The Immortal Berserker Chapter 71

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When Barrett saw Denton, he wanted to rip his head off. He was physically capable of doing that now, but it was rather too easy. Besides, it wasn’t appropriate retribution. He probably deserved death for whatever his involvement in the death of Barrett’s family was… but death seemed too nice.

Denton saw Barrett coming. It took him a moment to recognize his cousin- both older and without a scarred face- but once he did his face turned angry and he stomped toward Barrett. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Barrett brought his hand across Denton’s face, sending him flying, “What about you?” The other servants gathered around didn’t know how to react as Barrett walked over and picked Denton up by the front of his silk shirt, “I’m the head of the main branch of the Ravenhall family, you know? Your attitude is very disrespectful.”

Denton spit on Barrett- which ended up being half blood. “You have no real status anymore. I am the head of the Ravenhalls now! Soon the guards will be here and deal with you!”

“Which guards?” Barrett raised an eyebrow. “The manor guards?” Barrett gestured to the two guards still unconscious at the gate, behind Master Hykel who was preventing anyone from leaving.

“The city guards, idiot!”

Barrett punched Denton in the gut… gently. That was enough to knock the wind out of him, but it wouldn’t tear him in half. Barrett walked over to the entrance and jumped up on the gate, still carrying Denton, “Those guards down there?” He turned Denton’s face to see a pile of city guards grunting and groaning. “They won’t be a problem, and I think they’d have something to say about your actions as well. However, since they’re quite bribed by you I just have to deal with things on my own.” Barrett looked around through the small crowd, “Where’s Melody?”

Denton laughed, “Why, living happily in the new manor build on top of yours, of course. All of your properties are now ours.”

Barrett shook his head, “You don’t get it do you?” Barrett hopped back down to level ground, then grabbed Denton by the jaw, “I’m not here for land.” Barrett tore out a tooth, “I’m here for payback.” Denton’s gargled screams could be heard as Barrett pulled out five more teeth, “Now, I don’t have the time to do the rest in detail here but…” He grabbed one of Denton’s wrists and crushed it with his hand rubbing back and forth to ruin the bones. “This will have to do.”

All of the servants were shaking in fear, but whenever they tried to run Master Hykel would move as if by magic to stop them.

Barrett dealt with them one by one, according to what they had done to him. “And you… I don’t have the time to call you stupid and clumsy that much so…” he gave that servant a swift kick in the nuts- not enough to cause any permanent damage, but quite painful. “All that’s left is… Margerit.”

Margerit stood as confidently as she could, facing Barrett.

Barrett shrugged, “Sorry about all this. You’re going to have to find a new job, but I can get you good severance pay at least. I don’t know if it’s enough to pay you back for your honesty and relative kindness in this terrible place, but there’s not much else I can do.”

“I… have an unfavorable contract here.”

“I’ll destroy it, and any copies.” Barrett turned to Master Hykel, “Can I ask for your help with something else? I want to destroy this house but… I don’t know how long it would take to do it alone. I’m not going to burn it.”

Master Hykel shrugged, “Sure, I can do that. How destroyed do you want it?”

“I don’t want a single wall standing. Ah, after we let Margerit and any of the new servants take their stuff out.”

Barrett had only really meant to ask Master Hykel to help out with the demolition- but once he got started it was clear Barrett wouldn’t be of much help. Master Hykel literally ran through the wall as if they weren’t there, causing everything to come crashing down. In a matter of minutes there were only pieces of wall standing, and the floors above and below had become one big pile of rubble.

Barrett made an exception to his fire rule for all of the important looking documents in the study, after scanning through useful ones. He spent the better part of the day there.

By the time he was ready to leave, the entire city guard had formed up outside the manor- but nobody was willing to venture in. Barrett walked to the front gate carrying the safe and whatever coins and jewelry were left in it.

“Surrender at once!” A large man that Barrett recognized as the captain of the city guard said as Barrett approached.

Barrett shook his head, “If this city wants to have any guards not in the hospital for the next few months I suggest you back off now. I am Barrett Ravenhall, the true head of the Ravenhall family. This is all equal and fair retribution for crimes my cousin and aunt took against me and my family. Of course, I know you did nothing about it when they kept me captive and worked me like a slave, but perhaps consider how little continuing to try to help them will do for you.”

“I won’t stand for more of this outrageous slander! Men, get him!”

Barrett laughed as they started to move forward, and turned to project his voice toward the crowd of civilians gathering behind the guards to watch the commotion, “Everyone in this city already knows what was done.” Barrett turned back to the captain of the guard, “Oh, I forgot to mention. There’s an exception to my policy for the captain of the guard.” Barrett dropped the safe, then suddenly moved forward. He threw aside all of the guards that were between him and the captain, dodging their weapons or deflecting them with his arms. By the time he reached the captain of the guard he had only barely managed to lower his spear into the proper position. Barrett grabbed it, and at the same time kicked out at the armored knee of the captain of the guard. There was a horrible crunching sound as the knee bent backwards… and then again for the other knee. “Captains of the guard get to spend the rest of their life recovering.” Barrett then snapped the man’s arms for good measure.

All of the guards around him backed away- those who weren’t still standing up from having guards flung to the sides. Barrett slowly walked back to pick up the safe, then started walking out into the street again.

“Zero hospital time for those who get out of my way. This is your final offer.”

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