The Immortal Berserker Chapter 69

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Mistress Seviren nodded seriously after hearing about Barrett, “That explains why I thought you were dead when I found Reina. You had wounds I thought nobody would recover from… and though i may have unfairly assumed you had died, you weren’t far from it.” She held his chin and looked closely at his face, “An immortal body, huh? Well, looks aren’t everything.”

Barrett rolled his eyes, “I know, I know. Ugly and scarred.”

Mistress Seviren smiled, “Once your scars finish healing I’m sure you’ll go back to the handsome face Reina likes. I was just expecting… more from the person Master Hykel spent so many years obsessively searching for.” She patted him on the head, “Good character though. Thank you for keeping my disciple as safe as you could.” She frowned, “Speaking of scars, how did you not notice earlier?”

“Uh, I guess they hadn’t really healed yet?”

Reina shook her head, “When you showed your face to me, you were healed.”

“Ah, really? I mean… I didn’t like looking at the scars… so I didn’t.” Barrett frowned in thought, then muttered to himself, “Ah, that explains the teeth thing… teeth don’t grow back.”

“Of course not. That should be obvious.”

“Well…” Barrett scratched his chin, “Children grow a new set of teeth, right? When my teeth grew back I just sort of assumed it was the same kind of thing. I just assumed nobody mentioned it.” Barrett looked down at his arm that was just beyond his elbow, “Master Hykel told me some stories about people losing arms. Sometimes they still feel like they’re there. I felt that. So, when I started feeling more arm, I didn’t really know what to think. The first several weeks it didn’t grow back noticably, but then in the next couple of months… well, this much happened. It should only be a couple more before the whole thing is there… I think. I’m not sure if different parts take different amounts of time.”

Reina brushed back her hair to completely reveal the left side of her face, and her healed eye. “Five years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined getting mutilated… or being able to recover from it. We’ve really gotten into some crazy stuff, haven’t we?” Reina shook her head, “Though, I supposed it all started with rather mundane injuries.”

“Yeah…” Barrett thought back on his manor burning down. It was almost funny how little danger that would pose to him now. Almost. He saw Reina looking at his arm. “Do you have more questions? It’s okay to talk about this arm. I mean, it really bothered me when I thought it was lost forever, but I kind of got over it once I realized it was growing back.”

Reina shook her head, “Your casual acceptance of horrific injuries aside… how come it’s taking so long to grow back? Don’t you heal at like… more than twenty times normal speed?”

“I think this is the enhanced speed. Otherwise it might take something like… at least ten years?”

“Ugh, that’s awful. I was thinking it might be nice to have have an immortal body like you, but there’s no way in hell I would go through your Immortal Berserker training… so it wouldn’t be that amazing.”

“I would say ‘it’s not that bad’ but…” Barrett closed his eyes for a moment, “It’s pretty bad. But then again, so is not being strong.”


Master Hykel and Barrett sat down for more discussion after the excitement from his return had settled down somewhat. “Listen here, kid. I know you’re not the type to let most stuff go to your head, but I’m sure you understand a true immortal body is a pretty big deal.” Barrett nodded. “Let me just remind you that there are positives and negatives to everything. Even an immortal body isn’t… well… actually immortal.” Master Hykel chuckled, “So I suppose it’s not any more a true immortal body than the other kind. Have you thought about what weaknesses it has?”

Barrett nodded again, “Well, if someone stabs me through the heart or cuts off my head or destroys some other vital organ I’ll still die. That’s what makes them vital organs, after all. Being able to recover from anything I survive still requires me to survive after all. Even if I do survive… there can be a lot of time recovering.” Barrett held up his half-healed arm. “Some injuries will prevent me from training for a long time.”

“That’s right. It’s better if you don’t do anything stupid. Actually, there might be things that even an immortal body won’t recover from. The details we have… it’s been a long time since we’ve actually had someone with an immortal body, and so there’s nobody to ask to fill in questions. A few things we are sure of… you can’t regress in destructions. Those will always succeed. Up to this point, you could have just been over ninety percent success rate and a bit lucky. All that really does is save you some time and pain. Unfortunately, we know for certain that you can still fail breakthroughs to tiers- and those will still kill you. Overall, it just means you don’t lose training time from regressing. You can also go through slightly more intense training… but if you go too hard, you’ll have to spend time recovering from injuries that you could have spent training. You just don’t have to worry about scar tissue building up, or bones not healing right.”

“Or getting an arm chopped off?”

“Funny. That seems like a pretty big setback to me.”

“You should see the other guy. Except you can’t because I smashed his head and the rest of him should have burned up in the lava.” Barrett half smiled, “You know, I don’t think you can really count the weaknesses of an immortal body as drawbacks. I mean, does it actually make me worse in any situation?”

“Well… not really I guess.” Master Hykel held up a finger, “Unless it makes you arrogant. Just remember that none of us are actually immortal. Don’t do things like jumping into a volcano.”

“I… didn’t do that because I thought I was immortal. I did it because it was more important than not dying.” Barrett nodded.

Master Hykel smiled, “Good. Remember that. I don’t want you to die… but there are indeed things more important than your own life. If there really is something… do your best so you won’t regret it later.” Master Hykel shrugged, “Of course, I don’t plan to let you die. I can’t always be around, but if I am, I won’t let you die. I’ll kill anything that tries… even people stronger than me if it comes down to it.” Master Hykel touched his finger directly to Barrett’s forehead, “There is one exception. You’re a pretty good kid… but if you’re truly, grievously in the wrong, don’t expect me to not be the first person to take you down, even if I spent so long trying to find a disciple like you. You know the kind of behavior I expect from you. While there’s always the possibility to screw up… there are limits of mistakes that are acceptable.” Master Hykel shook his head, “I think you’ll probably be fine, but just warning you ahead of time. The Immortal Berserker Sect is a righteous sect- and we’re the kind that actually means it.”

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