The Immortal Berserker Chapter 78

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Once Barrett determined the location of the prison from the map, he started to move in that direction… but stayed in sight of the gate and Master Hykel. There was no point in going in before the distraction was in full effect. Not that Master Hykel needed to be just a distraction- he had stated with full confidence that he could defeat the entire Raging Fire Sect on his own. The only problem was if they somehow determined the connection to Clara and Jack and tried to use them as hostages. Thus, Master Hykel would try to draw everyone over- or at least everyone strong. There were six members of the Raging Fire Sect that were fourth tier, and that was what Barrett needed to avoid the most. He hopefully wouldn’t encounter any third tier people either, but Master Hykel had expressed his confidence in Barrett’s ability to fight them… with the adamantine equipment.

Barrett wished he could have watched the fight from closer, but all he could see was people charging at Master Hykel only to be cut down by his axe. Then one of them actually managed to block and back off… and soon enough all six of the fourth tier members were there. Barrett couldn’t be completely sure, but they fit the descriptions he had been given- at least as close as he could tell from his current position.

Though the Raging Fire Sect had a great wall and a front gate blocking entrance to the top of the peak, Barrett wasn’t going to enter that way. It was actually a well fortified area, so there really weren’t any other entrances- but that didn’t mean he couldn’t get in. Stone walls had some weaknesses that weren’t easy to get rid of. Though they were mostly smooth, they were still climbable. At least, by certain people.

Barrett found the cliffside below rather trivial, even with armor. The wall itself, meanwhile, required just the slightest bit of berserk energy to latch onto some of the harder points. Of course, climbing wasn’t an ability exclusive to the Immortal Berserker Sect. However, there were guards who watched for people approaching. It was just that they were rather distracted at this current point.

If Master Hykel had been outside their front gates causing a ruckus, they might have seen it as a distraction- but having broken through into their territory he was beyond that point. Barrett had watched the walls to make sure the guards were distracted- and they certainly were. Half of them had already been called away, and watching people occasionally be flung twenty or thirty feet into the air near the entrance, Barrett could see why the remainder would be distracted.

Soon enough, Barrett found himself on top of the wall, and he swiftly descended the other side. He could have jumped down, but with his armor that would have been rather noisy, and he wanted to stay secret as long as possible. That duration was… not terribly long.

After a few moments of winding his way through the buildings strewn almost haphazardly about the area, he came to the front of the prison- and was spotted by the guards out front. Fortunately they weren’t far away, and he was expecting them- even if they didn’t expect him.

As he swung the axe at the guards, he suddenly appreciated it even with the greater weight. It cleaved right through one of the guard’s armor, and the guard… and the guard on the other side of the doorway as well. His armor, meanwhile, allowed him to take a direct spear thrust to the chest and he didn’t even stagger back.

As he looked at the four half-bodies, Barrett tried not to think about the fact that the two guards were probably mostly innocent… but then again perhaps they weren’t. After all, they were guarding the prison where Clara and Jack had been taken- and they hadn’t returned. That made the guards at the very minimum complicit.

Inside the building he immediately came to stairs going down… or the option of going through one of many doors. Barrett knew those doors wouldn’t lead to an area that held prisoners, so he couldn’t afford to waste time checking them out.

His boots rang out against the stone as he ran down the stairs. He didn’t find it surprising when another pair of guards met him at the bottom, but it only took a moment to take them out.

The first cell on the right was empty, and the one on the left only had a man Barrett didn’t recognized hunched down in the corner. He barely saw him in the dim light.

Barrett moved along to the next cells. He couldn’t afford to spend too much time here. Someone would miss the guards soon. Even with Master Hykel causing a huge distraction at the front gate, there had to be more than four guards.

The next two cells were empty… the next had none he knew. Barrett almost passed by the fourth pair, but he went back as he barely recognized a figure chained up in the cell. He barely recognized Clara under the dirt, grime, and blood. He brought the axe down where the lock connected the door to the cage… and was surprised when it only dug halfway in. He hadn’t used his full strength, but it was a good portion and he added berserk energy. He had sliced through the guards earlier. The cells seemed to be made of something exceptionally sturdy.

It took a moment to wrench the axe free, and his second swing cut the rest of the way through the lock. He threw open the cell door and ran inside. He saw Clara turn her eyes up toward him. She seemed like she was trying to say something, but couldn’t form the words. “Don’t worry, I’ll have you out of here in a moment…”

Barrett chopped through her chains where they met the wall. It was the easiest point, and it would allow Clara to move without risking hurting her. Barrett’s face fell as Clara toppled over after the chains stopped holding her up. He barely managed to catch her.

Barrett heard the sound of her ragged breaths… but he knew she wasn’t going to be moving out of here on her own. That made escaping harder. He placed some medicine in her mouth that would help stop any internal bleeding, and another for replenishing lost blood. He just barely managed to make her swallow them down with a mouthful of water from his waterskin. “Wait here a few moments. I’ll go find Jack.”

Barrett wasn’t sure if the raspy cough was an attempt at an acknowledgement, or just an unconscious response.

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  1. i expected better treatment, but not even providing food/water? i think hykel might do a little more than just beat people up. starting to seem like ruden was taught to be the way he was now.

    1. They got *some* food and water. It only takes a week to die without water.

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