Blood Chapter 31

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Boards shattered and splinters flew everywhere as the new figure tackled Vittore right through the wall. Erkan could only barely see what was happening through the light filtering through the now open wall. He did hear the sound of things snapping as well as what was presumably the sound of a knife going into flesh- from what he could see, anyway.

“Hey kid!” There was more sound of tussling, “I was thinking, after you left… if I was trying to hunt me down, what would I do?”

Erkan couldn’t tell Vittore and Justin’s figures apart in the darkness. One of them slammed the other into Erkan’s desk- and computer. The desk was very sturdy… or it had been, before it broke apart with a loud crash.

“So I followed your scent back and it turns out they were just as easy to understand as I thought.”

“Shut up!” Vittore half growled, “Are you talking or fighting?”

“Both. I don’t need to breathe to function so it’s-” there was a loud crunching sound. Justin’s voice suddenly became less clear. 

Erkan finally felt some power in his limbs, and crawled into the living room away from the fight… just in time for the two to fly through the wall once more.

“Ahem!” Justin cleared his throat, “As I was saying, as long as I’m not biting I don’t need to worry about it.”

Justin had several bleeding wounds on his arms and legs, and blood dripped from his stomach. Meanwhile, Vittore’s left arm was dangling at his side and blood dripped down from a horrific wound on his shoulder, or what remained of the shoulder anyway. He held a bloodstained dagger in his right hand that might have once been silver, but was now just blood red.

Vittore roared in frustration, baring fangs at Justin… but it was only a few fangs instead of a whole mouthful of sharp bloody teeth. Vittore stabbed directly towards Justin’s heart with his dagger, but Justin just held up a hand. The dagger pierced completely through it and out the back, but Justin’s hand clamped down around Vittore’s, his sharp nails sinking into the wrist. Justin twisted his hand, and there was a snapping sound. Vittore pulled away, but the silver dagger remained buried in Justin’s hand.

Vittore glanced down at his left shoulder frowning. As he did so, his broken wrist twisted and snapped back into place. Erkan even saw the nail wounds heal, and some of the blood pulled back into the wounds. However, the left shoulder continued to bleed profusely with no signs of slowing down. “What trick is this?”

Justin yanked the silver dagger out of his hand, “Trick? Silver isn’t the only thing that stops regeneration. Thanks for the dagger though.”

Vittore looked towards the window, then turned to dash towards Erkan. Erkan couldn’t even lift his hand to ward him off without it shaking, and he couldn’t summon the strength for more blood magic. Vittore’s hand reached out for him… but he toppled over as blood streamed from his neck.

Justin flicked the dagger in his hand shaking his head, “It’s not balanced for chopping really…”

Erkan looked down at Vittore’s body as he slowly crawled back. It didn’t look like he would be able to get up again, but vampires were still somewhat new to him in a practical sense. He also looked over Justin, “T-thanks. Are you… alright? You can’t regenerate those wounds… Ah, but the blood is stopping?”

Justin shrugged, “They’ll regenerate eventually. Silver just delays it quite a bit. As for the blood,” Justin looked at his left hand that had a hole clean through it, “It appears I ran out.” He looked back towards Erkan, “I am just moving flesh and bone, after all. Take what you need and get out of here- and call Nico. You’ll need to find some place to stay, and he’ll have to help sort things out here. I’d bet the cops are already on their way… things weren’t exactly quiet here.”

“Umm… right…” Erkan grabbed his phone, his wallet, and car keys. He stuffed some clothes into a suitcase, and left the apartment. As predicted, cops pulled up shortly after Erkan left the apartment complex.


Nico didn’t take long in the apartment to deal with the cops, “Justin kept them from seeing much, so it was easy to change their memories just a bit. You’re not getting your deposit back, though.”

“I didn’t think so. Not with all those holes in the wall. What about all the blood?”

“I cleaned it up. Justin dealt with the body.” Nico shook his head, “You need to come stay at my place, for safety. Vittore might have shared information about this place. In fact, you should stay in for a while.”

“Great. I’ve already been out of work so much recently…” Erkan shrugged, “Good thing they couldn’t easily find someone to replace me.”

The two drove separately to Nico’s condo. The sun was just starting to come up when they got inside. It wasn’t a huge problem for a vampire to be in the sun for a minute or two, but there were still reasons Nico’s car had special tinted windows and why he picked a place with an underground parking lot.

Nico gestured to the couch, “I don’t exactly have a place for guests. What would be the second bedroom is the practice room… We can set you up with a mattress and stuff tomorrow.”

“Yeah, alright.” Erkan sat down heavily, “I feel so strange…”

“How so?”

“Well, I used blood magic to stop Vittore’s movements for a moment… I’ve been super dizzy…”

Nico looked over Erkan closely, “Hmm… you do have some signs of blood loss. I’d advise against using any more of your blood for anything, but since it was an emergency I can’t fault you for what you did. You don’t seem to be in a critical state, however.”

“Oh…” Erkan shook his head slightly before stopping, “I’ve just never felt this dizzy and weak before. Usually it only lasted a moment.”

“What about after you were hospitalized?”

“Not really… I mean, I was unconscious and they gave me blood transfusions so…”

“Right,” Nico nodded. “That could be it. Maybe you should check, though.”

“Check what?”

“If you actually got any blood transfusions.”

Erkan’s eyes were heavy, so instead of blinking he just closed his eyes and laid down on the couch, “What, like… maybe I got werewolf blood or something special?”

“That is extremely unlikely, and of course wouldn’t be on record… but it might be worth looking into for other reasons.”

“Sure…” Erkan yawned, “I’ll do that… when I… wake up…”

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