The Immortal Berserker Chapter 68

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Master Hykel sighed.

“Don’t dwell on it so much,” Mistress Seviren said, “You can’t keep a constant watch over your students or they would never have a chance to grow.”

“I know but…” Master Hykel shook his head, “I wasn’t even doing anything important! What’s the point of trying to recruit more disciples when I lose a great one?”

Reina frowned. She’d managed to fight off the three chasing after her long enough for Mistress Seviren to arrive. After that, they’d looked for Barrett. They’d found his horse, but hadn’t been able to find many traces of him after that… until they found his arm and axe next to the volcano’s rim. Combined with the blood drops leading up to the edge… they could guess what had happened- but there was nothing recognizable in the volcano. Mistress Seviren had almost wanted to go destroy the Raging Fire Sect immediately in retribution- but had thought better of it. She was strong, but she had been somewhat injured in her own fight and they weren’t a weak group. They’d gone back to find Master Hykel to give him the news and ask for help… but had ended up staying around as Master Hykel fell into a depressed state.

“You can still get revenge…” Mistress Seviren tried to coax something from Master Hykel.

He smashed a wall, causing the beaten building he was standing next to to finally collapse. “I don’t want revenge! I want- Barrett.” Master Hykel turned then started sprinting toward the entrance of the compound.

Mistress Seviren held up a hand to stop him, but let it drop. Then, she turned, eyes wide.


Barrett first saw Master Hykel when he landed in front of him, making a small crater. “You crazy disciple! Where have you been? What happened to your arm?”

Barrett sighed, “Boy, that’s a loooooong story.”

“Actually… I’ve heard some of it already.” Master Hykel frowned. “I’m… I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

“It’s alright. You couldn’t have guess this would happen, and you had important business.”

“What important business? I came here to recruit disciples but I threw away that very thing just for the idea of some sort of ‘perfect’ disciple that doesn’t even exist!” Master Hykel took a few deep breaths, “I’m sorry. I have more pills… they might be able to help regrow your arm. If not… I can get more somewhere!”

“Ah, about that… You gave me way too many pills. I never even used any of them, you know?”

“I saw how many were left in your room! I admit you were rather conservative in your use…”

Barrett shook his head, “I mean it, I never used any of them. The rest of them I was carrying with me- besides the couple bottles I gave to Reina.”

“None of them?”

“None of them. Now, want to listen to my story?”

“… I do.”


Master Hykel frowned seriously after listening to the details Barrett provided, “I have a serious question. How many destructions have you failed?”


“None?” Master Hykel bit down on his lip, muttering to himself, “Maybe he could be… but his arm…”

“What is it?”

Master Hykel shook his head, “No, just thinking you’re quite lucky. Though I should say exaggerating your wounds isn’t polite. I thought I taught you better than that?”

“You did! I didn’t exaggerate at all.” Barrett held up his arm, “Look, my arm was cut off right here.” Barrett pointed to just below his shoulder.

Master Hykel poked it. “Right there?”


“Are you sure?”

“I mean, it might have been a little different.”

“But… you have an elbow.”

“Yeah, it’s kinda been… growing back?”

Master Hykel grinned, “Well damn. I’m blind. You were the one the whole time!”

“The one… what?”

“The perfect disciple!” Master Hykel thumped his leg loudly. “Remember what I told you about Immortal Bodies? How the Immortal Berserker Style was made to replicate them?”

“Well, yeah. But the weakest one recovers at 10,000 times the normal rate, and they don’t let you recover from… arms being cut off.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s because it was all a lie. I mean, they call them immortal bodies now, but they’re not true immortal bodies. The Immortal Berserker Style was made specifically for true immortal bodies. People with a true immortal body can recover from anything- if they aren’t dead- but they don’t heal faster than normal. In fact, wounds that normally couldn’t recover took an extremely long time to heal. Thus, a few of them banded together and came up with a method to increase their healing speed and toughness. There are rumors that the other kind of immortal bodies come from the bloodline of high ranking Immortal Berserkers… but that might not be the case.”

Barrett blinked a few times. “Oh. Okay.”

“Anyway!” Master Hykel clapped his hands together. “I came here looking for a perfect student. Someone with an immortal body. Someone prophesied there would be one here… but I never found them. Except…” Master Hykel pointed, “They are never wrong, and it’s you.”

“I mean… I figured that part out,” Barrett nodded. “So, what does this mean?”

“It means… we’re going back to the Sect. After I destroy the Raging Fire Sect real quick.”

Barrett held up his hand, “We don’t really need to jump to that, do we? Also, can I have lunch first? I’m super hungry.” Barrett stomach rumbled loudly to punctuate his remark.

“Hmm, good call.” Master Hykel nodded, “Anyway, destroying them is going to happen. I mean, if you wanted me to destroy them I would… but I also want to do it for me. How dare they let their people attack my student?” Master Hykel crushed a rock in his hand. “But lunch first. Also, you should go talk to your girlfriend. She was super sad you died, again.”

“She’s not my-” Barrett shook his head, “Yeah, I’ll go talk to her.”


Reina was already crying as Barrett walked up. “Hi.”

Reina punched him in the chest. There was no energy or magic with her attack, so she cursed and shook her fist. “Ow. You… you… dumb!” Reina punched Barrett again, and the second time he stepped back to soften the blow- for the sake of her wrist. “If you ever sacrifice yourself again to try to save me, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll kill you!”

Barrett just pulled her into a one-armed hug, “Okay. It’s a deal. Though, you’ll have to beat Master Hykel to it.”

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