Blood Chapter 30

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The darkness was oppressive, even with flashlights- and even more so now that he had actually experienced some of monsters that lived in the darkness. Sure, everything had worked out just fine- but that was because he was with people who were extremely proficient in combat. Seeing an actual fight with real danger involved wasn’t as fun as watching it in a movie. He didn’t count the situations that had happened to him- there was no fighting of any sort, only instant defeat. It was also significantly less pleasant in general. He hadn’t been able to clearly see everything that was happening, but some of the sights and smells still lingered in his brain.

Erkan was very glad that Justin was on his side. He had avoided thinking about the men Justin had killed, but seeing him tonight Erkan was clear that ghouls were quite frightening. Sure, Justin may have been on Erkan’s side, but that didn’t mean it would be easy to sleep with the images of his pointed teeth dripping blood in his head.

Returning to the bright lights of the ‘city hall’ was very comforting, and walking back out onto the streets of actual San Francisco the streetlights were assuring. Even if there was a huge glut of criminals- some of which were vampires, apparently- it felt much safer with some real light everywhere. Even the sky seemed bright, even though he could only see the moon and a few stars.

Erkan returned directly home- there was still time left in the night, but he was exhausted. Learning to clot blood followed by a few hours of walking had taken a lot out of him, and it was more than just physical exhaustion.

His apartment was small- not out of necessity, but out of convenience. He didn’t really want a lot of space he wouldn’t be using. He had a kitchen, but the cabinets were mostly empty. He had a small stove, but he mostly used the microwave. His ‘living room’ was just a couch with a small tv- smallish, anyway. Nobody made small ones anymore, but this wasn’t a 50’ flatscreen. It would have been a waste of money anyway.

Other than that, there was his room. That had a bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, and even a small closet- but it also had his computer. He could have afforded an apartment with another room… but he didn’t need it. 

Erkan flopped onto his bed. The sun hadn’t even come up yet, but he didn’t feel like doing anything else. He closed his eyes and fell asleep without even bothering to change into pajamas.


A short time later he was awoken by a noise. Erkan looked at his phone. It had only been an hour, so normal people would barely be getting up to go to work. They usually weren’t very loud. Unlike what it might have appeared, though the apartment was small it wasn’t bad. The walls were pretty good at insulating sound. The sounds continued. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought someone was in his apartment.

Erkan shook the sleep out of his head. He recognized the sound of that one creaky floorboard. Who could it be? Nobody that would come would enter without knocking. That meant they were uninvited. A burglar? Well, if they wanted to take the TV, he didn’t care. He wasn’t even sure if it worked anymore, actually. Even so, he looked around for a weapon. Since pillows weren’t much good that left him with… nothing. His desk chair was much too big to use. Then he spotted it lying on the bookshelf. An encyclopedia. He wasn’t going to get much use out of it anyway, and it was heavy and hardback. That was the best he had.

Erkan waited. If they opened the door to his bedroom, he was ready. A smart burglar would avoid his room, of course, since basically anyone would be sleeping at this time- even night shift people. Then he heard and saw the door creep open, a silhouette forming. He immediately threw the book, and at the same time realized he probably should have called the police.

The silhouette in front of him leaned to the side, dodging it. Erkan couldn’t see them clearly because the only light was outside light from the living room- since he slept during the day his bedroom windows were completely covered.

“Pathetic,” came a voice Erkan recognized. That was about all he knew about Vittore- everything had happened in the dark. Vittore’s silhouette moved suddenly, and Erkan responded the only way he could think to- by reaching out his arm and pushing him away.

Of course, Erkan didn’t have much hope of pushing away a vampire. He wasn’t exactly the most fit, and he didn’t even know how to fight anyway. He didn’t even consider that, actually. He’d been practicing blood magic every day and even had seen Nico fight with it earlier. Thus, his instincts were to use that. He didn’t even have time to consider that he needed blood.

Vittore leapt toward Erkan… and then screeched to a halt. Then he flew backwards a couple yards, pushed out of the room. Erkan fell to the ground as a sudden wave of dizziness hit him and his knees buckled. His flailing arms barely prevented him from hitting his head. For a moment, he had no idea what was going on. Then he saw Vittore, fully bathed in moonlight, moving back towards him. “So you have a trick… nice one. Looks like you can’t do it again.”

Erkan wanted to go get his phone. He could call Nico. Sure, he might be dead anyway, but at least they could track him down and avenge him. He just couldn’t stand up, or even really crawl. In another couple steps Vittore would reach him and be able to do whatever he wanted.

Then there was an incoherent shout as something dashed in front of Erkan towards Vittore, fast enough to bring both the new figure and Vittore straight through the wall between the bedroom and living room.

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