The Immortal Berserker Chapter 81

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Teran Hykel stood in front of the gates of the Raging Fire Sect. They had a number of crimes to pay for… including abuse of power. There were things that cultivators should do, and things they should not. He found that far too many thought that because they were strong, there was nothing they could not do. While he admitted that some were strong enough that they could get away with it, that didn’t make it correct.

The Raging Fire Sect had allowed some of their disciples enough free reign that they felt they could do whatever they wanted. Perhaps that didn’t mean the Sect deserved destruction- some people could always slip through the cracks. However, even if they didn’t know about that- and he suspected they did- they had other crimes to pay for. Capturing non-cultivators for a possible crime that they were only connected to through chance- and keeping them captive for much longer than could possibly be necessary- was a clear abuse of power.

Teran Hykel thought he might stop with teaching them a lesson. That would be up to them. First, he had to get their attention. The guards standing next to him threatening didn’t count.

Hykel readied his axe, gathering just the right amount and pattern of berserk energy. Then he swung a few times in quick succession, chopping the large metal gates into pieces. “Get out here! It’s time to pay for your crimes against my disciple!”

The two guards fell over from the force of his shout. Their eardrums were probably broken, but they would likely live. They had strong bodies, after all.

He heard shouts of ‘kill him!’ coming from ahead of him. Nobody even bothered to ask what their crimes were, or even to try to say that their disciples were well behaved. Perhaps that was just arrogance instead of admission of guilt, but arrogance wasn’t a good trait- even if it wasn’t directly a crime.

People came charging forward, and Teran Hykel swatted them aside with his axe. Some of them would probably die, but that was their own fault for attacking with weapons drawn. He was already being generous not chopping them into pieces. Then his axe was stopped by a middle aged man. “Do you think the Raging Fire Sect will forgive your crimes?”

“My crimes?” Hykel laughed, “I’m just here for proper revenge. Unless your star pupil Ruben mysteriously stopped being part of your Sect when he tried to murder my disciple and intended to abduct a woman?”

“You!” The man swung a hammer covered in flames, “You’re the one who killed my disciple?”

Master Hykel took a small step to the side and the hammer only generated a light breeze. The flames weren’t exactly comfortable, but they were also transitory. “He was responsible for his own death with his actions… but it’s easy enough to swear I didn’t kill him.” Master Hykel projected his voice to a wide area, not so loud as his initial shout, as he casually dodged attacks and continued to cut down people swarming at him. “If your words meant anything, I doubt you could swear that he wasn’t the type to commit the crimes I have claimed.”

“My disciples actions aren’t yours to judge… since you seem to know so much about his death, you must be connected! Do you think the Raging Fire Sect is a bunch of pushovers? You will die for your ignorance!” The middle aged man glowed with flames so hot he was starting to melt the stones nearby, and the bodies of many of the sect disciples were starting to char. His hammer started to move more quickly and with a heavier force behind it.

“Really? My ignorance? I know about your Sect… but you didn’t even ask who I am.” Hykel swung his axe, cleaving the man from shoulder to waist across his body. The man fell into two different directions. “I am Master Teran Hykel of the Immortal Berserker Sect. I know you have five more tier four berserkers. I will give each of them a chance a life… but I don’t mind destroying your whole sect if you make me.” Hykel stepped forward and chopped through the corner of a building… and the berserk energy he extended beyond the head of his axe crumbled it all the way to the other two corners. The building collapsed. “Come on, I don’t have all day!”

By that point, the sect disciples were unwilling to approach. A crowd of people gathered around, weapons at the ready… but far away from Hykel. Three figures stepped out. “Don’t worry. We’ll defeat this intruder. He’ll pay for his crimes!”

Hykel grinned, then spun around, swinging his axe behind him. The figure behind him barely managed to block the handle of Hykel’s axe, and the force of the blow still flung him through the air. “I see how it is. You have so little honor here you are willing to attack from behind but will still claim to be righteous.” Hykel shrugged, “Not that such tactics aren’t necessary, but you didn’t even attempt to resolve my grievance against you with just a little bit of talking… So, where’s your final master? Or do you not even actually have six…” Hykel looked down at the body next to him, “… five people at the fourth tier?”

“Bah!” The man in the front and center wore armor made of dragon scales, and had a dragonbone spear. “What need have we of five men just to take down one person at the fifth tier? Kill yourself now, and we can forgive your sect of the crime of killing one of our masters.”

Hykel shook his head, “Looks like you really don’t know about the Immortal Berserker Sect. Putting aside the fact that I alone am sufficient to take all of you out, how many other fifth tier berserkers can you handle? How many sixth tier? What about a handful of seventh tier berserkers?”

The man in dragon scales laughed, “Seventh tier? If you’re trying to bluff, at least make it reasonable!”

Hykel shook his head, “I’d tell you to do your research next time… but you won’t have one.” With that, Master Hykel rushed toward the three masters.

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  1. for a fellow berserker sect, they kinda should do more research. then again, berserkers aren’t known for their booksmarts. immortal berserkers might just be the anomalies for being intelligent berserkers.

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