Blood Chapter 28

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“I want to kill Marconi,” Justin said.

Nico shook his head, “Look, if I were a normal cop, dealing with normal everyday things, I’d have to say that’s illegal. However, that’s not the real issue here. It’s impossible.”

Justin rolled his eyes in the near-darkness. At least those were normal, unlike his teeth. “It’s not that hard to kill humans.”

“Some humans are. Besides, you already know he’s working with… the Nervetti family.” Nico grimaced at having to use his own name that way. “A few silver bullets in you and that will be it. You’ll be dead. Really dead.”

“Nah,” Justin shrugged.

“I’m afraid I have to agree with Nico…” Mortimer replied. “Though you may not consider anything a vital organ anymore… with enough silver bullets your body will be unable to repair itself and you will cease functioning. It may take more than a few shots, but a few clips? That will do anyone in. Last time I checked you weren’t bulletproof.”

Justin shrugged, “You mean last time someone else checked. You haven’t shot me.”

“I haven’t needed to, no.”

“Right… well, anyway, just give me some riot gear or something. Silver bullets aren’t really good at being armor piercing, right?”

Nico shook his head, “They might have some armor piercing silver bullets. Not pure, obviously, but they exist. Also, there’s no way I can get you anything like that. Remember, you killed several people already… you’re pushing the limits. If I get it for myself and it comes back full of bullets, there will be a lot of uncomfortable questions.” Nico sighed, “Even mafia leaders who work for the vampire mafia have some rights. They can also probably get more silver bullets than we have men. That’s not counting if the Nervetti come to their aid.”

“Fine, fine…” Justin waved his clawed hand. “Then I want to kill Vittore. He’s just one guy, right?”

“That could work,” Nico nodded, “If you can find him… However, you’d need to wait a bit. He’s currently being tried for torture and attempted murder of a human. In absentia, obviously. However, once he’s convicted it’ll be a death sentence.”

Erkan frowned, “Is that what that written statement was for?” He vaguely remembered doing something like that.
“Yeah. It’s possible he’d get off with a lighter sentence if he actually showed up for the trial, but abduction, torture, attempted murder, breaching the veil, mob collusion, and fleeing justice are adding up to a pretty harsh sentence.”

“Breaching the veil is…?”

“Well, you’re a normal human. Plus that officer saw him. It’s dangerous for the world to know we exist. Supernaturals may be strong but if the world knew we existed? The army comes equipped with silver bullets and we’re gone, poof. There aren’t that many of us. If it was an accident it would be one thing- but crimes of supernaturals against normal people are treated very seriously.” Nico glared at Justin, “Which is why you are on very thin ice. If those first two men you killed hadn’t damaged your store and been working indirectly with the Nervettis… I might be bringing you in right now.”

Justin shrugged, “You could try. I’d just live out here.”

Mortimer raised an eyebrow, “Oh, really? Just forever? How’s Rosa doing?”

Erkan had never seen a sheepish grin on a toothy maw before. It was weird. Justin shook his head, “She’s not happy at all. If we stay here too much longer she might try to kill me like with George.”

“Wait…” Erkan frowned, “She killed George? The one who owned your butcher before you.”

“No, she tried to kill George,” Justin grinned dreamily, “That was how we met.” Then Justin coughed, “Further details shall remain unspoken.”

“Is this normal?” Erkan asked Nico.

“What? Becoming lovers after fighting? No. Usually people just kill each other.”

“Is people killing each other normal?”

Nico shrugged, “It’s not that rare. There are often stronger emotions involved in conflicts between various supernaturals. Things can get out of hand. It’s not that common, but being involved involved in life or death conflicts is several times as likely compared to normal humans. More if you’re a cop or just crazy.”

“Hey, I’m not paying protection money to anyone!” Justin half-growled, “The cops weren’t going to do anything.”

Nico sighed, “Both us and the mundane police could have used the destroyed windows as evidence of mob activity.”

Justin folded his arms, “Whatever.”

Mortimer put a hand to his forehead, “I wish you’d at least think about the headaches you cause me. Some people already don’t like a ghoul going around freely.”

“Pfeh, those people won’t do anything anyway. So, about Vittore…”

“We’re working on tracking him down,” Nico said. “Or rather, he’s somewhere in Nervetti territory.”

“Do you know what he smells like?”

“Sure,” Nico shrugged, “But I’m not a smell artist. We do have pictures, though.”

“I guess those will do. I’ll get out of this place and kill anyone who stands between me and him.”

Nico put his head in his hands, “Please don’t say that.”

“Why not? It’s true.”

“Because then I’d have to testify about it in court.”

“Only if there’s other evidence,” Justin grinned, “But of course, this is all a joke.”

“Uuuugh…” Nico groaned as he held his head, “I should have just stayed at home.”

“I suppose you could have…” Justin nodded, “But then you wouldn’t get to eat any ocean rattler!”

“What?” Nico asked.

“Ocean rattlers! They’re giant sea snakes here in the Shadowlands that have big rattles kind of like Earth’s rattlesnakes that they use for maneuvering in the water. Sometimes they come out on land briefly to eat things.”

“Yes, I know of them… but what does eating them have to do with our current situation?”

“Oh. There’s a pack of them coming up from the ocean.” Justin grinned as he looked at the others, “By the way, Mortimer, Erkan… you might want to back up.”

Erkan thought he saw the water move slightly under the flashlight held by Mortimer, and then he was turned around and running along with Mortimer. Well, it was more of a quick jog because it was dark and he was worried about tripping and falling. Erkan didn’t even hear the rattlers leave the water, but he did hear a big crunch behind him. He barely avoided the instinct to turn around, but he didn’t even have his flashlight on yet so it wouldn’t have done much good.

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