The Immortal Berserker Chapter 72

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Perhaps the guards would have eventually overwhelmed Barrett with their numbers, ignoring Master Hykel’s presence- but nobody wanted to be the first to approach. With that, he managed to just walk away through the streets.

As he walked along, he took out handfuls of coins and whatever other valuables were in the safe and scattered them along the street and down alleyways. What was in the safe wasn’t a significant portion of the wealth Denton had, but Barrett was just doing it for catharsis. He had some plans for dealing with the rest.

After tossing out the last handful of coins in the safe, Barrett dropped it on the side of the street. He could see a crowd still following him out of morbid curiosity- and there were guards behind them- but nobody approached him.

Barrett continued forward at a steady stride until he caught the bank of Triridge in his sights. As he walked up the stairs he took note of the guards by the door. Word hadn’t yet reached them of what he had done, so they merely kept an eye on him as he approached. Barrett’s clothing was a decent quality so the guards kept a neutral expression. If they had noticed the blood, that might have been a different story.

When Barrett reached the two guards, he grabbed the arm of one- and immediately flung the other one down the stairs. He made his grip uncomfortable tight on the other guards arm, and did the same with his other arm. Then he marched him down to the bottom of the stairs. The guard struggled and tried to break free, but he wasn’t strong enough.

At the bottom of the stairs, Barrett took his spear. “You weren’t too bad, but I can’t have you getting in the way.” A precise strike later and the man was unconscious. Barrett hoped he didn’t cause too much damage, but it was better for the man if he was out cold.

As Barrett got back to the top of the stairs, one of the bank assistants opened the door to look out- likely to see what the commotion was. Barrett had never even made it inside to interact with the assistants- which also meant he had no particular grudge against them. He just pushed him out of the way.

“I, Barrett Ravenhall, have come to exact justice for money stolen from me by the Bank of Triridge!” It sounded strange to shout it out loud, but he wanted people to know why this was happening.

His words immediately got the attention of everyone in the bank- customers, assistants, bankers, and especially the guards. The bank guards started rushing at him, and within moments there were a dozen armed men brandishing spears at him. Someone had triggered the magical alarm that was meant to summon the city guard. Barrett wondered if they would do anything.

All of the guards were trained to the level of a normal soldier- none of them were prepared to fight Barrett who was a second tier berserker. It was easy for him to sweep them away with the haft of the spear, knocking them tumbling as he grabbed other guards and threw them into each other. Most of the guards would get off with a few broken bones or concussions… but even if he killed a few Barrett hardly cared.

A fat banker nervously walked forward. “Ah… Barrett Ravenhall? Why… we’d heard you were dead. There was no need for all this, our bank always pays everything that we owe.”

“Really?” Barrett stopped down to get a sword one of the guards had as a sidearm. “Why didn’t you give it to me when I was here years ago?” With a flurry of movement Barrett had grabbed onto the man’s forearm. “Besides this isn’t about the money.” With a swift chop, the man’s hand fell to the floor. “This is about justice. Thieves lose a hand. That’s the law.” The banker couldn’t help screaming in agony, desperately trying to wrap a cloth over his stump. “Oh, don’t be like that. You pretended not to know who I was a few years ago, you had to have known what the eventual consequences would be… unless you thought you could get away with whatever you wanted? You knew who I was… and I certainly wouldn’t forget your face.”

Master Hykel stood at the door… he let assistants and customers of the bank flee- but no bankers were let out.

“You’re new… you’re new… I don’t remember you… Aha!” Another banker that Barrett had tried to talk to lost a hand. He knew that they had known his real identity when he had been around three years earlier, but had completely prevented him from getting any sort of money- they hadn’t even attempted to confirm his identity because they already knew and had plans to thwart him.

After he went through all of the bankers- sending many of them staggering out of the building with only a stump for a right hand- he got someone to find him the documents relating to the Ravenhall finances. Not all of their money would be at the bank of Triridge, but almost everything in the city would be at this bank.

Barrett needed Master Hykel’s assistance to open the vault. Though he could have gotten keys or codes, it was more symbolic to tear it open. From the vault he took a heavy sack of coins- and gems- totaling to approximately the value the Ravenhall family had in the bank. It was surprisingly not large in volume, and the same could be said of the contents of the vault. Certainly, the vault contained a fantastic amount of wealth- but he still had imagined more.  

As he left, he shouted toward the crowd, “Remember, I only took what belonged to the Ravenhall family- what they stole from me! Think about how little they could have actually done if anyone had bothered to stop them.”

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