The Immortal Berserker Chapter 92

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Based on the size of Stredo, Barrett had expected the Immortal Berserker Sect to be… bigger. Instead, something he would have previously called a small city seemed smaller. There were only a few tall buildings visible over the walls. On the other hand, if he compared it to the Raging Fire Sect, it was bigger and more impressive- except for the location. The sect was just one some flat land, instead of at the top of a mountain.

“Can’t people easily climb over the walls?” Barrett asked. Though they were over ten meters tall, that was all. They also didn’t have perfectly smooth surfaces.

Master Hykel laughed, “Ah, it might look like that… but anyone who tries it will have a very bad time. We hired out for all sorts of magic junk on the walls- including stuff to keep people from flying in. Just in case. Besides, if we just leave the gate open people will probably be stupid enough to fight us there.”

The gates in question were around four meters tall, twice the height of a person. That made them large, but not overly so. Any taller was unnecessary even for horses with riders, unless they planned to have giants come visit… though they could already fit some of the smaller varieties.

Master Hykel pointed at the gate, “The two guards there are mostly for show. We have someone more qualified in surveillance watching for anyone that might be a problem, ready to raise the alarm or close the gates. Not usually necessary, because even Silver Blades aren’t dumb enough to try to get in. Plus, we’re still under the laws of Stredo, so nobody really wants to attack this place. Still… being careful never hurt.”

As they approached the gate, Master Hykel pulled out his identification. One of the guards nodded and greeted them, “Welcome back Master… Hykel?” A look of recognition showed up on his face. “It’s been… quite some time.”

“You act like nobody expected me to come back.”

The guard scratched the back of his head, “Well… you’ve been gone a decade. The messages let us know you were alive, but the other masters talked about the impossible task you’d set for yourself… and how you’d never give up on it even if it was impossible. But here you are, back.”

Master Hykel shrugged, “Well, they were right. I wasn’t going to give up. Speaking of which… this is Barrett, my apprentice. Also, this is Alnherr… a training consultant.”

The guard offered his hand to Barrett, “Always good to meet a new member!” Barrett shook the first guard’s hand, and realized just how many hand shaking muscles were connected to his forearm, grimacing. “Oh, sorry. Should have asked about injuries. I should have expected you to be training on the road.”

Barrett shrugged, “I didn’t think about it either.”

The other guard offered his other hand for Barrett to shake with his left, but Barrett pulled up his sleeve, showing off his injury. “Ooh, that looks painful.”

Master Hykel laughed, “It’s worse than it looks too!” Then he clapped Barrett on the back, “Come, let’s get you settled in.”


Barrett didn’t like the fact that he had holes in his forearms. That was not how they were supposed to be, and even if they were all stitched up, he still knew that there was a hole all the way through just waiting to get out.

Normally, healing wasn’t a very active process. At most he had to take some medicine- or get a salve rubbed on him. Other than that, nothing was the only thing he did when trying to recover.

Now, however, he was trying to actively recover. It still mostly involved sitting around not moving, but with a lot more effort involved. As for whether it was doing any good… he couldn’t tell. He knew he what he was trying to do, but he couldn’t really see whether it was happening or not. Unlike breathing or heartbeat, there wasn’t anything he could measure… at least not over a short period of time.

“Your body is constantly repairing itself,” Alnherr repeated, “All over, every little part. What you are trying to do is concentrate all of that in a single area- or most of it.”

Barrett knew that, but it was hard to do it… and to avoid thinking about the fact that bodies didn’t work like that. One thing that was definitely sticking, however, was not using everything. He didn’t want to draw all of something from one part of the body. If he could transfer durability- which he couldn’t- a part without any of it would collapse under its own weight, or any strain from anything else. That didn’t sound like a pretty sight. Instead, the point was to draw most of what he wanted from all throughout his body. Perhaps eighty or ninety percent in most cases.

Barrett tried to focus all his healing on his right forearm. Most of it. He tried not to draw any from his left forearm, and he tried to leave some for at least the basic needs of the rest of his body. Even if he took ninety-five percent of the healing from other places, they would still heal slightly faster than the normal rate- since he had passed thirty-two destructions. That was enough for them to keep up with normal functionality, if not damage caused by berserk energy.

If he could concentrate all of that healing on his right arm, he would heal over a thousand times normal speed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see himself healing. At that speed, it would be visible. A minute and a half would be approximately a day’s worth of healing. Barrett couldn’t see that, and therefore he hadn’t reached that point. He wasn’t sure whether he had done anything except make himself tired. He certainly couldn’t see any wriggling like the doctor had mentioned- but that was probably a problem of eyes.

Barrett’s eyes weren’t bad- they just weren’t amazing like Master Hykel’s, or apparently the doctor who had stitched his arms up starting from the inside. He supposed that sort of ability would be very useful when dealing with the sorts of injuries cultivator types would get up to.

After a day of effort, Barrett didn’t notice any significant improvement in healing. In fact, even his normal healing seemed rather slow, but he supposed that was because the wounds weren’t an easy type to recover from. It would be half a year of healing or more to recover superficially, with all the flesh knit together but not really healed. That equated to a week or two. Based on how long it had taken to grow back an arm it could take several more before actually being healed, and that meant he wouldn’t be fully recovered for the duel unless he had some success with his Pure Body Tempering.

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