The Immortal Berserker Chapter 296

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Before he could do anything else, Barrett needed his blood to flow, especially to his brain. Normal people would die or suffer serious injuries without blood flow to the brain for a few minutes- Barrett could likely survive longer, but if he went unconscious he couldn’t do anything to save himself. 

Undoing the effect of his blood coagulating only took a few moments, after which his blood suddenly jerked back to a start, flowing through his body. However, that was just one of the many problems he was currently experiencing. Barrett took care to protect his brain first, identifying first one problem and then another.


Einar finished searching through the magic bag. There was nothing he could identify as any sort of antidote, only more poisons- and venom, which he supposed technically wasn’t a poison. The assassin must have been supremely confident or immune to their own toxins. Very few people were vindictive enough to not carry a way to save themselves on the off chance it might save someone who killed them. Then again, that could be a policy the Silver Blades had enacted after their dispersal- or even just the circumstances of being unable to obtain them. 

His eyes flicked to Barrett. It wasn’t clear to Einar if he was dead or not. His body was curled up in a ball and hadn’t moved since then. He wasn’t breathing and Einar couldn’t sense a heartbeat… but the aura of magic from Barrett hadn’t started to fade. There was no movement on the surface, but underneath there was a hint of something.


Though his heart had stopped pumping, Barrett couldn’t worry about that at the moment. That was just his muscles freezing up. It was quite troublesome to manually circulate air in and out of his lungs and the blood just to and from his brain, but he needed that. Along with that, he was working on clearing out his liver and kidneys, which had been doing an admirable job clearing out his blood but were quite overwhelmed. Barrett manage to pull a whole mass of junk out of his liver, squeezing it through his body until it squished out of his pores. He already didn’t have any open wounds to move it out of. He did the same with his kidneys and started on the rest of his organs. Besides his brain, his body wasn’t getting much in the way of oxygen. He was running out of stamina, so he would have to clear that up and hope his body recovered the rest of the way on its own.

First he started with his heart, removing all the little bits that were blocking the signals to his muscles. His heart was still stopped even after that, but he gave it a manual squeeze and it continued on its own. His heart had been regrown and had been weaker than the rest of him, but he’d trained it to catch up. Maybe it hadn’t quite been enough, or maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference if he had his original heart.

Then he fixed his lungs- especially the diaphragm muscles which did all the moving. There was some actual damage to the lungs themselves, but that would likely heal if he got the chance. He just needed to force out all of the air and any toxins with it, then refill his lungs. That wasn’t something that was even possible normally, but he could push around the air inside of him with some difficulty, so he could removed one portion at a time and replaced it with somewhat cleaner air. Hopefully he’d collapsed far enough from the battle that the air was clear- it felt fine but that wasn’t a perfect judge of whether it was, especially in his nearly incapacitated mental state. He coughed, and with his lungs and heart moving he was content to let himself fall unconscious- not that he had any way to prevent it.


Destroying the entire Macaio clan for working with the Silver Blades felt like appropriate retribution, but the Macaio clan hadn’t acted directly against the Immortal Berserker Sect. Thus, Teran Hykel let them off with just killing a few important people and smashing up part of their wall. The defenses on the walls had exploded around him- half intentionally- but he was beyond the level they expected to have to deal with. He didn’t actually try to go far beyond their walls, so when he walked away they didn’t even think about pursuing him. The Silver Blades had already scattered anyway- they weren’t willing to die for them. 

When he found Barrett, he sighed. His disciple was nearly dead again. The Immortal Berserker Technique might have been one that tread the line between life and death frequently… but Barrett went even more to the extreme. According to Einar, he had just started breathing again… which meant he would probably be fine. He fed him a nutrient pill just to make sure his body had something to work with. As for Einar being uninjured… he just shook his head. Trying to understand exactly how any of those from the Fourth Eye Seers worked was pointless. Either he’d helped in battle and Barrett still ended up in this state- or he hadn’t but had predicted Barrett’s survival… or some other ‘optimal’ situation. Since they were allies, they would never let anyone intentionally die… but a few of the Immortal Berserkers wouldn’t be returning home- but the same could be said of a handful of Fourth Eye Seers as well. Sometimes, even the best odds didn’t work out.

Teran Hykel took one last look back at the Macaio Clan. They had made many enemies, and a few of them were still strong enough to stand up to them. Now that they’d had such a quick downturn, things wouldn’t bode well for them in the future. Even so, the Metal Sea had to at least partly deal with its own problems. The biggest problem here was even though they had killed most of the fleeing Silver Blades- including the fifth tier that Barrett fought- there were likely more significant forces of the Silver Blades elsewhere. If he recalled correctly, they had at least one grandmaster who had escaped during the beginning… and they could be setting up something big. Even if they didn’t plan immediate revenge and were just trying to regrow their organization elsewhere, the idea of a group of assassins growing stronger wasn’t exactly pleasant. They wouldn’t likely be a threat to Stredo, since they’d had to flee instead of standing their ground, but Stredo wasn’t the end of the world. There were more people out there who had to deal with the Silver Blades in addition to their own problems, because Stredo hadn’t been able to or willing to root them out before they became strong.

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