.

In fact, stopping bullets was quite difficult… and though Peter wasn’t a much better shot than he was, Miriam at least hit with more than half of her shots, taken more slowly to deal with recoil. As the blood mage tried to reverse their blood flow, several bullets penetrated into her as she ran out of blood in her shield. Erkan thought she then tried to use her own blood to power the shield, but before that formed properly she was getting hit by more shots from Peter, who remembered he had another clip. Erkan fumbled with his gun to reload as well… but the blood mage collapsed… along with the barrier around the school. Erkan was impressed, because he didn’t think he would even be able to hold the barrier… let alone block bullets and launch an attack at the same time- and that was if he had the blood to spare. Erkan briefly wondered where she got so much power… but then he saw a couple of bodies next to the remains of a magic circle.

“Ah, crap. I need to hurry…” Erkan started running around the side of the school, “I don’t want anyone to accidentally activate my other circle…” As he ran around to the front, he saw a few officers- magic police, not the regular kind. One of them he had been introduced to by Nico. He stopped running when he saw them, but he called out, “Careful! There might still be blood magic circles around!”

Out of the twisted front gate stepped Detective Simmons, “You talking about the one that did that?”

“Umm… I did place one there.”

Detective Simmons whistled, “Well damn. Blood magic is scary. Probably not much more dangerous than that gun you have…” Erkan looked down at the gun in his hand, then dropped it. “But way more scary.”

“Did it work or…?” Erkan looked around the corner to see two bodies. At first they looked like they had just dropped dead, but upon a closer look he saw their bodies were gaunt. He used just the slightest touch of magic to sense their blood, and was relieved to know they were the intended targets- one werewolf and one human thug. He went to look at the circle, but it was almost completely gone- as intended. He had used Peter’s blood as a catalyst to target the werewolf… then the spikes of blood had been used to create wounds to pull the blood out of the two bodies. In turn, the blood had been used to power more blood drawing, leaving two exsanguinated corpses and only very little actual blood. Erkan was glad it had worked exactly as intended… but as he looked at the bodies he couldn’t help but think that these were actual people he had just killed. Sure, they were attacking a school to kill some of his friends… but the thought still stuck with him.

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