The Immortal Berserker Chapter 382

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When Grandmaster Hykel came to see Barrett with a serious expression on his face, Barrett tried to preempt his questions. “My cultivation is progressing smoothly. I haven’t heard any conclusive evidence… or even anything worth acting on at the moment.”

Grandmaster Hykel nodded, “I see… but that’s not why I was here today. Grandmaster Nour attempted to advance to eighth tier… and failed.”

Barrett frowned, “Is he…?”

Hykel shook his head, “Not dead. But he’s not much better off than that. And, though we have many impressive medicines, we don’t have much effective for grandmasters. We were actually hoping Doctor Stieber… well, we might have to wait longer for anything of the sort.” Grandmaster Hykel shook his head, “But he knew the risks. Even without him, we still have more grandmasters now than we used to… though I still just barely stepped through the door.” He paused for a moment, “About that other topic…”

“The only relevant detail is nobody has anything negative to say about our allied sects. Nobody that matters anyway. Mostly old grudges and the like.” Barrett sighed, “I didn’t even think to investigate them, but Rylan congratulated us on actually being Righteous Sects instead of just… spouting off things to sound good. Though he might also be biased towards us.”

Teran Hykel held out his hands helplessly. “The internal affairs of the Immortal Berserker Sect are constantly reviewed. We certainly do the best we can. About those others…”

“Well, an easy example is the Church of Ristos. Their presence here is small though. On more vaguely religious groups… the Temple of Divine Fury isn’t particularly popular, but Rylan generally approved of them at least not being hypocritical. Even though their recruitment is quite exclusionist and they value military might purely for the sake of itself… at least that is what they say they care about as well.” Barrett shook his head, “The Church of Egdas has a small presence in Stredo as well, and while they aren’t particularly charitable… that’s not part of self-sufficiency. They’re still relatively more charitable than the Church of Ristos- apparently providing assistance to someone so that they can become self-sufficient is encourage in moderation. However, Rylan has been more zealous in that area.” Barrett stroked his chin. “Let’s see, less favored factions… the Brilliant Blades are said to be extremely polished but not exactly a beacon of righteousness. The Palace of One Thousand Eyes… well, it’s easy to see why people distrust illusionists.”

Grandmaster Hykel commented, “It seems as if you’re leaving something out.”

“Like I told you, I don’t have any conclusive evidence or something worth acting on.”

“I’d like to hear it anyway. What do you have?”

Barrett shrugged. “A gut feeling? I’m sure you remember the two incidents in the arena with me.”

“Hmm. The ones involving the Silver Blades?” Master Hykel crossed his arms.

“Those involved in the failure of the functioning of the arena were arrested and punished- by death.” Barrett nodded. “That’s the official story, and people did die. But, I don’t recall any grandmasters dying. Or even powerful masters. Do you think the Majestic Invoker’s Circle really had a few fourth tier members who could freely manipulate the arena’s functions without anyone else noticing?”

“Those are some serious accusations.”

Barrett folded his arms and held his head high. “I didn’t do anything but state a few things and ask a question.”

Grandmaster Hykel grinned. “I wasn’t saying I disagreed with your logic, either. I was just thinking you were right to be cautious about mentioning that much.” He paused, “Now that you’ve had some time, do you still think you can recover your cultivation in just a few years?”

“My body is retraining quite adequately. I even had some peeks into a grandmaster’s head… and while I can hardly say I remember much of it or that he knew anything about Pure Body Tempering, it gave me some ideas. I think all I needed before was time to advance to sixth and seventh tier… at least, reaching the extreme of sixth tier was just a matter of time. I don’t want to say it would have been easy to reach grandmaster.”

Teran laughed, “It’s okay if you say it. You’re pioneering your own form of the Immortal Berserker Style, and you make it look easy. And the trick to advancing to grandmaster is just… experience, accumulation of power, mindset… and maybe a bit of luck. I’d say if luck is real, you have plenty of it.”

“I’d be forced to agree. After all, I died, but I’m still here.” Barrett squinted his eyes as he looked over Teran Hykel. “You kept up with Pure Body Tempering, right? You hit master tier.”

Grandmaster Hykel nodded, “Sure, but being a full realm behind in Pure Body Tempering… well, it’s only good for a trick now and then. Maybe focusing my healing a bit.”

“Great. How would you like to have a True Immortal Body?”

Grandmaster Hykel tilted his head, “I’m sure you know any Immortal Berserker would be thrilled to have it, willing to pay great expenses- if it were possible to obtain one instead of just being born that way.”

“Excellent. Then we can start anytime.”

Teran squinted his eyes, “Start what?”

“Well,” Barrett explained, “For the past five years, I didn’t have a True Immortal Body. But for four decades before that, I did, and had never not had one. So I didn’t really know how it worked. Now I do. It’s an inherited trait… but it’s sometimes inherited from cultivators who weren’t born with it. It’s not a recessive trait, exactly. I thought it might just be more easily noticed in children of cultivators- normal people won’t generally notice the effects. However, it’s something different. While the Immortal Berserker Style fundamentally changes how our bodies work… we’re also still very human. Our children will be the same both before or after… with the possible exception of a True Immortal Body.”

Grandmaster Hykel shrugged, “And so what, I have children and pretend to be one of them? I know you wouldn’t advocate stealing a body.”

Barrett waved his hand, “Well, my point is… humans have many traits that are passed on from parents to children, obvious things like eye and hair color. Some traits are related to environment… like those from the metal sea. But they weren’t always like that, but became that way- even non-cultivators. In short… certain traits can be activated by environmental factors. Or just… Pure Body Temperers, because they can skip silly intermediate steps. I felt the necessary things to have a True Immortal Body inside of Grandmaster Quidel- and no blood affinity of any closeness, which indicates the trait should be spread throughout humans in general. However, I can’t guarantee that, or explain the technique simply… which is why you being master tier will reduce the risks- and you can recognize if my assumption is incorrect when you make the attempt.”

Teran Hykel frowned, “You really think it’s possible? I imagine it comes with significant risk though.”

“Could be more or less than breaking through a tier… more for you, since you’ll be the second non-myself I tried it on, and I haven’t explained it before. Maybe… ten, twenty percent chance of terrible results.”

“So why haven’t we started yet?” Grandmaster Hykel sat down without a second of hesitation, “That’s nothing! Increasing my future cultivation efficiency greatly is worth the risk.”

Barrett grinned widely. “Right, so uh… I would suggest having a doctor on watch in addition to myself… also, that’s not really a good place to sit.”

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