Blood Chapter 41

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By the time Erkan arrived at the courtyard, Peter and Miriam were already wrapping up. Peter was grabbing one of the other school guards out of the limbs of a tree, cuffing him before the tree sprang back up from its bent over position. Miriam was standing, clutching her side, no longer looking like a human. Her guise had fallen away and her blonde hair had once more returned to looking like leaves, and her skin was bark. Erkan didn’t see any blood leaking out from behind her fingers- but then again, he wouldn’t. She didn’t have any blood. The fact that she had other bodily fluids than blood didn’t stop her wounds from looking dangerous.

Peter turned to Erkan, “Did you finish your circle?”

Erkan nodded looking around the courtyard, “Yeah. How many guards did you say this place had?”

“Three,” Miriam was the one who responded, “And the last one just opened up the back gate? What’s going on with them”

“They’re controlled by a blood mage. The same one that made the fog,” Erkan sighed. He kept his senses open for others around, but the only sources of blood around were himself, Miriam, Peter, his three bottles of blood… and the people in classrooms nearby. The important part was that no one else was wandering the halls presumably controlled by the enemy blood mage. “Well, the front gate should be secure… at least against whoever come through first.”

“We need to head towards the back,” Peter said. “We’ll need you too Miriam.”

She looked down at the gun at her side, “Right. I haven’t seen the blood mage or a magic circle… but right now there are four people heading for the back gate.”

“We need to get there before them,” Peter started moving, “We can’t afford to lose track of them.”

Erkan followed directly behind him, “Right, one of the werewolves and a human were at the front gate when I left… but it should be fine, hopefully. Oh yeah, Peter, definitely don’t go back there without me. The magic circle could still be active.”

“Noted,” Peter nodded.

As they came up to a corner, Erkan tugged on Peter’s sleeve, holding up a finger. He gestured behind him, then stood near the corner and opened a bottle of blood. He dipped his finger in and started drawing on the wall. It wasn’t a big circle, but he held one of the bottles of blood next to it as he activated it. Around the corner, there was a thud… and then another. “The last guard snuck back in. They seemed to be holding someone hostage.” Erkan looked down at the empty bottle and tossed it away. Around the corner, they found two unconscious figures, one of the guard and another of a teacher. “I didn’t want to have to deal with the teacher so I knocked him unconscious too.”

“Eh,” Peter shrugged, “Mr. Jones will get over it.” Peter moved to the security guard, once again locking them up. Peter grabbed the gun and tossed it to Erkan, grumbling to himself, “First we need security with guns at our schools, then werewolves and blood mages attack a school for the vampire mafia…”

Miriam looked down at the two unconscious figures, “Can you do that for the last four?”

Erkan shook his head, “Definitely not the werewolf. I might be able to get the three normal humans, if they don’t have any sort of protections against blood magic. Maybe they don’t, since I wasn’t supposed to be here.”

“I hope so,” Peter said, “I really would prefer to not get shot with silver bullets.” Erkan could see that the earlier bullet wounds had healed up already. Peter stopped at the next turn, readying the gun he’d taken from the second security guard. “Here’s the entrance. They have to go through there to enter from this side,” he sniffed, “I think they’re almost here.”

“They are,” Miriam confirmed, touching a bush nearby. “Get ready.”

Erkan started quickly drawing on the wall. Knocking people out was a fairly simple use of blood magic- it was just disrupting blood flow momentarily. However, since it was internal it also used a significant amount of power. Thus him using a whole bottle of pig’s blood for two regular people. Perhaps he could have been more efficient, but he hadn’t had the time required to make a large circle. It was still the case, and this time he had to wait for the enemies to appear, which meant he had to hold the blood from dripping down the wall.

“They’re here,” Miriam whispered, “Which one is the werewolf?”

Peter shook his head, “Can’t say unless I lean out… but I’m not up for taking silver bullets to the face.”

“Far left,” Erkan whispered. “They stopped. Do you think they know we’re here?”

“Absolutely,” Peter whispered, “The werewolf can smell us, especially those silver bullets. Maybe he can hear us too.”

“Oh.” Miriam nodded, then pulled out her phone. She wrote a message on it, then handed it and her gun to Peter.

Peter looked down at it, then nodded. He took the gun… and tossed it blindly down the hallway. From the other end, a short laugh came, “…idiot…”

Then there was the sound of gunfire, and howling. Miriam hissed, “Now, Erkan! While they’re distracted!”

Erkan had both bottles of blood opened, and didn’t hold back in using as much power as he could channel on his little magic circle, targeting the three humans. They had started shooting down the corridor, but Peter had already backed away from the corner. Then there was silence.

“Okay…” Miriam said, “It’s safe.”

Around the corner Erkan saw a bullet filled man- presumably the werewolf- and three other unconscious figures half inside one of the bushes. Peter worked with him to tie them up using their shirts, as best as they could, with Erkan and Miriam taking their guns- and the silver bullets with them. Erkan hesitated a moment before bringing one of the empty bottles over next to the werewolf and channeling as much of the blood as he could into it- getting a bottle that was a bit less than half full.

Miriam walked over to the bush next to the werewolf and picked up Nico’s gun. “Nobody expects to be shot by a plant. Good aim, Peter.”

Peter grunted, shaking his hand. “Thanks. That really hurt.”

Erkan raised an eyebrow, “Silver’s that bad? You just touched the outside of the gun.”

“And that’s why it only hurts. For some people it just stops regeneration.”

Erkan nodded, “I’ll remember not to joke about silver with werewolves. Now then, let’s go deal with that blood mage… the fog is still here.”

“Could he be outside?” Peter asked.

“Could he be?” Erkan shook his head, “Maybe, but I’m sure he’s inside the area this time. I can feel it… over that way.”

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