The Immortal Berserker Chapter 52

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Barrett’s intense training continued until they arrived back at the sect, but once there he was actually given full rest time for a few days. That was enough to allow him to completely recover. He walked out of his room in the morning… only to see Twig Girl. Nilima was her name, he supposed… but that didn’t matter right now.

Their eyes met… and both of them charged toward each other. She struck out with her right palm as Barrett did the same with his fist. Her right palm struck his shoulder, and she caught his fist with her left.

Barrett felt the energy from her attack seeping in through his skin, into the muscles and bones. It would certainly be sore… but Nilima was sent spinning from blocking his attack. She ended up a few meters away from him before coming to a stop in a fighting stance.

The two of them looked at each other once again… before relaxing their guard.

“What are you doing here?” Barrett asked.

“Mistress said we came here for training.” Nilima crossed her arms in front of her. “That other girl and the magic guy are here too.”

“Lamont and…?”

Nilima scrunched up her face and closed one eye, “The one eyed one.”

“Reina.” Barrett could hear the sound of conversation over toward the cookfire. “I suppose I should go say hi.”

Along with those he knew, there were two figures Barrett hadn’t seen before. One was a woman in an elegant but unfamiliar style of dress. Her clothes somewhat resembled Nilima’s in style, coloring, and material- but Nilima’s seemed more boyish. Meanwhile, this woman wore a shirt and trousers that didn’t cover up her femininity. Barrett had to admit she was attractive… but he wasn’t particularly interested in someone who was at least twice his age.

The other new figure was a man, dressed in practical clothing like Lamont… and Barrett recognized some of the same symbols. Presumably, he was Lamont’s teacher. He looked quite a bit older, with some of his hair graying,

“There you are, Barrett!” Master Hykel waved him over. “Come here and meet some people. You didn’t see them before because they were… busy.” He gestured to the woman, “This is Mistress Ishita Joshi.”

“Pleased to meet you.” Barrett bowed.

“Likewise.” She smiled and nodded, “I’ve heard about you from my cute little student.”

Nilima glared, but didn’t say anything.

Master Hykel then motioned to the man, “This is Master Timotej Zima.” Barrett exchanged greetings with Master Zima as well, “Though you’ve already somewhat met, this is Bridgette Seviren.” The elegant looking woman with the sword was Reina’s Mistress. Barrett bowed again. “Though some of them are just passing through the area, I thought this would be a good chance for all of us to get some training. We have a good variety here for everyone to be able to spar with many types… and both students and teachers are close enough in strength to get significant benefits.”

Though Barrett had sparred against both Nilima and Lamont, they hadn’t fought each other much. Though there wouldn’t be much new with the two of them, it wasn’t like he couldn’t learn anything either. Reina would be different, as a user of swift weapons- and more importantly a skilled one. Barrett could almost feel himself being covered in cuts already. That wasn’t a pleasant though, but at least it would be good for him in the long run. He wasn’t sure how he felt about fighting Reina though. Since he knew her before he’d started really learning to fight, it was a strange idea.


“So, how’s your eye recovery going?” Barrett couldn’t help but ask Reina once they had an opportunity to talk.

“Fairly well,” she pulled her veil over to the side, showing fair skin. Her eye remained closed. “Everything but the eye itself is finished healing. It should be healthy soon, though. Thank you again for the medicine…”

“You’re welcome. I’m so glad to see you’re alive, I want you to be as healthy as you can. Besides, like I said, my room is full of all kinds of medicine. You should see it some time.” Barrett coughed, “Well… I have some training to do. Make sure to rest well! It really helps speed up healing.”


Barrett’s fist came up from below, striking Nilima in the jaw… at the same time as her palm struck him in the chest. Though he wasn’t flung back like she was, Barrett felt the damage to his heart. It didn’t look like he was hurt at all from the outside, but he knew it was enough to kill a normal person.

Nilima stook up shakily and spit out a mouthful of blood. “Damn. There goes a tooth.”

Barrett shrugged, “It’s okay, they grow back on their own.”

“Yeah, once. What do you think I am, a little kid?”

Though she was rather short and extremely thin, Barrett knew she wasn’t a little kid. She was around the same age as him, sixteen or seventeen probably. “Sometimes you act like one. Besides, you should be happy I didn’t shatter your whole jaw.”

Nilima rolled her eye, “Fine, thanks for not shattering my whole jaw.” She shook her head, “I’m done for now.” She turned to leave, grumbling to herself, “Most people don’t trade hits like that… stupid berserkers…”


Barrett sparred with Lamont as well, as well as his other normal training. That included going through a destruction… and everyone was horrified that Barrett was in bed for a few days. He supposed that made sense, because usually anything that happened to him he recovered in about the same amount of time without requiring full bedrest. After all, none of them were trying to kill him- not truly anyway.

Not that he had recovered fully from the destruction in just a few days. It would still take more than a month to recover… almost two, actually, since he would be going two levels at a time. It was just that it was safe enough for him to move around doing normal activity.

Reina finished recovering and was able to expend her energy for fighting about a month after they arrived. She had to spend most of her effort effort to maintain her strength during that time period, because regeneration medicines overdrafted the body’s recovery systems, as well as draining any type of energy the user trained in. That was why it wasn’t worth using them for superficial scarring- though some people did anyway. Real regenerations medicines were harder to get, but for the kinds required just to recover damaged tissue they were obtainable. Recovering lost limbs was a different story, being much more expensive and taking longer- if such medicines could even be obtained. A very large number of lower quality pills could accomplish similar results… but would take even longer and with a larger drop in strength.

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