Blood Chapter 24

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Erkan was demonstrating his practice with blood control. He only had so much he could practice, as evidenced by the few small wounds on his leg. “Umm… I don’t know how to instantly clot it yet, so I’ll need your help for that.”

Savina nodded, “Alright, I can do that.”

Erkan looked closely at the dagger. He knew it was sterilized, but it was still weird to be stabbing himself. He pinched off all but the very tip, then stabbed it into his leg. Immediately, fresh, hot blood began flowing out, gathering into a shot glass. Savina reached out and touched his leg- fortunately she didn’t need to draw a magic circle to clot a small wound. It took her perhaps twice as long as it did Nico, but it was still less than ten seconds.

With a mental sweep, Erkan wiped the rest of the blood off of his leg and into the shot glass, leaving his leg clean. Then, he floated the ball of blood. This time, he was able to keep it up until it nearly entirely disappeared. It still trembled some, but it was also much steadier. He was also sweating less than his first attempt. “Well?” He looked over at Savina.

“Oh… you’ve been practicing a lot. No circle?”

“Mmm, nope. I pretty much got the feeling the first time. I can’t control other blood though. Does going to buy pigs blood ever feel normal?”

“Sure.” Savina grinned, “Way more people are using it for normal stuff! Nobody cares.”

Erkan considered Savina’s smile. There was nothing weird about- if she wasn’t a vampire. Since she was a vampire, it was odd that there were no fangs. However, apparently they looked like normal teeth unless a vampire was about to feed. At least, if they wanted them to. He’d been reading up on a lot of things recently… and perhaps spending a bit less time working than he should have been. “I’d feel better if I could get it from Justin… is that weird?”

“Nah. You were friends, right? At least friendly acquaintances.” Savina tapped her chin, “Speaking of which… it would be good to teach you to sense blood. I can’t say I’m particularly good at it since… well, I can smell it- but for you it could be quite useful.”

“How so?” Erkan frowned as he thought, “I mean, I suppose being able to find some in an emergency could be useful, but I’m not expecting bottles of blood to just be lying around.”

“Of course not… depending on your location.” Savina looked over toward the refrigerator in the corner which contained at least a dozen bottles of blood. “However, it’s not useful just for that. You can sense blood in people, and through that what sort of people they are. Humans, vampires, werewolves, or whatever. Even ghouls like Justin have blood.”

“Ah, that makes a lot of sense. Is there a magic circle involved?”

“Of course. It doesn’t take much energy though so it’s almost perfectly safe to do without. As long as you haven’t been losing a lot of blood recently…” Savina smiled awkwardly.

Erkan shrugged, “I’d be almost recovered at this point even if they hadn’t given me blood transfusions at the hospital.”

“Oh? Yeah. Right.” Savina frowned for a moment, “That makes sense.”

“So, what’s the magic circle like? I bet it involves ‘blood’.” The runes for blood magic didn’t all have just one concrete meaning, but pretty much everything used one that always meant blood. It was rather essential.

“Good guess,” Savina rolled her eyes. “Well, I haven’t really used it in a while so…” She walked over to the shelves, “It should be in here somewhere. At least I can critique your writing.” Surprisingly, most of the books on the shelves weren’t old tomes. In fact, many of them weren’t strictly books at all. Savina returned with a binder full of laminated sheets of paper. “Ah, it should be here, then.” She opened it to a particular page and set the binder down, “There’s only me, you, and pig’s blood nearby. You won’t be able to sense anything else without a lot of practice. Distance and walls are the hardest parts. Actually, I can only sense a dozen yards in open space…” Savina shrugged, “But it’s not like it did me much good anyway.” She tapped her nose, “This works much better.”

Erkan carefully looked over the whole circle before he started drawing. It was more complicated than the one for moving his own blood, but less complicated than the one that effectively did nothing but run itself out of energy. Erkan did appreciate that it was going to use entirely external blood and none of his own. He would need a little extra sitting in the center to use as power so the actual circle didn’t run out quickly, but that was just another step of the process.

He didn’t quite get everything right the first time, but as long as he wasn’t so slow that the blood all dried out it was fine. He might need to use a bit of extra pig’s blood for its energy at that point, but it was cheap. Relatively. He carefully mopped up the few mistakes that Savina pointed out and redid them, then once he got the approval he activated the magic circle, concentrating on sensing the blood around him.

It really was limited by range. He could sense himself, the bottle of blood at the desk, and Savina who was standing next to him, but he couldn’t sense any of the bottles in the fridge. Erkan could tell there was some difference between the three types of blood besides location. There were a few things, but the only clear one was weakest to strongest, the pig’s blood, his own, and then Savina’s. He already knew that though, but it was nice to feel it. He tried to sense the blood in the fridge… but concentrating on that took a lot of effort and used up the last of the blood in the circle. “Phew,” Erkan wiped his forehead. “How come no one ever talks about blood magic being sweaty?”

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