Blood Chapter 15

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Hearing ‘we need to talk’ was never a good thing. Erkan had been almost-killed twice in the previous month, but those words from Savina were even more ominous… even if they really shouldn’t have been. They did need to talk. There were many things Erkan wanted to know, and she had the information. What was the worst thing that could happen, Savina breaking up with him? They’d only been going out for a few weeks anyway. Actually, maybe learning the truth about what was going on would be worse.

Before he met her things had been going fine in his life. Well, they had been at a low but… nobody had tried to kill him. Then two people had almost killed him and he could do nothing about it. It wasn’t Savina’s fault, but she was connected to supernatural things. Erkan couldn’t exactly sort out his thoughts on the matter, at least not as neatly as he would like.


Erkan walked up to Hot Beans. There were other coffee places open, since it was still ‘early’, but it was close and familiar for both Erkan and Savina. “Oh! Officer… Nico. Savina didn’t mention you would be here.”

Savina’s uncle nodded, and gestured to the table in front of him, “We didn’t exactly plan this out. So, you remember me.”

“Of course. You showed up a bit before the ambulance arrived. Savina mentioned you a couple times before, too. You’re her favorite uncle. She didn’t mention you were a police officer though.”

“I’m not… exactly. I wasn’t doubting your capacity to remember details,” he shook his head. “I’m just surprised that you remember me, in particular. Or any of that. I tried to erase your memory of it, you know?”

“No?” Erkan tilted his head, “I don’t remember that at least. So… are you here to do it right this time?”

“You don’t seem surprised at the prospect…”

Erkan shrugged, “I’ve seen magic, and you told me you tried. You have no reason to lie about it. So… what’s going to happen? Do I forget the whole month or…”

“Is there any point in asking?” Nico Nervetti raised an eyebrow as he sipped his coffee.

“I guess not. Does it hurt? Oh, I guess I wouldn’t remember so it wouldn’t matter…” Erkan stroked his chin. “Why even bring me here, then?”

The door to the coffee shop opened, bringing with it the chiming of a bell and Savina. “Hi, Erkan.” She walked over carefully and sat by her uncle, glancing down at the table.

“Hi, Savina.” Erkan didn’t really know what to say. He looked at Nico. “So?”

Nico shook his head, “I’m not going to erase your memory. Or… I can’t. Or shouldn’t.” He shrugged, “All three. I already tried it under nearly optimal conditions. It didn’t work, and so I can’t do it… safely.” He sipped his coffee, “I may not be a traditional officer, but I still have no reason to cause harm. I tried to erase your memories because normal people are better off not knowing about the supernatural world.”

“Right. Um… is it actually okay to talk about this stuff here?” Erkan glanced around the room.

“People won’t be able to overhear.”

“Oh, is that… magic?” Erkan looked around. He couldn’t see anything… but he could hear it. Maybe. A slight background buzzing. It gave off the same feeling he recognized as magic. Like Savina’s… but not so much like Rosa’s. Erkan nodded, “It is. I’ll assume you know what you’re doing.”

“I do.” Nico Nervetti folded his hands in front of him, “As I was saying, I tried to erase your memories, but apparently it didn’t hold. I could possibly still succeed… but I shouldn’t try. Normal people shouldn’t interact with the supernatural world but… you aren’t normal.”

“What? What am I, then?” All sorts of thought flickered through Erkan’s brain, but none of them made sense.

Nico shrugged, “I don’t know. Ah, don’t get me wrong. You are still human… but not the normal brand. Perhaps you have high willpower or innate resistance to magic. Regardless, it is enough to qualify you… and quite frankly you don’t have much choice. If you know about the supernatural, it is unsafe for both you and the inhabitants if you are uneducated. But since I can’t make you forget… then you must learn. Let’s start with what you’ve figured out on your own. What do you know?”

“Umm…” Erkan stroked his chin, “Savina is some kind of wi- magic user. She saved me twice with it. So are you.” Erkan tapped his fingers together. “The guy who kidnapped me was strong enough to carry me, I think, and maybe to not get shot? All I remember is hearing the gunshots and then he got away. Rosa can do magic too, and Justin… might be a werewolf or something that tears people apart. But maybe I’m wrong about Justin. Do werewolves even exist?”

“They do,” Nico nodded. “Though they don’t exactly fit any of the stories you’ve heard, there’s doubtless some truth in there as well. Justin… we will discuss later.”

“So, how do you know Rosa can use magic?” Savina asked. “She’s not exactly flashy, and didn’t mention anything like that.”

“Oh, it’s just… looking back on my memories, I could feel when you did it, and then I remembered something she did. It felt sort of similar, and was definitely magic too.”

“You can feel magic?” Nico asked.

“Sure, it’s like um… tingly and stuff.” Erkan waved his hand, “This here is kind of staticy, like an old tv sounds.”

“Interesting,” Nico leaned forward, “Can you tell where it originates from?”

“Umm, you? I hope.” Erkan closed his eyes for a moment and concentrated, tilting his head. “Under the table, maybe?” Erkan started to move, then stopped. Instead he placed his hand on the table. “Maybe right under here.”

“Hmm. Not bad,” Nico nodded. “So you can sense magic without training. A useful quality. Unless you have magical training you aren’t mentioning.”

“Not that I remember. Uh… I guess that doesn’t make it impossible, though.”

“Training that you don’t remember does little good. It is more likely that you have a natural affinity of some sort. We can talk about that later.” Nico pulled out his phone, “For now, I must go. Savina can explain everything you need to know… or direct you to someone who can. She can also help you with the legal stuff.”

“Legal stuff?”

“Cities keep track of who lives in them. It’s even more important that we do. Now then, I have work that must be done… Such as tracking down down a few people… some for their own protection and some for others.”

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