Blood Chapter 40

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Erkan looked out the gate, not seeing anyone immediately nearby. He took a step back, trying to decide where to draw the first magic circle. On the archway up above? That would make it harder to spot, but the blood would run more easily and could drip down. The floor was easy to spot, but would remain relatively intact. The walls were the worst of both options. Even if he could pick where to place the circle, what would he do? He could try to knock people out by jolting their blood… or if he used extra blood he could have it fire blood spikes… but if he wasn’t there to aim the second one it wouldn’t be that useful. This wasn’t the only location to defend. He stood, unable to make a decision, until the fog rolled over the school. “Oh crap.”

“What?” Peter asked, looking around, “What’s this fog?”

Erkan looked out of the gate, his eyes staring at nothing in particular. “It’s… a mental barrier. Plus something else. Confusion, compulsion…” Erkan looked over at Peter, “How are you at resisting magic?”

“A bit better than normal people, much better if it’s a physical attack of some sort.”

“It’s definitely just mental. It’s not just to keep people out though. What about Miriam?”

“She’s a plant.”

“I don’t…” Erkan blinked, “I don’t know if that helps or not. She thinks, right?”

Peter shrugged, “Sure, but not the same way as either of us. Unless it’s specifically aimed at dyrads or something, it won’t do much.”

Erkan nodded, “Okay. Right.” He took a deep breath. “I guess they’re going to be coming soon?” Erkan looked at the gate, then shook his head. He ran back around the corner, “Too easy to see it there… how do I… ugh, spikes it is.” Erkan began pouring blood directly from the container onto the ground. He had no time for precision and fancy brushwork, instead nudging the blood around with his control over it. The blood was strangely thick, and preferred to stick to itself instead of the ground. That was good, because it meant the magic circle formed relatively easily. He put a splash here, a splash there, covering a circle about a yard wide with little runes. 

Peter watched as he worked, standing nearby with two of the bottles of blood. When Erkan was about halfway done, Peter noticed someone. “Who is it?! Oh, Steve. What are you doing here?”

Erkan was so focused on constructing the magic circle he didn’t even register anything until the gunshots rang out, one after another. Then he turned to see Peter standing over him. Peter dropped the two bottles of blood and spun around, leaping towards another man who had a gun drawn. The man had the outfit of school security, but that was all Erkan could see before he was tackled to the ground. After that, the only thing he could see was Peter’s back… and all of the blood leaking out of the dozen bullet holes in it. 

Erkan saw the security’s limbs flailing about, hitting at Peter, but Peter didn’t move, staying stone still, until the movement stopped. During that time, Erkan saw bullets pushing their way out of Peter’s back, and the wounds closing up. There was still blood all over his back, but he wasn’t bleeding any more. Peter flipped over the man on the ground, dragging his arms behind him and snapping a cuff on one wrist. He looked over at Erkan, “I think he was controlled by that magic. I knocked him out, and the cuffs should prevent him from further trouble.” Peter pocketed the key, then dragged the guard over to attach the second cuff to a nearby pipe.

“Wow.” Erkan blinked, “Are you just… completely invincible against bullets? I spent two weeks in the hospital when I got shot.”

Peter shrugged, “I could still bleed to death, with enough shots. It heals up quickly though so it’s not too bad.”

“Speaking of which…” Erkan shook his head, “I wouldn’t ask but this is an emergency. Can I use your blood?”

Peter frowned, “Well…”

Erkan waved his hands in panic, “I don’t mean like, cutting you open. Just the blood already on your back…”

“Oh. Sure, I can’t use it anymore.”

“Great!” Erkan walked over to Peter, touching his back. Everywhere he moved his hand, he gathered up the blood pulling it away from skin and clothing. He was left with a floating ball of blood- not large, probably no more than an ounce total, but it was fresh and at least as potent as human blood. Because of its freshness, it might have been even more powerful than the strange blood that Nico had let him take.

Erkan looked down at his half-finished magic circle and frowned. It was… fine. Nothing was wrong with it, but there were at least two werewolves coming. Even if he filled them with spikes of blood and therefore holes, those wounds would close right up. Erkan moved his finger down to the blood, dragging along bits and pieces as he rearranged some of the runes. He just hoped he remembered how to do the few elements he wanted to add. He muttered under his breath.

There were more gunshots, and Peter swivelled his head. “Damn! Miriam! Take care of yourself, okay Erkan? Watch out for the other two security guards!”

Erkan nodded, “Okay. I’ll catch up in a minute…” Erkan was fully focused on the magic circle. He didn’t want to waste the last few weeks of work by failing to do something the only time it really mattered. He finally finished the whole thing with the glob of Peter’s blood as the key point. He needed to warn Peter to not get anywhere near the circle. Then he heard the sound of something shaking the gate just around the corner. He considered poking his head around… but decided against it. He just needed to leave. Sensing for blood, he could tell there was one human and one werewolf. He could stay to control the circle, but if he’d done it right it would work well enough without him… and once it was used, he would just be alone standing there. He’d seen the werewolves were working with at least one other person, and if those persons had guns… he could very well die.

Erkan grabbed the remaining three bottles of blood and walked as quickly as he could towards the courtyard where Peter and Miriam theoretically were. He didn’t know where the other entrances were to start setting up more defenses, and even if he found them, they might already have people there.

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